Top 10 Gordon Ramsay SHUTDOWNS | Kitchen Nightmares (Part 2)

Top 10 Gordon Ramsay SHUTDOWNS | Kitchen Nightmares (Part 2)

Over the course of Kitchen Nightmares, Chef
Gordo has seen more than his fair share of… well. But every now and then, he’s come across
restaurants that were SO bad and concerning, shutting them down for the day was the only
way to deal with it. We covered some of these instances in our
last video and we’ve dug around and found you some more! With that being said, let’s dive into the
top times Gordon Ramsay was forced to shut down the kitchen. Milky Crabs and 3 Dead Mice We’ve seen Ramsay shut down many kitchens,
but none made him as angry as this one did. Starting with a horrendous tasting where everything
was either microwaved, old or soggy, the situation didn’t get any better thanks to the owners’
and head cook being absolutely delusional. Things only took a turn for the worse as Ramsay
confronted the staff about their food and behavior, which led to this. You could see Ramsay trying his best to help
the establishment, but the chef’s arrogant attitude and general cluelessness didn’t
help. Upon investigating the walk-in, Ramsay found
multiple batches of pasta and crawfish, leftover sour prawns and jambalaya. So no one was surprised when the confrontation
eventually led to this heated shutdown. As if that wasn’t enough, Ramsay eventually
discovered 3 dead mice in the restaurant. Before we move on show us your appreciation. Hit the subscribe button, and never miss a
video from us at Babble Top. Now back to
the show! Amy’s Breakdown Amy’s Baking Company was one restaurant
where the food wasn’t the biggest problem but rather, the owners. Ramsay was pleasantly surprised when he walked
into the quaint café and found hygiene was definitely not the restaurant’s problem. Head Chef, Amy, turned out to be quite adept
at making cakes and desserts. However, the rest of her food wasn’t nearly
as good. While Amy was sensitive about literally ANY
critique that came her way, her husband, Sammy, was an absolute control freak. The disastrous dinner service saw Amy and
Sammy reveal their true colors as they constantly yelled at Ramsay every time he offered critiques
AND stole tips from their staff! The night ended with Amy having a complete
breakdown about the response her food was receiving and, shut the kitchen down themselves. Ramsay found himself struggling with how the
owners were in absolute denial. Investigating how Amy and Sammy have treated
their old staff and after some serious reconsideration, he decided that he was done and walked out
of the place. Dirty Secrets This restaurant had Gordon almost bursting
a vein trying to deal with the stubborn owner. Ramsay knew he was in for one crazy ride as
he told the owner… to which the owner responded, which just blew Ramsay’s mind. As he rightly put it. Matters grew worse the next day as Ramsay
walked into the restaurant to investigate the walk-in refrigerator and what he found
made him so sick. Grills swimming with grease, grease caked
stoves, shelves with literal layers of dust, moldy bottles of sauce, a truck load of rotting
vegetables and fruits with maggots. Upon being confronted, the owner asked Ramsay. Needless to say, Ramsay shut the restaurant
down for the rest of the day and had the owner clean up the place. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction
as Ramsay watched over the cleaning and said. Meatball Disaster In what turned out to be an emotional episode,
Ramsay encountered one of the most stubborn chefs he’d ever met in his entire career. As her staff put it. After a catastrophic tasting session, the
owner refused to pass on any of Ramsay’s criticism which led to him confronting the
head chef himself. What he found was a refrigerator packed to
the brim with old bread dough, overcooked pasta and frozen meatballs. Dinner service made matters worse as the restaurant
started to fill up and the head chef did nothing to help as he made it clear that he would
work at his own pace. The food eventually made it out to the customers
but returned just as fast because it was… well. This led to Ramsay having a screaming match
with the chef. The
owner had to chase him down and convince him to help her and the only way Ramsay could
help was if she fired her chef. So, with tears in her eyes, the owner let
go of her beloved head chef. Gritty Gravy After what Ramsay had to go through in this
restaurant, this whole place should’ve been put on prohibition and the fact that the restaurant
was called The Prohibition Grill, made it all the more appropriate. This is possibly one of the most clueless
owners Ramsay has ever come across. After a dissatisfactory tasting session. The service only got worse as the staff saw
a series of undercooked dishes come back to the kitchen with a lot of complaints. And upon tasting the food, which prompted
him to investigate the kitchen’s fridge. He found a complete violation of his famous
Rule Number One. This dangerous fridge had it all and Ramsay
had enough and shut it down. No Chicken Nightmare Comedy twins, Jim and Jeff, had run their
restaurant to the ground with their lazy management and Ramsay was absolutely appalled by the
state of it. The tasting session didn’t make things any
better as Ramsay had to sit through 3 courses of absolute garbage including a chicken scarpariello
that was so rancid it. Ramsay was so appalled by the state of the
place that he made the twins clean the whole place up and upon his return, what did he
find in the kitchen? To make matters worse, Ramsay opened up the
fridge to find rotting vegetables, hot tomato sauce and old eggplant parmesan. Needless to say, the service was a trainwreck. But that couldn’t save them from Ramsay’s
wrath as he discovered that the staff had been defrosting chicken in a manner that was
potentially lethal. Ramsay forced the brothers to “86” the
chicken from the menu and announce it, which resulted in the restaurant losing 90% of its
customers that night. Gordon Carries Chef Out of Restaurant So he wasn’t surprised to find that a vegetarian
restaurant in Paris wasn’t doing well. The less-than-desirable food Ramsay was served
was a cry for help as he endured a disgusting salad and a horrifically soggy carrot gratin. The head chef, who was a long time friend
of the owner, threw Ramsay for a curve ball the first time they met. Ramsay discovered the head chef to be almost
as stubborn as he was, but with none of the talent. The man refused to listen and eventually had
the nerve to blame Ramsay for it. The service got worse later, as the chef burned
potatoes and said that it was normal for them to burn. The service eventually came to a halt and
when Ramsay saw that the head chef was incapable of serving even 8 tables on time, he took
a call. Which she did, but he didn’t leave easily. They had to stop service for the night, but
it was for the best, as Ramsay said. But We Don’t Use It In the case of Yanni’s, Ramsay walked in
to find a disorganized family struggling to come to terms with changes. While their personal history is a whole other
story altogether, Ramsay was initially concerned with their food which turned out to be a disappointment,
to no one’s surprise. It probably didn’t help that the girl serving
him food, broke down out of sheer embarrassment. Ramsay investigated the walk-in, in the middle
of a disastrous dinner service and found – you guessed it. Every time Ramsay would confront the chefs
about the items, they’d always respond with. And by the time Ramsay was done showing the
family everything they were doing wrong, he was so over it with their lack of accountability
and finally snapped. A Really Bad Day This is easily one of, if not the most, disgusting
establishments that Ramsay ever had the misfortune of stepping in. We’re sure Ramsay agreed. After that peculiar exchange, Ramsay had to
sit through 75 minutes of waiting time before embarking on a dreadful tasting session which
consisted of soggy fried mushrooms, fried sandwich dripping with grease and a raw, doughy
pizza. The head chef even tried to justify his horrible
cooking with. Ramsay discovered that the lack of communication
was the biggest problem in the establishment. The owner and her son were pretty much clueless
which led to food leaving the kitchen at an excruciatingly slow pace. That wasn’t the end, as the next day Ramsay
investigated the fridge and found rotting avocados, moldy and sticky ham, raw meat soaked
in blood next to 3 month old cooked meat. Needless to say. Bringing It In Fresh They say you shouldn’t make promises you
can’t keep but it was obvious that Rosaria wasn’t familiar with the phrase. Ramsay heard about how fresh the food was
from the second he opened the menu. However, what he received for his tasting
session was far from it. The lies told in this establishment were blatant
and upon confronting the head chef, the problems became abundantly clear. But it didn’t stop there as Ramsay decided
to investigate the kitchen fridge in the middle of a disastrous dinner service. Ramsay wasn’t done, as he unearthed rotting
avocados, and some vile, raw veal that had been leftover for so long, it had gone pale
and just when you thought Ramsay had had enough, which ultimately led to Ramsay furiously shutting
down the service for the day. We hope you enjoyed our video! Want more videos? Why not check our other videos, and hit the
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