Turmeric Tonic | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

Turmeric Tonic  | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hi guys a very warm welcome to bodyprocoach Nutrition. I am maahek nair and today I’m going to be sharing you my secret detox
drink so whenever I go on a detox I usually make this drink and it is
excellent healing drink extremely tasty and highly nutritious let’s quickly go
and see the recipe of our turmeric tonic turmeric tonic that’s what we need for
turmeric tonic that’s turmeric ginger carrot and orange let’s quickly go and
see the recipe and our tumeric tonic is ready so our
turmeric tonic is ready it’s an excellent source of document that means
it has anti-inflammatory properties it has excellent medicinal properties of
healing that means is an excellent drink it’s extremely nutritious it is a best
detox drink ever thank you for watching our video
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videos that means everything you require on one platform that’s body prop coach
thank you so much see you next time

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