What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Budget Friendly Dinners

What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Budget Friendly Dinners

so for meal number one we had stuffed cabbage rolls and this was a meal suggestion from a subscriber Holly Archuleta ours might be a little bit different than some so I'm gonna go ahead and show you how we made them we started out with a pound and a half of a mix of ground beef and ground pork of course if you don't eat pork you can always just use ground beef we added in one slightly beaten egg and some salt and pepper then we're going to add in about a teaspoon each of season salt and onion powder a half teaspoon of oregano a tablespoon of parsley 1/2 a cup of bread crumbs and 1 tablespoon of minced garlic and I'll put all these measurements down in the description box below once the spices are all mixed in we're also going to add in one cup of instant rice then we just cut out the hard stem is that what you call it out of the purple cabbage leaves and roll the mixture up inside usually we'll use green cabbage for this but the store was out that day so purple it is we also made half of the meat rolls without the cabbage because I'm the only one that eats it and these hold together just fine in the sauce so in our Dutch oven we have a few tablespoons of melted butter 1 tablespoon of basil and about one teaspoon each of parsley season salt oregano garlic powder and onion powder after those spices cooked in the butter for a little bit we're going to add in one can of tomato sauce we added in half the can before you put in the cabbage rolls and then we'll put in the rest of the can now we're just going to add in about two cups of vegetable juice until the cabbage rolls are almost completely covered and we'll put the lid on our Dutch oven and put this in a 350 degree oven for about 45 minutes to an hour halfway through we'll stir them around a little bit just to make sure all sides are cooked these cabbage rolls are so good they're one of my favorites they're especially good during the winter so thank you Holly for the meal idea [Applause] next we made a Southwest style chicken salad sandwich these were so delicious and this was one of those meals where it was last minute we just kind of threw it together so we didn't measure so I don't have exact measurements for you but you can always adjust the ingredients to your liking so we have two chicken breasts boiling just shred and to make the chicken salad we're gonna add some salt and pepper seasoned salt paprika sriracha yellow mustard barbecue sauce mayo Russia Shire and brown sugar [Applause] this was super easy and super quick to star together and we just serve this on some hamburger buns with lettuce and bacon and some fries on the side this had to be the best chicken salad I've ever had I could definitely eat this for lunch as well any time next up we have some sticky sesame ribs with roasted potatoes and Asian green beans we started off by coating both sides of our pork ribs with red pepper paste and then we're gonna sprinkle on a rub made with salt and pepper garlic powder ground ginger and onion powder then we're just going to wrap these in foil and put them in a 325 degree oven for 4 to 5 hours until they're tender and falling off the bone while they're in the oven we made a sauce with some ketchup hoisin sauce molasses brown sugar onion powder and garlic powder honey ginger soy sauce rice vinegar salt and pepper and butter we slice some baby red potatoes in half to roast them we started them off in a skillet with butter cut side down [Applause] then we just add it in some salt and pepper and parsley once our ribs were on the side and we stuck these in the oven right along with it then we're also basting our ribs with that sauce we made for the last few minutes of cooking and we made some easy Asian green beans we just used frozen green beans and added in some beef broth minced garlic and soy sauce then we added some sesame seeds right on top these turned out so delicious with so much flavor and they were so tender you can see them coming right off the bone [Applause] the next night we headed over to a friend's house and they made us some fajitas with some chips and queso and rice for the last meal of the week we had some company over and we made a whole bunch of stuff both on the grill and in the kitchen they brought over some boneless beef ribs and barbecue chicken wings and all the sides and Adam made the meat on the grill while the girls hung out inside getting everything else ready we're gonna be making some green beans with potatoes some baked beans and some mac and cheese we also have some chips and fresh salsa and we're gonna make some corn bread one with jalapeno and one without [Applause] thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this week's video make sure to hit that like button and if you haven't already make sure to subscribe down below and hit that notification bell you make what's for dinner videos every Sunday

20 thoughts on “What's For Dinner? | Real Life Meal Ideas | Budget Friendly Dinners

  • Oh! Girl…..those ribs had my mouth watering!!! I just love the way y'all cook!! hugs, xoxo

  • Oh to have a husband that cooks…..lol no complaints here I got to retire while he still works. Love the recipes.

  • Those cabbage rolls look amazing I need to try those! And those ribs!! Great dinners as usual, Jess!!😊💕

  • They all look delicious. Another cheap kid friendly meal is home made mac n cheese and whistle dogs. Since I started making home made mac n cheese with the rue, milk, cheese and pasta, I no longer buy the boxed mac n cheese. It freezes awesome to.😁

  • I love your videos. You are my favorite “What’s for dinner”. I absolutely LOVE hearing you narrate !! You have a lovely voice and it is soooooo much better than trying to listen while people cook and get confused or interrupted constantly. Keep up the good work ❤️👍🏻

  • Your food looks amazing!! The boys are just to adorable..they enjoy everything too! Have a great day!

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ve never tried a cabbage roll lol and I LOVE cabbage bahahaha 🤣🤣 those ribs looked hella good! Now I need to get molasses lol 😂 it’s always good to have friends over we are such hermits 🤣

  • This is one of my favorite menus yet, I have such a cabbage roll craving now! 😛 I just love your content ☺ my kids have me a set of those salt and pepper grinders last Christmas and I love them!! And I really enjoy how you describe your menus, it's clear, concise and very friendly. 👏👏👏

  • Everything looked so good! I will have to try the chicken salad soon! Love your content. You and your hubby are rocking these dinner videos.

  • I love watching your videos and I love hearing you talk about them there's nothing wrong with that you sound just fine to me

  • I’m sorry I really love your recipe ideas but you speak as if people listening are some annoyance to rid of quickly. It’s very rude and off putting. I can’t watch it anymore. I think you could have good content but it’s so awful to hear you talk about it

  • I love cabbage rolls… I do mine a bit differnt…but thats the fun of recipes, they are changable….I haven't made them in a long time…
    Them ribs!!! Omgosh y'all!!! Looks sooo good… it all looks good… Bravo guys!!
    Love – MamaKatt

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