What's For Dinner? June 23-29, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Easy Meal Ideas

What's For Dinner?  June 23-29, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Easy Meal Ideas

hey this is Stacey from let's cook y'all welcome back to our Channel hope you enjoy this week's what's for dinner [Applause] tonight we're having a simple supper I had some thin cut pork chops in the freezer so I seasoned them and did them in the airfryer affixed to little salad i saute some zucchini with onions and i fix some little mini Yukon Gold potatoes the same way I did him a couple weeks ago like a smashed potato with butter sour cream chives and bacon bits and we'll cut my pork chop in half Tim says salad his tomato mine has cucumber just the way we both like it so that's what's for dinner tonight I had some half-and-half I needed to use so I pulled out a recipe I had not made in about six months we do have a video on this these are some scones I'm trying to work out some of the stiffness in my hand and use it a little more so Tim reap to the benefits to use more of the half-and-half I got online and searched and got a new recipe that I wanted to try this was a big winner for us it's a German pancake or Dutch baby and I will leave a link to the recipe that I used below tonight we're having a Dutch baby or an oven pancake German pancake whatever you want to call it I've got some fruit cut up I'll show you my plate in a minute I also made those blueberry scones for Tim and some bacon and eggs and that's what's for dinner tonight tonight is another simple meal that I do often when we want Mexican I put some salsa chicken in the crock-pot which is just chicken breasts with some Mexican seasoning some taco seasoning and some salsa and cook it and shred it Tim will put his in tortillas when he gets in I've made a chicken taco salad with rice and beans that's what's for dinner tonight for dessert tonight is one of the many Little Caesars fundraising kits that we saw it in the freezer this one is cinnamon crazy bites is anyone in this house excited about this I'm crazy about them that's dessert tonight crazy buzz they look so good and we have some awesome unroll Tom Jesse said we have to wait 30 minutes for him to go I don't know if I can wait tonight we're having a red white and blue or a spinach strawberry salad we're gonna have a bad spinach cooked some bacon i toasted some sliced almonds I made a puppy seed vinaigrette which is a little heavy on the seeds I followed a recipe I'll leave a link to it on all recipes it was I did cut it in half it was a little heavy on the oil so I added a little extra white wine vinegar to give it a little more punch the red is strawberries the blue is the blueberries the white is feta and I'm also going to add some red onion and mushrooms I will show you my plate this will be plenty for me Tim is not gonna be thrilled when he gets in from the golf course so I told him I could make chicken salad or that I had I'm in a cheese from Sam's and he said he'd be fine with a pimento cheese sandwich so I'll show you my plate tonight we're having strawberry spinach salad or a red white and blue so we're trying for the first time the Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken I made some edamame fried rice of my own just with brown rice I would have put carrots and stuff in it but instead I sauteed glaze some sugar snap peas and carrots and I did some egg rolls in the airfryer have you tasted the chicken it's good is it worth going to try our Joe's again mandarin orange chicken fried rice egg rolls and sugar snap peas and carrots is what's for dinner tonight dessert tonight the last two Tim just grabbed his and ran a little mini hold the cones from Trader Joe's I consider it a colossal success that these little how many's in here eight counts lasted more than three days in this house it took us a couple weeks to go through them and they are delicious and if I ever get near Trader Joe's again I will definitely buy them they're so good oh that's not even funny you've had him before that's just mean next time they're all mine tim has been hungry for barbecue lately so we went to his favorite place on the planet which is Dickey's Barbecue Pit he got a brisket sandwich plate with sides I got a loaded potato with brisket on top what you don't see is the free ice cream that we had after we ate he really enjoyed it that's going to wrap up another week of what's for dinner thanks so much for stopping by our Channel let's cook y'all I hope you'll like comment and subscribe if you hadn't already have a wonderful and truly blessed day y'all see in the next video

32 thoughts on “What's For Dinner? June 23-29, 2019 | Cooking for Two | Easy Meal Ideas

  • Hey Stacy!! Great to see you working with that hand. I hope it is feeling better :). The German pancake looks awesome!! The salad was BEAUTIFUL!! Love those mini cones from TJ's!

  • I see Asian food 😀 . That salad sure was beautiful! Tim was so cute with the desserts lol

  • Costco has an orange chicken that I think is better,
    Especially if you don’t have Trader Joe’s close

  • Oh those cinnamon bites looked so good!! Yum! We love Dickey’s but the closest one to us isn’t the best. I always get the baked potato too 😊 Your taco salad looked really good too! I’ve been eating black beans for so long but I think I need to switch it up and buy some pinto beans instead! I’m so hungry right now because I skipped dinner since I wasn’t hungry at that time. Now just watching your video made me want to go get some food and it’s after midnight lol I hope you two had a wonderful weekend!! ❤️

  • Hi Stacy! Another great week of meals. One thing I haven’t tried from Trader Joe’s is their mandarin chicken. I know people rave about it, but I thought it might be too sweet for me. I hope you and Tim have a wonderful week. Praying you have full use of your hand again very soon! ~Andrea

  • Hi Stacy! Your pork meal looked yummy! The red white and blue salad looked so good too! You always make the best looking salads. Oh the hold the cone ice creams are great!!! I wish you had a Trader Joe’s near you. Barbecue looked delicious too! We went out for barbecue this weekend too – it is always good to have barbecue!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful week ahead! 😊❤️

  • Didn’t realize till just now how much I have missed these videos! I’m so happy that you are back Stacy!

  • Lol at the end! And no you're not I'm right there with you! I really hope you're feeling better. Love as always seeing your videos. Everything looked so good. Want to try that bbq place out we have one near us. Much love. ❤️

  • So happy to see you! If you're ever in fort worth go to old south and have the lemon dutch baby! Soooo good!

  • Everything looked amazing as always. The BBQ place that Tim picked had me drooling 😍 Quick question…The Mayo he put on his BBQ sandwich is that a local thing or a Tim thing ? 😆

  • You two are adorable and always bring a smile to our faces! That salad you made looked amazing, by the way!

  • Oh the German pancakes looked yummy. And Hold the Cone looks good. Lol Tim. BBQ looked good. Lol the end. So great to see your videos again. Blessings🤓😎💕

  • Yummy looking meals as always Stacy! Your salad with the strawberries looks delicious. I never think to put fruit in salad or with a main meal the way you do. Tim seemed to think the desserts were pretty good! Happy day from all of us at Superbellabeau!😊❤

  • Did u like the orange chicken? We do..omg tim is my kind of guy. My fav bbq is dickeys. I always get brisket sand and mac and cheese

  • Those crazy bites look delish. I havent tried anything sweet sjnce my surgery, Im afraid. My hubby loves scones but I have never made them. Have a great week

  • Another week of yumminess! Tim liked the chicken, but what did you think of it Stacy? Quick, easy, tasty works for me. Your dutch baby looked wonderful. Made some ebelskivers this week here (have pan, should use). Have had a wonderful day here and hope yours has been blessed too.

  • Simple supper of air fryer pork chops, yum. I love scones. I’ll have to try a Dutch baby. Never made before. Red white and blue salad looks delicious. Love those hold the cones. Yummy Dixie bbq. Have a great week. 💕😊

  • Hi Stacy!! More avocado news mine are usually 1.19 each and all four of the ones I JUST got on Thursday went completely rotten!! I had one and it wasn’t ripe enough!! I probably haven’t had my guac in almost a year! No joke! I buy the pre-made one because at least that lasts! 🙁 They were cheap but hate wasting food! It really is true its hard as a rock yesterday and too ripe the next!! LOL! 😂😂 Have you seen the cotton candy grapes at your grocery store? They are very expensive so I didn’t pick them up today but maybe next time because they are all crazy here about them!! 🙂 They intrigue me! Loved Tim’s Gettysburg shirt 😉 How did you get the free ice cream??! Talk soon Friend!! 💜💖💚💛

  • I think I've only tried scones one time and mine didn't look nearly as good as yours! Jeremy has made a dutch baby pancake for us several times and we shared that recipe a few years back, I should compare it to this one to see if they are similar 🙂 All your meals look really good! I'm going to try my TJ mandarin chicken tomorrow night. I hope you didn't fall in that clip at the end!???!

  • All the meals looked really good. Prayers on the healing of your hand. Thanks so much for sharing. Take care and be blessed.

  • All the food looked delicious. I love Bbq too. I hope your hand a speedy recovery. Love and Blessings

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