What's For Dinner? June 30 – July 6, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Lemonade Cake!

What's For Dinner? June 30 - July 6, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Lemonade Cake!

hey this is Stacey from let's cook y'all welcome back to our channel if you're new welcome we're really glad you're here we hope you like what you'll see and you'll hit that red subscribe button we are back with a new week of what's for dinner we had a couple meals out including July 4th so we've included bonus recipe or two hope you enjoy the video you're starting off this week with a family favorite I've made a small measure of cheeseburger wraps we do have a separate video on how to make these and I will leave a link to the recipe video above and also in the description box always leave links to all of our recipes in the description basically you brown up meat I use turkey this time and make it taste like a cheeseburger you layer it with cheese onto flour tortillas and whatever kind of kind of toppings you like I used mustard I used pickle on one and tomato on the other for town this time you roll them up like a burrito and Grill them you could use a skillet I use my indoor Cuisinart griddler and these are always a big hit in our house I made the cheeseburger wraps for Tim I'm trying to be good so I was going to try to fix me a salad I still had a lot of spinach left in the very large clamshell from Sam's clubs so I took some baby spinach and repeated the salad that I did last week which was the red white and blue with strawberries blueberries and feta and tried to have that as my dinner tonight is a night of repeats have made Tim – cheeseburger ramps we have a video for this it's one of our earliest videos please be Khan you can customize it you can put any toppings you like in it I've put tomato in one pickle in the other and make the meat grilled them on my griddle or you could use a skillet he'll have those when he comes in he can also have a salad I'm gonna try to skip the cheeseburger wrap and just repeat the spinach strawberry spinach or red white and blue salad that I made last week I did a couple things different I changed a little bit with the dressing I thought it had too much seeds I cut way back on the system and poppy seeds I tried to cut back on the sugar I cut it way down and mixed it up and it mostly just tasted like oil and vinegar with seeds in it so I had to add most of the sugar back but instead of drizzling it over my salad you saw that I tried to toss the spinach with it so I used a whole lot less than I did last week and it's basically the same salad the red is strawberries the blue is blueberries the white is feta I added mushrooms bacon bits because I was out of regular bacon and toasted almonds so I'm gonna try to be good need a salad I'm struggling with not being able to lose weight I'm back to walking I'm walking three three and a half miles a day but I also makes me hungrier so I'm eating enough to feed a New Orleans Saints linebacker and that's got to stop so I'm gonna eat a spinach strawberry salad and that is what's for dinner tonight Tim had an appointment out of town in Memphis and he asked me to ride along with him the guy in Memphis that he met with recommended this place for ribs normally we go to rendezvous or we were going to try a new place this was Germantown commissary we apparently hit it on a bad day we know other people that have eaten there it was a great little place nice menu we ordered ribs for two with all the sides I'm sad to report that I did not like any part of it I didn't like the ribs I didn't like the baked beans I did not like the potato salad and the deviled eggs were horribly rubbery Tim ate his and was happy once I finally stopped filming to take to our family get-together for July 4th rather than making a flag cake or something red white and blue I'm going to take my mom's lemonade cake I have not made it in several years this recipe is probably at least 30 years old I think it was a cake mix doctored recipe before there was a cake mix doctor kind of vacillated on whether or not to use use a cake mix rather than using the amounts that are called for I think back when my mom used to make this recipe the the mixes were a different size and you added a different amount but I'm gonna go with the recipe which uses 3/4 cup of water and 3/4 cup of all some we're gonna add a lemon instant pie filling and some lemon extract and bake it in a bundt pan and then when it comes out I'm going to poke holes in it so it's kind of a poke cake and I'm gonna mix up some frozen lemonade with sugar and that's the glaze it's very easy it's very refreshing if you like lemon this will be a big hit for you I've got the recipe typed up out at our website and I'll have a link for it below we're going to include this one in the what's for dinner since I know this week with everything we've got going on is a little light on meals I hope you enjoy the cake or I mix it with the hand mixer for about 30 seconds I'm going to use my favorite spoon I bought this for myself when I was in high school at a cooking store that is no longer in existence and I've had it all my life the cakes almost done my mom's original recipe is so old they used to make six ounce cans of lemonade frozen lemonade I can barely find it anymore I found this one at Walmart so I'm just going to eyeball it and pour the glaze on it hot after a polka buttonholes it woo doggie I wish Tim was here me and this gimpy hand let's hope for the best there we go I was a little heavy-handed on the butter flavored Pam and the flower and I want it to taste flowery so I'm gonna brush off and toothpick off a little of this excess coating that made it come out so easily and then poke holes in it and then pour the glaze on it while it's still hot this is why I use this big rimmed serving platter for the next few minutes every four or five minutes I'll come around and take my spoon and try to get it to absorb as much of the liquid as I can and then I will clean the rest of it off cover it up and take it to our July 4th get-together it's been about 15 minutes and I've taken my spoon and spooned up almost all the liquid to soak back in if you can see there's a lot of the little crumbs from where it's already falling apart this is again like several other things that I make and share on the channel this doesn't necessarily cut and make the best presentation but our family loves it it is very moist very delicious very lemony give you a good pucker just like a good glass of lemonade on a hot summer day ought to do and this is my mom's lemonade cake check the link below for the full recipe we actually had a different venue this year for July 4th we went to a different aunt of Tim's to her house they had smoked and also fried chicken there was a lot of burgers a lot of hot dogs a lot of fixings on the side some one had fresh picked corn that they had blanched potato salad all the fixings for burgers and hot dogs there was some baked beans there was some hot dog chili there was a different table with salads vegetables coleslaw broccoli salad I didn't even get a chance to record the dessert salad where our lemonade cake was and a banana pudding and a whole lot of things they a big slide for the kids kids had a great time playing in the water because it was very hot here is our great nephew Hunter having fun in the water and learning how to play with his cousins and then some of them played with the sumo things it was a great day hope y'all had a good July 4th as well we have stopped at Firehouse Subs to pick up sandwiches trying to remember what we got runs a bacon turkey ranch and Tim got a sticky steak and cheese so we had earned enough points they have an app we had earned enough points for a free sandwich so we bought one and got one free so we like to use the apps from firehouse that's what's for dinner tonight I'm trying to be better about cooking from my pantry and working on my master list of meals that are outlined in a previous video one thing that I like that Tim does not is I like soups year-round so I tried a new recipe for a lentil soup I made Tim something completely different I'm doing this more in the last week or two although it was pointed out to be my better half a day or so ago that I've been fixing altogether too much Chinese food so Tim is wanting some of his food lentil soup does not qualify but this was a new recipe that I enjoyed and then had it for lunch the next couple days I will leave a link to the recipe that I use for the lentil soup this is the first time I've tried it some of the recommended toppings were really unusual kalamata or black cured olives which I didn't have open I didn't want to open them feta and almonds which I did use not sure I'm gonna like this combination but the suit tasted pretty good I've already tasted it I'm just gonna have it with some crackers and Tim's gonna have I made Tim a wrap with some rotisserie chicken lettuce tomato bacon bits cheese wrap it up and he's gonna have some hummus and celery he's not interested in the soup he's hot from playing golf that's what's for dinner tonight one day for my lunch this week I repeated a recipe I made a couple weeks ago which is a warm farro salad I'll leave a link to the what's for dinner video where I showed how to make this it's delicious I'm gonna have it with some leftover lentil soup and try to get Tim to taste it but if not I'm more than happy to eat all of it myself this one's a big winner for me tonight we tried a new recipe instant pot goulash Tim loves most anything tastes like Hamburger Helper and I think my sister's made this one we filmed it we will be sharing this soon in a cooking video we're just common corn and Texas toast on the side that's what's for dinner tonight and that's gonna wrap up another week of what's for dinner thanks so much for stopping by our Channel let's cook y'all hope you'll like comment and subscribe if you hadn't already that'd be wonderful and blessed day y'all we'll see you in the next video yeah

26 thoughts on “What's For Dinner? June 30 – July 6, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Lemonade Cake!

  • My parents used to live in Memphis and they used to love Rendezvous. Sorry you were disappointed with the bbq restaurant but those rolls looked delicious! I love all things lemon and your cake looked really good. I’ve always wanted to try those sumo balls. It looked like a lot of fun. Looks like y’all had a nice July 4th and a yummy looking spread. Thanks for sharing, Stacy! ~Andrea

  • You’re mom’s lemonade cake looks fantastic! My sister loves lemon desserts so I will have to pass on the recipe to her.

  • Hi Stacy! Your cheeseburger wraps look delicious! Wow – you have willpower passing them up 😊. The lemonade cake looks amazing! I will have to try it someday. What a great 4th of July meal! Looks like you had lots of great food and company! Hope you have a wonderful week! 😊❤️

  • Foods look very delicious. I’m drooling on your lemon cake.
    Great recipe. Love the water slide.
    Enjoy your family times.💖

  • I love lemon desserts. That cake would taste so right on a hot summer day. Maybe with a touch of real whipped cream? You used your hand quite a lot. Hope it's getting better, even if only little by little. (:

  • Hey Stacy 🙋🏾‍♀️ boy I’m gonna have to attempt to make your cheese burger raps they look tasty! Nice video!

    PS you (saints fans) got my favorite USC pass rusher Porter Gustin !

  • Everything looks really good. I can't believe y'all was in Memphis!!! I live just 3 hrs from there…hehehehe!!!! Maybe one day we could meet up for a lunch or something!!! It would be so sweet to meet y'all in person. Thank you for sharing your meals that y'all had. I am behind on watching sorry!!! I hope y'all have a wonderful evening & God Bless!!!

  • Stacy, you're a strong woman not touching those cheeseburger wraps! I'm thinking of low carbing it. Have you tried keto sweeteners in lieu of sugar in your dressings? I'm no keto gal, but, Swerve sweetener works really well!

  • Hey Stacy! Yay for another What's for dinner! I love having purple onions and mushrooms on my salads. Love a good ole wooden spoon! Riley would LOOVVEEE that cake he loves lemon desserts. Everything looked great at yalls July 4th celebration! I love soups year round too! Another great video, have a great day Stacy!

  • Stacy, you have saved the day again sister I have a pound of ground beef in my fridge and I've been trying to figure out what I am going to do with it…cheeseburger wraps it is!!

  • Your channel popped up in my suggestions…. love it and can't believe I am just now finding it..

  • I think you look great and I love your videos!! The one thing I do when my weight creeps up is log all my food for several weeks. Helps me know where I’m at on my macros and calories. This has helped me more than anything. I’ve gained several pounds this summer. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m done gaining or I will have to make an adjustment. Again you look great!

  • That is a lot of food!!! I love how you compact so much in one video; not sure if I can get away with that one, lol. Stacy, is it not easier to put the plate on top of the cake pan and flip it over; looks great though!! Love, love your spinach strawberry salad. Great cook out. Tfs

  • Hi Stacy! You guys came to my lovely city of Memphis! Hope you had a good time here 😊😊😊 I'm not a fan of the commissary either and we hate their deviled eggs so don't feel bad!!❤️❤️ we love Cozy Corner, Jim and Nicks, or Central BBQ !!

  • Hi Stacy, hope you & Tim are doing well. Thanks for sharing the Lemonade cake recipe. My daughter and granddaughters love lemonade so I know it will be a hit. The warm farro salad looks delicious and hadn't seen that video so I'm going to check it out. Have a great week! 😀

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