it's mostly groceries this time you guys hey guys my name is Vanessa and every single Saturday I bring you my grocery haul along with the non-food items that I pick up from the grocery stores in my meal plan for my family of six and today I only went to one store I went to h-e-b however I did check out the closest farmers market to us in Boerne Texas and I'm gonna share a couple things that we picked up from there as well so at h-e-b I spent one hundred and seventy-five dollars and change I think it was 175 78 or something like that and then I am not sure how much I spent at the farmers market cuz I paid all cash and I wasn't keeping track so I'm gonna take you guys down to the table that my cat has already jumped up on she always likes to check out everything we buy and show you guys everything that we picked up all right got the cat down so at the farmers market I was a little bummed I'm definitely gonna have to venture out into San Antonio possibly but there wasn't a lot of fresh produce it was all you know handmade items but no locally grown produce it was all you know pickles and cakes and stuff like that there was a guy there that we talked to about possibly going in on a cow so that's kind of exciting we'll definitely talk about that in the future but this is everything that we picked up we got some it jarred pickles so we did go ahead and get two jars of the dill pickles in the slices these are garlic dill they're both the same and then we got some spheres that are garlic dill jalapeno these are mainly for mark maybe to go with his lunches or just for some light snacking and then we got the whole pickles which I think she said there might be a couple spears in they tried to make the most of the jar and stick some extras in there and this is just garlic dill they are all apple cider vinegar so we got this for the kids because they like the whole pickle so we got those and then this was something new we mainly got this for the kids to try as well I might try a little bit we shall see but this is Nikki's wholesome sweets all organic and non GMO ingredients and it does let's see the ingredients are organic dates walnuts almonds cashews pistachios organic coconut organic poppy seeds organic cacao organic cardamon and organic nutmeg so there are three bars in here so I thought the kids might try these for maybe a breakfast or just a snack one day and then we got a loaf so this one is the spiced cacao and nutty dates protein bars and then this one is cinnamon chocolate nutty dates protein logs so we're able to cut this and the log has dates walnuts almonds cashews pistachios unsweetened coconut poppy seeds cinnamon cacao and chocolate so we are excited to try these they did have samples out mark tried it said it was really good I did not try it because we had gone out to breakfast this morning and I am still stuffed so that's what we picked it from the farmers market we did go to Fredericksburg yesterday and on our way home we stopped at a peach stand and I picked up a few things from there but I shared that picture on Instagram in my story so I'll pop up the picture right here so you guys can see what we got from that stand but I'm really trying to find farmers market that has more produce and not the already made items if that makes sense so if you guys are in the San Antonio area and I know San Antonio has a bunch we just haven't been able to make it there but if you have a favorite let me know and maybe we can check that one out next week all right some non-food items we did get some more paper plates I opted for this I don't know if this is a new brand it doesn't say h-e-b on it but there was an attached coupon that called these h-e-b so we went ahead and got this because this was a much better bang for your buck than the Dixie ones that we normally pick up the Dixie ones were like $13 for 125 this was just under $10 for 140 and it's the same you know 10 inch paper plate and it says cut and grease resistant and microwavable so gonna give these ones a try and they had a coupon attached so if you bought the paper plates you got the cups for free we don't really need a plastic cups but I went ahead since they were free went ahead and go them and I thought if we have people over or the next time we have like a family barbecue we can just pull these out and let everybody use these cups and then of course we needed some more toilet paper and this is our favorite brand so we got the six rolls of the cotton now more non-food item so I need a garlic press I thought I had one could not find it anywhere I'm really getting tired of chopping garlic so I went ahead and got a garlic press just to make my life a little easier my oldest daughter does have braces she needed some of these Philosopher's so pick those up for her and then I was out of a few things on makeup watched I was only out of mascara so I picked up this is my favorite kind the colossal Big Shot by Maybelline and then this was sort of right next to it so I was looking at them and I want to give these a try do you guys have seen me at all on my vlog channel which I don't post a vlog channel anymore but if you've seen me over there you've seen me without makeup and my eyebrows look pretty much like this they're very very light there's not I have a lot of hair on my eyebrows but I feel like it's just super super light so I've been trying to color them in I am in no way a makeup artist I I mean I can never get them to look the same but I figured I would try this because this was kind of pricey this was ten and this was almost seven but there was a coupon if you spent $15 on Maybelline you got $5 off so I went ahead and did that so I could give this a try for basically half off instead of ten I paid five for it so gonna give that a try and see if that works and then my kids wanted to do some water balloons my brother was over the other day with his girlfriend and her children and they were doing water balloons and my kids had such a good time they were like can we do some more so at HEB we picked up some water balloons so I did tell them that they were gonna be responsible for picking up all the little pieces all over the yard though cuz mama ain't doing it because this is a hundred and this is the kind that attaches to the hose fills in 60 seconds all of them I love that they came out with this a couple years ago I think so picked up that now everything else is a food and drinks all from h-e-b we picked up these ones I think the larger ones from h-e-b last week and my kids loved them had them for quesadillas and breakfast tacos but these were a little big for breakfast tacos I wasn't I didn't want to have a huge one so I got this one again for quesadillas for lunches for them and if we have taco night they like to have a little quesadilla with their taco and then I got these ones if I wanted to give it a try or the glare is really bad and these are the LA tortilla factory low carb whole-wheat tortillas these are it doesn't really does it say the difference no it just says 10 original size and then eight large size so I did get both that way I could use this if I wanted one probably not for breakfast but when we have taco night I might opt to try this out all right my oldest daughter picked up some snacking stuff for her she got these chickpea snacks with sea salt and then she also got this large thing of peanuts roasted and salted I picked so all right you guys I was watching Nicole Burgesses grocery haul and she picked up mios but when I went to the store and I was looking at the miios versus the stirrer this one just looked better to me I don't know if she has these in her location or she can let me know if these are better I'm still new at reading the back I have a lot to learn but she mentioned that she was gonna start using this instead of buying juice boxes and I was like that is such a good idea now during the school year I'll probably still pick up juice boxes just because of convenience maybe not all the time not juice boxes but like the flavored waters but during the summer and at home these are perfect for just adding into your cup so I already actually opened all of them and I gave the kids some water and had them try it that way I could let you guys know and they all loved it they were like yes I loved it I would definitely use this in my water so they had a ton of different flavors I let the kids each pick out one so we have the lovely lemonade we have the freshly fruit punch and then the orange citrus and then they each of them had tried one and all three of them said that the one that they tried was really really good so I'm excited to use that in their water instead of buying juice boxes or even the flavored waters in the juice boxes I feel like this is a better alternative and I know you guys can't see the back of that but it basically just says it is purified water natural fruit flavor concentrated white grape juice a vitamin C citric acid and fruit vegetable juice natural stevia extract so zero calories zero fat zero sodium zero cholesterol it does say one gram in carbs total sugars zero zero added sugars zero protein so just a little bit carbs and flavored four flavors for your water alright I needed some freeze-dried choice for a recipe we are completely out of crunchy peanut butter so I picked this one up this is the only one in the store you guys I was reading the back of some of the organic ones and it's ridiculous Organic does not necessarily mean better so I got the Central Market Market crunchy peanut butter the only ingredient is a dry roasted peanut so got that the kids didn't have a problem with it the last time I picked that up need some Old Bay seasoning for a recipe and we don't use this a ton so I only got the smallest one that I could and my daughter asked for Nutella and this is something that I was looking at I want to try to make like chocolate hummus at home and see if she likes that but the last time that I picked up a you know Nutella substitute it was basically just chocolate peanut butter and she said it tasted like straight-up peanut butter so she ate it but she it wasn't exactly what she was looking for so we're gonna try this one this time it is hazelnut spread with cocoa and skim milk not the not the best but you know it's got 20 sodium 12 fat 21 carbs it does have one fiber 20 sugars to protein so it's not like she says everyday but I figured that was the best other than Nutella Nutella was a little bit worse than that so you know you pick your battles and I'm okay with her having that again not on an everyday basis did not get this super-sized watermelon this time my fridge is pretty full of produce and stuff we are starting to prep marks lunches for the week since he leaves the house now so no longer able to hold a huge watermelon in there so I just got the regular sized watermelon for drinks this week I'm sweetened vanilla almond milk and then my kids asked for chocolate milk and they like the fear life but I wanted to see if they would try the almond milk chocolate this time because we used regular almond milk in smoothies last week in really enjoyed that so we're gonna give this a try and see if they like it and then of course we still pick up one gallon of regular milk either for cereal or other things throughout the week needed some more sugar replacement the granular I like this brand the swerve this is pretty pricey and this is a pretty small bag so depending on how much baking you're doing I like to do a lot of baking up front and keep it in the freezer or the fridge for a week or two so I might look online and see if I can get a bigger bag I don't know yet but I needed some more of that produce not a whole lot going on this week we still have a little bit left over from last week so two zucchini two roma tomatoes a bag of avocados a head of lettuce of course a large sweet – made angel sweet tomatoes two packages of organic strawberries and these just smelled and looked better than the regular strawberry so I opted for the organic this week one humongous lemon two cucumbers okay we do still have was it last week that I bought 60 eggs or the week before I don't remember but I already mentioned I'm gonna be doing some baking to keep in my freezer and I know I don't want to run out of eggs so I still have 12 highest I still have 19 eggs in my refrigerator but I wanted to be on the safe side so I went ahead and picked up 18 more a block of at cheddar cheese I need some of this for a recipe alright so we went out to breakfast this morning and I got an omelet with diced ham in it and my son had a little bit of it and he absolutely loved it so I went ahead and picked up some ham steak and I'm gonna dice this up myself and put it in an omelet for him for breakfast one day this week er well multiple days this is gonna make quite a lot so or I might have some of it as well my daughter picked up some yogurt for herself and she saw this so delicious dairy free so she wants to give this a try it's a coconut milk yogurt alternative so she got wine a blueberry what is this one one strawberry banana there's part of the bag that it was in just falling off and then out and then one strawberry so she got that and then we did pick up quite a few drinks for our fridge we got two of the Gatorade zeros this one is the glacier fries and this one is the glacier our cherry so we got those two my husband is not having caffeine but he does get tired of water so he picked up some Sevilla for himself the cream soda this is caffeine free and then the ginger root beer this is his favorite he's really enjoying this one and then I was like you know what I might as well give it a try but I love me some caffeine I'm sorry I am keeping with my caffeine so I got the cherry cola to try and I think my oldest daughter wants to give this one a try as well and then of course some mineral water I've got my daughter my oldest hooked on this also so I picked up a little bit more I got the coconut one which this one is my favorite I love it her favorite is the lime and liqueur a is our brand right now we are loving it and then every now and then I pick up the I call these specialty flavors because they are they're smaller so this one comes with twelve cans I think it's a regular cans size 12 ounces yes well this one says 12 ounces too so it's just a smaller container or smaller package this one's twelve and then this one is eight and they're tall instead of the normal can size so this one is blackberry cucumber every now and then I like to try there there's like specialty flavors but they have quite a few they have a cherry lime I don't remember the rest of them but they have quite a few but these two are definitely our go choose and then every now and then we like to spice it up but that is everything we got from h-e-b and the farmers market just a few things now let me show you guys the meal plan all right okay so as far as the meal plan this is going to be from July 7th to the 13th Sunday through Saturday and I left the lunches blank again because I think I'm actually gonna try to film lunches this week I had a couple different requests for me to share what my kids eat for lunch during the summer so I might film that and then I might film my husband's lunches because he is on his own health journey however it does make it a little hard when you work outside the home versus in home so I think I'm in a film what he takes for lunch and I do not make his lunch every day sometimes I do it just depends on who has more time at night or in the morning but for the most part he cooks for himself and he takes his own lunch so I'm thinking of sharing that as well or maybe he'll share it for you guys we shall see so I the lunch is blank but breakfast we eat whatever everyday I just kind of put down an overview of what we have it doesn't necessarily mean we're gonna have that breakfast on that day so we're gonna go day by day for breakfast on Sunday I put egg muffins this is a southern keto recipe from her cookbook I'm absolutely loving this cookbook and everybody will eat these these are not just for my husband and I even the kids there's nothing wrong with them eating this healthier these healthier items as well instead of you know pop-tarts and cereal and stuff like that even though we do have cereal I do have cereal written down because we still have some for a dinner we're gonna do pork chops and baked squash Monday I have scrambled eggs and bacon I wrote this before we went out to eat this morning so I think I'm gonna change that or we could have omelets as well if some kids want scrambled eggs I'll do that and then if my son and I want an omelet I'll make us some omelets though and then we still have some bacon from that Sam's bacon that we bought and then we are gonna do breakfast for dinner one night because my kids just love breakfast and that is something super super easy you guys are gonna see that our dinners this week are really easy because we have quite a few things that I'm trying to get done and I don't want to be cooking multiple extensive recipes every single night so I did ought to do it easy this week Tuesday waffles this is another southern keto cookbook recipe I made some pork in the crock-pot last week and I have a lot left over and I put it right into the freezer so I'm gonna pull that out and I'm gonna add a little taco seasoning to it and we're gonna have shredded pork tacos Wednesday I put cinnamon muffins another southern keto cookbook these are all things these three recipes are all recipes that I can prep ahead of time and they will stay in the refrigerator for a week and then depending on how much I make I might keep some in the freezer as well so I love prepping things like this because breakfast time in my house is no joke my kids wake up and they are automatically like there's no no take it easy go with the flow they're like I'm hungry I need some food I like to prep breakfast ahead of time so it's really really easy and then for dinner we're gonna do bunless burgers and broccoli on our way back from the Great Wolf Lodge we stopped at Chili's because it was pretty late and we ate dinner and had a bunless burger and then instead of fries I asked for steamed broccoli and I don't know why but it was like the best meal I've had in a really long time it was just so good to me I was probably just tired and hungry but I haven't gotten it out of my mind so we're gonna do bunless burgers and broccoli one night for dinner Thursday here's where I wrote down the cereal we do have like a box and a half left so I'm trying to finish that off and we're gonna do some chicken stir-fry you're also gonna see we didn't pick up a lot of groceries because I do still have plenty of things on hand I didn't really have to buy too much for dinners Friday I put smoothie my kids absolutely loved when we made some smoothies last week so we're gonna finish off some frozen fruit that we have and make some smoothies this week and then we're gonna do a shrimp boil but we're gonna do it in the oven so a sheet pan shrimp boil and then because I have some shrimp in the freezer and then Saturday I didn't plan at all because we are hopefully working on reorganizing our house after we've been here for about six months now we're realizing what's working what's not working and we also purchased another freezer because I like having things in the freezer for hands I don't know I'm just I love spending several hours in the kitchen up front and then having everything ready in the freezer for myself so we did purchase another freezer and I think I might film that like before and after so Saturday I'm hoping to finish it if we don't get it all done during the week so all I did was put leftovers Finn for yourself and I know we have plenty of breakfast stuff and then we'll finish off like any lunchy stuff or if we do go to a farmers market on Saturday maybe we'll eat out somewhere for lunch or something like that so that's everything I didn't write down any snacks because I still have some Lily's chocolate and then I might be making Nicole's coconut pound cake I never did that like several weeks ago so I still have plenty of things on hand to make that but no other snacks planned and that is our meal plan for this week all right that's my grocery haul in my meal plan and I meant to do this several weeks ago at the very beginning of June and I just got caught up with summer and planning things and all that good stuff that I never did it so I'm gonna start it now I actually mentioned it in the beginning of June as well I'm surprised you guys haven't been like hey you haven't started this yet so yay thanks for being patient and waiting with me but I want you guys to start sending me in recipes and meal ideas or if there's something specific that you guys want me to make for my family or for myself breakfast lunch dinner or snack I would love for you guys to send me in your recipes now I do want you guys to be okay with me sharing those recipes so if they're family recipes that you don't want to be made public let me know that and I will just have it on the meal plan and I won't share the recipe but if there's a recipe that you guys have fallen in love with and you want me to share I would love for you to email that to me my email is in the description box or you could write out the recipe in a comment so everybody else can see it if you want to do that but I meant to start this at the beginning of summer and I just never did so I would love for you guys to start helping me with my meal plan and sharing your favorite recipes and having us try them I think that would be a lot of fun so do that email me leave it in the comments whatever you want to do but I hope this will be fun for you guys and fun for me as well so if you guys like this grocery haul give it a big thumbs up subscribe if you are new I will definitely share y'all's names next week I'll probably pick one or two recipes a week from y'all so I hope you guys are gonna enjoy this as much as me alright that is it I will see you guys on Monday with another video I might share something on Sunday but it'll totally be something bonus if I do bye guys


  • Fun haul. I hope you find a good farmers market, there is nothing better than fresh produce. Paige would eat happily in my home at this time of year. I eat almost exclusively fresh produce, it is just never better and I can't resist. I find it kind of funny because as a child I didn't want to eat any veggies snd very little fruit. I would enjoy seeing what you pack in Mark's lunch. I am wondering if you drink tea? This is such a great time to make sun tea, once I have brewed the tea I sometimes addsome sliced fruit, peach is my favorite, and put it in the frig to cool… mmm so good. I was just wondering if you make it. I am rambling on so I will just say thank you for sharing another wonderful video. I will be looking forward to your next video until then please take care and God bless!

    PS : I was thinking perhaps one of your local churches or schools sponsor a farmers market once a week or something. What does your mom say? Perhaps you can ask around.

  • I haven't seen the Stur in any of my stores, but I also heard the Target brand of mio is made with stevia & not sucralose! Checking it out tomorrow❤ Stur is good btw👍

  • I actually commented on Nicoles video when she showed the Miso drops. I mentioned the Stur for her. Hope she tries it

  • Great video and ham steak is so good u can also try to make small sandwich / sliders with the hams steak as well // 👍🏽

  • I paid $15.66 for 300 paper plates at Sam’s Club— I use the 8.5 inch ones though, but they are sturdy and the best price.

  • Awesome haul & meal plan!!! I am going to be emailing you an idea I thought of. I love going to the farmer's market!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I hope y'all have a wonderful evening & Sunday!!! Take care y'all!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Love your grocery haul. I bought that maybelline mascara last week on clearance at walmart for $3.50. First time using it and wow the big differences in my lashes

  • Wow those bars and logs sure sound delicious, yum and the pickles sound good too. We picked up some individual packs of chocolate hummus at Aldi, I think there were 4 or 5 cups in the box, it was quite delicious. Sounds like a good healthy meal plan, thanks for sharing it all with us.

  • Your face looks slimmer in all of your thumbnails …your looking great mamma💜 great content.👍 Tfs

  • Hi 🍋 Mom, great video! The cherry cola Zevia is hands down my favorite! Also, if your daughter likes the lime sparkling water you should try the target brand key lime flavor sparkling water and it is a bit more creamy 👍👍👍😊

  • Oh wow I can’t believe you didn’t have any produce at your farmers market! What’s the population there? I live in a town of 30,000 and have a pretty good selection fortunately 🙂

  • I love homemade pickles. I am lucky to live in a food rich city. I have about 6 farmers markets that I can go to twice a week.
    We also have co-op farms and butchers (😥). I get sensory overload and never know what to buy.
    You give me some great ideas. I love watching your huals.
    Love the chickpea snacks.

  • Roasted Pork Shoulder Puerto Rican Style.
    1 Pork Shoulder
    1 head garlic
    Goya Adobo seasoning
    Goya Sazón seasoning
    Onion powder
    Vegetable oil
    Dutch oven or roasting pan with a lid
    Rinse pork and stab the pork carefully so that you have deep slits about one and a half to two inches wide all over including the fat back. In a small bowl mix about 5 Tablespoons of Adobo. 6 packets of Sazón. 2 Tablespoons of Onion powder and Oregano. Take 6 to 8 crushed garlic cloves and about 1 Tablespoon of Pepper. Add enough oil to make a paste out of it. You can use Avocado oil. Mix well till all of ingredients are incorporated. Use gloves because the Sazón which is a saffron seasoning can stain. Get your paste and start pushing into the holes you made really deep. All the way around. Season well. Place in roasting pan and cover. Preheat oven 295 and roast for 6 hours. Check about every 2 hours and baste. If alot of fluid is at the bottom remove some leaving some so it's not dry. Cover. Repeat. I do not measure ingredients. Great in sandwiches or with a hearty salad. Enjoy y'all!

  • Peppered Chicken
    Servings: 6-8

    1.5 lbs chicken breast
    2 bell peppers
    1/2 medium sized yellow onion
    5 tsp of butter
    1 tbsp chili paste
    1 tbsp garlic
    1 frozen bag of riced cauliflower (usually 10-12 oz)
    salt and pepper to taste

    While heating up the butter in a pan or wok on medium high heat, cut your chicken breast, bell peppers and onions into strips (similar to fajitas).
    Once butter is melted and pan is heated, add in the chicken breast, bell peppers, onions, chili paste, garlic, salt and pepper. Cook until peppers and onions become slightly soft and chicken is almost cooked through.
    Add in frozen riced cauliflower and cook until the cauliflower is to your liking (usually about 5 mins).

    I like the flavor of the chili paste I buy and usually 2-3 tbsp for added heat.

    You can also make this more fajita like by adding in sliced squash or zucchini (or both) and tomatoes along with some fajita/taco seasoning.

  • It's just me and my Newfoundland pup so alot of times i dont eat to healthy cause I graze. I'm just curious about the meal plan. Do you find yourself sticking to it pretty well? I'm thinking of trying to do a meal plan and maybe I'd eat better. Just curious. Love your channel!💖🍋🍋💖

  • Another great haul and meal plan. I wish you lived close because we don't have a farmer's market but we do have veggie and fruit stands. I love the one that is about 30 minutes away it has all kinds of veggies, fruits, homemade jams and jelly's, and lots of other stuff.

  • Yay! 1st comment. That never happens. New sub here! I’ve been binge watching your videos and I love them!

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