Trump Administration To Kick Nearly 700,000 Off Food Stamps | All In | MSNBC

Trump Administration To Kick Nearly 700,000 Off Food Stamps | All In | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Administration To Kick Nearly 700,000 Off Food Stamps | All In | MSNBC

  • Sad but the truth is that even I myself know too many ppl who are able to work but why work when you can get 900+ in food stamps because of the more kids u got the more u get..While many of us work and barely get by and dont get that needed help..

  • But a lot of those food stamp people won't vote, the farmers will vote and are very vocal. Also trumpy wants all Muslims, poor people , immigrants, black people, liberals, people who don't watch Fox, killed dead. Long live the rich and big business!

  • After I got off food stamps. I realized it was food stamps holding me back and glad I got off. I stand with this choice and could only imagine how many people have gotten held back in life due to the same things I went through. It's a socialist trap.

  • Oh wait, so I dont have togo to work every day and struggle to make ends meat? I can get it free? And her thing about the 13 kids said sarcastically I have personally witnessed.

  • Yet, the media and Demoncrats wants US citizens to buy Chinese products and send jobs to China while malls and stores, industries are closing around US citizens…Refusicans helping big corporations too. Sooner USA falls the sooner the Far East can rise…thank you MSNBC!

  • So if you’re an able bodied, unemployed, American citizen who doesn’t have kids, you can’t get food stamps anymore? Very interesting how one president forces you to buy government health insurance. While the other is giving you a little push out the door to get a job and take advantage of a powerful economy. SNAP is a means to an end, not a lifestyle.

  • If people had decent paying jobs, they would not need food stamps! Don't go after food, cut the waste in war mongering!

  • MSNBC fails to mention (of course) that this only applies to able-bodied young people (under 50) who are perfectly able to work but prefer rather to juice the system and get free meal tickets at tax-payer expense.
    Thank you, POTUS Trump!

  • Funny how we can spend trillions of dollars policing the Middle East but we can't spend a billion dollars a year to feed hungry Americans

  • I'm not siding with anyone here but I do personally know people who abuse the system in this area. Some people even SELL their food stamps for money. Just tighten up the requirements and follow-up to make sure it's given to people who really need it.

  • Hmmm. 70 million a year we save as a country to have abled bodied people work who don't have kids. I must be missing the issue here.

  • Okay, yes, we know SOME people actually NEED food stamps, but let's set the record straight here, thumbs up if you or your family did whatever they had to do to make ends meet and NOT go on food stamps.

  • Wishing awy Povety does not replac actual food in ones stomach. How proud can one feel while they starve. Hello Soup lines around blocks of corners…😣🛒

  • I am retired USAF and what a lot of people don't realize is that many of our military members in the lower ranks qualify for and use food stamps because the military pay sucks … most people think blacks are the burden on this program when nothing could be further from the truth

  • Again fake news, bias with omission. The employment opportunities that opened up under leadership of Donald Trump cannot be filled without giving the lazy leeches who manipulate the welfare system, fully capable adults that this cutback is focused on, a push to get off of the system towards getting a job.

  • I’m sorry but this is about as misleading as something can get without being a blatant lie. While what you said was technically “true”, you’re still lying by omission. Why don’t you stop twisting EVERYTHING into an Anti-Trump “story” and report FACTS for once? Oh sorry, ratings. Pathetic

  • Best news I've heard all day,
    Spring times coming, make a community/ neighborhood garden, you know…like our grandparents used to do.
    Kids would love to help too.
    Put the electronics down & pick up a hoe❗

  • Is Trump able to do ANYTHING without screwing over the less affluent and needy people in this country? It's NOT a handout either! It's getting something back for all the taxes they pay. Yes, poor people pay taxes too!

  • More lies an proaganda it's the illeagal PEOPLE being taken off an shiped back home an why not this country's NOT there home I can't go to Honduras an get free money $ so why should they take mine tell the truth MSDNC

  • I worked at a clinic ( as a nurse) that had 3000 clients. About 100 people were labeled “ trouble makers”. They gave everyone else a bad name. Think about that percentage! That’s how it is when someone sees a person on FS. One ignorant comment does NOT hold true for the many suffering quietly.

  • Those who are affected better wake up and vote
    Next Choice – robbing & shoplifting the new business of the future/as guns become the new standards.

    I was wondering why all stores are all installing robotic cashiers to replace humans.
    And Cameras are already installed at Every Stoplight …
    Better start growing your own food if you can find a secret place, safe from thy neighbors or drones …

    The Trump Empire is reddy to put Ice on the Street and People in Cages
    And they won’t be able to distinguish one human being from Another …..

    Ice is the Nickname for No Heart, No Brain and No Courage as being demonstrated by Republicans Right Now.

    Manchurian Candidates
    Pink Floyd
    North & South Pole (Top Secrets)
    The Wizard of Oz
    Fire Next Time
    The Truth is Everywhere


  • ..starving the children is a deadly move. Shame on all of us…what happened to pur three branches of government??? Trump isn't a dictator running our country…why ate we allowing this man to destroy our constitution? He's supposed to be working for us,not against us…what about his oath?? Dies he know what he was elected for???? It sure wasn't supposed to be lining his and the wealthy pockets!!!!

  • Clinton did the same thing because so many abled Americans and illegals were on food stamps, but he gave them two years to get there life straightened out. The repukians came back into office and shot it down, now skump is doing it again but without a dam thought for children in America. OBAMA HELP AMERICA, BILL CLINTON, JIMMY CARTER is there nothing you guys can do to help Americans, and have this criminally uneducated lowlife removed from our White House. Is there no one gonna help America?

  • I feel especially sorry for people who think they are making more in their paychecks. Trump gives $100 more a month (instead of $1,500 a year) and cuts back on tax refund money and people think they are making more. Figure that.

  • Don't worry liberals trumps not cutting immigrants welfare legal or not just single able bodied adults with no dependents . fact !

  • It is about time! I am sick and tired of able-bodied individuals sucking off the teat of government benefits when they should be working.

  • I really don't get it. The republicans make our country worse for the poor. If we have various programs that help people..our country would be better.

  • Trump is overspending the budget at the rate of 2.5 billion dollars — a day! Not per year — 2.5 billion a day, each and every day. Trump is increasing the budgetary deficit by one trillion dollars a year, which is 2.5 billion dollars each day. Only a spineless POS would even think about cutting SNAP while concurrently adding 2.5 billion a day to the national debt.

  • Yes, farmers need help after trump gutted them with that stupidly executed trade war. But, a lot of other people need to feed themselves and their families.
    Let's put it down to bare facts: millionaires and billionaires pay little to no money into the system that supports us all, and in return they rob the poorest to try to pay far it.
    This is disgusting. Truly disgusting.

  • The GOP taking care of their constituents in their red states. Maybe they don't know that in those red states, they depend on government subsidized programs more than blue states. Hey those of you in red states..time to vote Blue to remove your GOP elected officials who obviously are not representing the people that voted for them to be in office. Remember, you guys elect them, if you continue to follow them and vote for them, you are only bringing it upon yourselves.

  • We gave the rich more money and tax breaks, transferring more money from the middle class and the poor to the rich. But now we can't help our middle class or poor.

  • Simple solution here. Allow taxpayers to elect where their taxes are paid. Meaning, those who are working should have choices on where their taxes go. If they want to support the military… they can and then, asked how much do you want to give? if they want to support low income…they can, and then asked how much do you want to give. That IS when we will find out the truth about the American people.

  • Trump supporters do realize this will hit the majority of them, right? Think them loosing their food stamps might wake them up? Doubt it. "There are none so blind as those that will not see".

  • The Republican major doners are going to go bug nuts over that. Without food stamps ( a labor subsidy) minimum wage earners will have to get a wage increase.

  • Aren't Christians meant to HELP? I'm sure Jesus didn't charge for the loaves & fishes. I'm sure he didn't ask if you had medical insurance before he healed you. People should either start helping – or stop calling themselves Christians.

  • Only able bodied single people under 50. So bye bye! Syanara! We should repeal the food stamp program entirely. In my section of town, the convenience stores who take EBT/SNAP get $$$. I have to see if I can buy a cookie or dessert whereas people who use the card go to town on my dime. Even the bible says if you don't work you don't eat.

  • Trump has to make up for his tax cut for the rich. They have to make sure they can keep their Welfare for the rich as always, screw the lil guy.

  • Some homeless in my area sell a homeless newspaper. I like it, so I buy it for $2. They earn $1.50 a paper and it's cold outside.
    They are doing work! On the other hand there are a lot of homeless who
    just beg. These people usually have better sneakers than me, better jacket than me, newer clothes than me. They are physically fit usually
    and have nothing wrong with them. Then they ask me for money.

    Are you kidding me?

  • What about people who do work, yet still rely on this service to feed their families…. Another decision by politicians who are incapable of relating to human situations. These are the folks who tried to deport people on life support…

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