What's For Dinner? | Easy Meal Ideas

What's For Dinner? | Easy Meal Ideas

I'm getting ready to pregnant symbols this little little oh hey guys welcome back to another week of what's for dinner if you're new here hello and welcome i am taylor and i do these what's for dinner videos every week to hopefully give you guys some dinner inspiration tonight is Friday and on Fridays I like to keep it pretty easy such night we are having tacos so I've got some hard shell taco shells that I made in the airfryer if you're not making Knorr in the airfryer you should be because you don't have to preheat your oven it makes it really easy so I just cook up on 300 for about five minutes I just check them make sure they don't get burned and then this is just some ground beef and then this is a new rights we're trying Kroger didn't have the Uncle Ben's flavor infusion Spanish style rice so I bought this Zadar and cilantro lime rice because I could make cilantro lime rice to myself but this was easy it was like a dollar 20 for this box so we'll see if we like it and then we've got some refried beans with some taco seasoning cheddar cheese and sour cream so here are our plates this one is lilies this one is Elijah's no tomatoes on his taco and then I am having a taco salad and I will top this with some chips it's just green leaf lettuce the taco meat cheese tomatoes the Ortega the Ortega taco sauce for dressing and then a little bit of sour cream and that is standard for Friday okay so what do we think of the rice so it's a keeper definitely buy that again yeah no it's just a box of rice hey guys it's Saturday and tonight for dinner we are going to be making some homemade Arby's beef and cheddar sandwiches I found this recipe on Pinterest it's from Instructables I kind of just brought it out this one that I printed was the wrong one not the one that I wanted to follow because the sauce on this one is different I don't think it has enough stuff in it so I'm using this but I will link the right recipe down below so for the sauce we're gonna need some ketchup some Dijon mustard some Tabasco sauce Worcestershire onion powder garlic powder brown sugar salt pepper and a little bit of water so I'm going to go ahead and get that over here in this pot just going to combine everything bring it to a boil and then let it simmer while I do everything else okay this has started to boil so I'm just gonna let it simmer now on low for a few minutes till it kind of thickens up and we're going to get started on the other stuff I'm going to add some butter to this pan over here and toast the buns and then we're going to melt some cheese in this bowl I have a bunch of thinly sliced roast beef from the deli I'm going to pop this in the microwave for about 40 seconds just so I can get warm and then it should like have some juice in the bottom oh well I can mix that up get rid get it ready to go on it sandwiches and as soon as the bun is done toasting we're going to melt our cheese in the pan that when you toasted our buns in we're just gonna add some we're going to turn the pan down to low that we toasted our buns in and then we're gonna put in some American cheese I almost put it in there when the pan was so long like medium well I mean I did put it in there but I almost burned it as you can see on the pan oh but we're gonna add about two slices of cheese for each sandwich I pulled out five even though we're only probably having one thing on two each so I'm going to put this in here and then we're also going to add in some cream so I'm gonna use half and half it says one to two tablespoons okay everything is done I kind of mixed around the roast beef out of the microwave I did it for 40 seconds start it and then it did it for another 30 seconds because I didn't think it was warm enough everything is ready so I'm going to go ahead and assemble the sandwiches starting with sauce on the bottom meat cheese a little bit of sauce on top then I'm going to put the top bun on and wrap them in foil and let them just sit while our curly fries cook in the airfryer here is everything done the fries are the McCanns and retains french fries the frozen french fries they were cheaper than the Arby's frozen ones and there was an I bought a rebate and they looked like the same thing so I got these to try I will definitely let you guys know how we like this and if you're interested in knowing what the kids had for dinner they had grilled cheese and tomato soup because I didn't think they would eat this they don't eat it from regular Arby's so now that is dinner for Saturday it's Sunday and tonight for dinner we are having this cheddar crusted chicken some couscous from Aldi and some green beans and if you're interested in seeing how I made this cheddar crusted chicken it's actually a part of a collab and the video will be going up tomorrow so once it's up I will leave a link down in the description box below but if you're watching it when this what's for dinner goes up tomorrow come back to see the recipe for that here are the kids plates pretty much just the same I already cut up their chicken but that is going to be our dinner for Sunday it is Monday and tonight for dinner we're going to be having pork chops and some baked mac and cheese I'm actually doing the southern baked mac and cheese that Chris & sepp shared the other week so I'm not gonna show how I am doing that tonight I will leave her video down below where she shared step-by-step how she did it because I'm just following that so that would be linked down below bye I'm gonna share with you how I'm making these pork chops tonight it's gonna be pretty quick and easy I've got some boneless pork chops in here and I sprayed the pan with some Pam before I put them in there but I am going to rub this meat rub all over them both sides and then I'm going to slice up this onion a little bit smaller and cover it with that and then I'm gonna cover with foil and bake it for 25 minutes and then we will remove the foil and cover it with this pioneer woman Apple brown sugar barbecue sauce for shop and mackynzie's yep in the mac and cheese and then they're having it with what you okay this is my plate I'm having it with a salad with tomatoes keep them ask some old garden dressing and some carrots and then here are the kids plates Raja has carrots and salad and Lily what do you have and Blanche this one is yours what do you have tomatoes and I have not tried the mac and cheese yet but I will let you guys know how we like it I did try a couple bites of the pork chop and we really liked it Lily tried one too so that is what's for dinner for Monday hey guys it's Tuesday and tonight for dinner we are making a lemon chicken pasta toss this recipe comes from my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook I have this cookbook linked in my Amazon store down below but I also think I have found this recipe online so I'll link that down below as well for you guys so for this we are going to need about 1 boneless skinless chicken breast I chopped it up into about 1 inch pieces and then it was coated in two tablespoons of flour we're gonna fry that in 1 tablespoon of olive oil and then once it's done remove it from the pan and then this is going to be used to make the sauce so we've got some parsley some lemon juice on the garlic some chicken broth or I do water and chicken bouillon and some pepper and then you have some Parmesan cheese to go on top and then the noodles usually I do penne but I don't have penny I have bow ties so I'm using what I have I'm gonna cook that over here and a separate pot and then once it's done everything that will be combined [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and here is the finished pasta the noodles kind of just like absorb it most of the sauce and then we've got some sauteed zucchini that I just cooked in some olive oil a little bit of butter and salt and some sauce on complete seasoning here are plates we top the pasta with a little bit of its parmesan and that is going to be dinner for Tuesday it is Wednesday and I'm getting ready to prep dinner for tonight we've got a chuck roast over here that I got on markdown it's right at 2 pounds so I'm gonna throw that in the crock-pot and we're making Mississippi pot roast I thought I would show you guys because I am doing the carrots this time but also doing potatoes one of you recommended this in the comments on one of my videos where I showed the Mississippi pot roast it said try it with potatoes so we're gonna do it my brother actually aren't you tried and said it was really good with potatoes so that's what we're doing tonight it's just like a little Mississippi pot roast that you've probably seen a million and one times but I'm gonna go ahead and say the ingredients just in case you haven't seen it I'm going to put this chuck roast in my crock pot on low I'm gonna top it with the baby carrots and this is I think for red potatoes that I had the lady who recommended it actually said get the baby potatoes but I had these on hand already so this what we're doing I cut them up into about equal sized pieces and then I'm just gonna sprinkle on the ranch packet the Oz you put on some peperoncini x' and a little bit of the juice and then cut up this one stick of butter and put that on top as well like I said put it on low and cover it and cook it for six to eight hours dinner is done it turned out amazing the potatoes are so good with the roast the kids actually already ate and are in bed I had a smoothie at like a four o'clock and just like wasn't hungry for down there when they ate at 6:00 so I'm eating now I'm like 8:30 shouldn't eat this late but whatever but yeah if you have not tried the Mississippi pot roast with the carrots and potatoes in it it's even better and like less work you don't have to think about sides to go with your Mississippi pot roast and then because Andy will ask for rice even though there's potatoes I did make some white rice I'm not eating any the kids sit eat some but I'm just having carrots potatoes and roast and that is after dinner for Wednesday it is Thursday and tonight for dinner we're just having leftovers this is all the leftovers left in the fridge so we're gonna eat this up well probably most of it and then have whatever is left tomorrow for lunch and then the frigerator will be all cleaned out for tomorrow when I go grocery shopping that it's going to wrap up this week's what's for dinner if you like my what's for dinner videos please make sure you leave me a thumbs up subscribe down below if you haven't already and I will see y'all in the next one bye

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  • I'm making arbys sandwiches today for dinner, I seen other recipe that said for the cheese you can use cheddar soup. I was nervous with arby sauce but I'm going to give it try, I was just going to go into arbys to get packets of sauce 😂

  • My family loves the Mississippi pot roast as well but I add chunks of onions and celery along with the potatoes and carrots. 😊

  • I have to try the Mississippi pot roast. Yours looked delicious!! Especially with the potatoes and carrots!!!! Great video. Thank you!!

  • I gotta get that cook book!! That chicken pasta looked amazing! Everything looked amazing and I can’t wait to see how you did that chicken tomorrow!! Yum!! 💕💕💕

  • You can never go wrong with tacos 🌮 The Arby's sandwich looks great! Ewwww salad 😂😂😂 Too cute Lilly ! Loving the color of your pots. Leftovers are the best!

  • Everything looks delicious! I actually never heard of Mississippi pot toast…. I've gotta try it out looks so easy!

  • Morning Taylor…
    We've made the homemade beef and cheddar…loved loved them!!
    I think I wanna try the rice, I make my own too..but it lookes appealing…..it all looks good!!❤

  • Love that you have a Leftover day💕 all your food looks so good, that roast got me hungry girl🤤
    And I loved your daughter with her eeeww and sounds to your salad😂💕

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