TIPS TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Mental + Physical Health | Jaiden Ashlea

TIPS TO A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Mental + Physical Health | Jaiden Ashlea

everyone's saying back with another frickin video I so so it's been a while it really hasn't been that long but it's been long enough for me to say it's been a while today I'm going to be filming a healthy lifestyle kind of videos so I'm trying to kind of get more motivational if you guys can't tell I do still want to do fun videos my last video with Dalton was pretty fun but if you're new to my channel hello welcome to the Jay Bay fam be sure to subscribe to stay tune with my life my crazy life this video is going to be about a healthy lifestyle in two ways I kind of split up how to create one no I'm not perfect yes I have flaws yes sometimes I don't follow all of these things but it is important for us to know and be aware of things that it takes to make us healthy so we're gonna split into the first half is mental health the second one is like a physical fitness hell I'm not the most fit person I am not 100% in shape by any means but like I said it's important for us to know what it takes I know what it takes sometimes I just don't fall away but I want to try and help you guys if you just don't know we're just going to get right into the video I have a thing of notes right here just because I don't want to forget so like I said the first thing is going to be self-care / mental health whenever I'm doing self-care it's really important I think to think about what makes me happy in society today we think oh this makes her happy so I'm gonna try and do this make a list of things that you want to do things that make you smile things that make you feel good on the inside so for me that's doing facemasks that's cleaning my room that's hanging out with friends surrounding myself with people that genuinely and truly care about me having a good skin care routine really can make a difference especially because if your skin is nice and glowy then you're gonna feel nice and glowy not everyone has perfect skin no it is important to go to a dermatologist and learn about your skin learn what kind of skin you have oily dry combination whatever it is try to figure out what works best for you what works for me may not work for you so it's really important to figure that out another thing that follows up with the whole dermatologist thing is going to actual doctor if you're a female then you should go to a gynecologist if you're over a certain age if you're sexually active all of that it's really important to know your body to know what's going on with your body a lot of times girls are just like yeah I'll be okay and then something ends up happening so go get checked to go do what you need to do with your lady parts just to make sure you're okay do annual breast exams if you are a woman guys can get breast cancer as well and it is predominant in my so your self-care routine is really personalized to you going to the dentist is important I just went a couple months ago I think you're supposed to go like every six months of going to the dentist going to the doctor dermatologist and I am actually about to be going to a therapist just because I feel like I need someone else to talk to to kind of give me some feedback someone that has something to say other than it's gonna be alright someone who actually knows who went to school for it just sit down to rant I feel like it would just make me feel a little bit better I'm really excited to actually go to a therapist and it's not for everyone and if I don't like it I won't continue to go but I think that it might be a good change I have a lot of built-up anger with a lot of things so that may be something that you guys want to try and if you do end up trying to comment down below in the video like your first experience cuz I definitely want to keep you guys updated on that I'll do like a first time going to therapy kind of video and just reflect it's really nice to just reflect on your life on your situations on how you're handling things that just it's healthy for your mind sleep is really really important as well most of us don't get enough sleep and I know when you're younger it's more important to get those hours of sleep because when you get older you know you just don't you just can't as you get older things start to change if you can help getting your full nine hours of sleep and I say go for it I have been trying to go to sleep earlier just because I work in the morning sometimes so if you do work trying to get a good I don't know seven or eight hours of sleep you may not get as much as you want but it's really important to feel rested because when you're not rested you're vulnerable you're irritable I don't know if that's the same thing you just don't feel like yourself you're not full of energy and in order to get through a full day in this world you need to be rested or else you're just gonna be all over the place and everyone's gonna think you're a monster so take a nap if that's what it takes take time to just sit in a dark room and just relax stress causes so many problems in the world today and I think if there was less stress in the more love we would all be a lot happier instead of just judging people and beating people down I don't I don't get any of that and there's so much of that in this world so be a positive light be what you want to see who else in bars right now this is good if you don't like the way someone's treating you let them know and then make sure you don't treat someone like that make a note in your mind that you didn't like the way that made you feel don't be a bully compliment people compliments can literally change a whole person's day whether it's I really love your shoes or your hair looks really nice you don't know what they have been going through that day you don't know anything other than they got some cute shoes so you've got to tell them everyone's going through their own troubles everyone has their own pain that they deal with on a constant basis so it's really important to just be nice to be kind and that just creates a happiness inside of you that a lot of people don't have because they're not surrounded by love so spread love and you'll get love the goal at the end of the day is to create a less stressful lifestyle a healthier lifestyle and that honest starts with you it starts with your actions it starts now how you look at situations you create your own happiness no one can take that from you if you are a hundred cent happy with yourself let me say 99% cuz you no one's ever gonna be 100% happy you're ninety-nine percent happy with yourself with your life choices with how you treat people then the way people treat you won't affect you as much because you'll see that they're not happy you'll see the sadness the negativity that they surround themselves with so surround yourself with positivity and then you won't have a problem yes they'll still be bumps in the road life sucks sometimes literally I'm slowly learning that life will literally suck I served my period today I am on birth control yes it was just really really bad like yesterday I didn't even get on my bed like maybe but wants to go get food and that was just miserable because I was in so much pain I had work this morning I had to wake up at like 8:45 9 o'clock so I could get ready and I worked all the way till 7:00 I literally was in so much pain I had a heating pad on me at the front desk because I'm a receptionist and I was just trying to get through the day like I was having hot flashes I literally was miserable if you're a girl you understand how terrible can be especially when you're at work like all you want to do is lie in your bed because right now I have cramps now that I think about it like it just sucks there's almost nothing you can do you can try and take medicine what I did was try to take medicine a friend of mine she gave me one of her prescriptions this probably shouldn't be telling you guys she was like this is from Domino Payne I was like you know what that's the same thing right I'm stupid no I took it and I literally was just loopy I couldn't even drive home myself my friends had to come pick me up and it was off was my first experience is something like that and I promise you I'll never take a drug that I don't know what it is again that's my tip of the day don't take it unless you know it second part of the whole healthy lifestyle thing is physical fitness this is where I'm not as like experienced I feel like I can talk about mental health and self-care and self-love all day when it comes to the whole physical aspect I just had to look some stuff up if we're being completely honest but I do know some things I know that it's really important to watch what you're eating to work out consistently to stay hydrating you know the main things I have been using a few new products yes this video is a little sponsored I don't show things that I don't like it affinity sent me a few things that I've been using for the past couple of weeks and honestly I definitely feel a little bit different I haven't really told you guys about it just cuz I wanted to get an honest opinion on how it made me feel first this is the lean fat burner for her I love how it's all for her it's so cute my little shaker thing is pink as well so you know I love that and I've used this a few times I took this a little bit not much cuz I haven't really been working out as much but I guess it did make me feel like I was losing more weight in my stomach and it just kind of felt tighter a lot of people have been telling me that I've lose I've been losing weight I went in the nail salon the other day and my mom's nail guy was like did you lose weight I was like I did I have to take stuff like this in order to lose weight but sometimes it just kind of helps it has all the supplements you need in order to help tighten that core and just come and gives you a boost you know next one is the firm body sculptor this one was probably my favorite as far as the whole body physical body thing goes there are a lot of pills in here so I probably don't even know if I'll make a Denny's because like I said I'm not a huge like pill ticker for like physically working out so one of the things I'm gonna show you is more of like a meal supplement which I really like that cuz it was good if this is something that you want to try I definitely hands-down would recommend it the pills are so freakin cute are you kidding me I did notice that my appetite got smaller I wasn't trying to eat as much which is good so it's important to have three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner and maybe a snack in between some like fruit or some vegetables I am a fruit girl all the way all right the next thing was my tight tummy pills and this I actually did like because it helped with bloating and girls it happens to guys too but I'm talking to girls cuz it's for her girls if you really want to try and get rid of the bloating I really do recommend this one this one I just felt less bloated no it's never gonna get rid of it completely but it definitely had an effect like I felt like I could put on my jeans in my underwear without feeling suffocated you know what it's that time of the month it's just like oh like you feel gross you feel bloated you can't do anything you feel ugly so this did have an impact on me they are really big but beauty is pain pain is beauty these next ones are stress relief for her as you can see I've made a bigger dent in the bottle because I have been using them non-stop you all know I was going through a breakup but you girls good you're glowing your girls feeling good I don't like to rely on medicine I don't like to rely on pills this just has vitamins in it that do help sometimes it is a mental thing yes but sometimes you just need something to just relax your body and to relax your mind mental health is really important with it but this may help you as well if you're looking for something else made an impact I feel like I could sleep easier because I have been just going through it I've been really stressed with moving and just figure out what I want to do and the channel all of that stuff life comes with stress and then my next two favorite things literally quick shakes it's a meal replacement this is vanilla and this is chocolate and the vanilla is my freakin favorite I drink them in the morning if I remember to make it cuz you know I'm lazy I wake up at like 9:00 I gotta leave it like 9:45 so if I get the chance to make it I really do like it so if you're against like the whole pill thing this is really good for you as well and if you want to like look up all the ingredients and stuff in it if you guys don't believe me then go for it cuz I had to do a little research myself and it smells so good I wanna make one right now but look this is the way to go I normally would not use something like this but I at the point I am in my life I want to try new things I'm 20 years old I want to do new things I want to experience new step 4 that is all for the products if they send me I will kind of keep you guys updated as I use them I can I'm feeling I will have a link in my description so be sure to check that out if you want to get them it is for her so I don't know if guys can take it I don't know if it's like strictly women only I don't see why it would be but guys kind of have a different goal of gaining a lot more muscle and us women like to be more firm in it's up to you it's your choice so thank you for finding me for sending me all those goodies I love them but let's continue on with the whole physical fitness thing I have a list of tips that I found online I'm just gonna read them I thought they were pretty good I don't know specifics on them but if you really want to know more you should do research as well research on like actual legit websites can be really helpful I learned a lot whenever I was looking all this stuff up it's important to fill your body with different kinds of nutrients and foods on a daily basis second one is food rich in carbohydrates you girl don't really know much about that so if you want to know about that you should look going up this one I could talk about eat fruits and veggies like I said I love roots I will eat vegetables – I really like green beans and broccoli sometimes I'll just kind of make green beans with chicken and rice and that's just like one of my favorite meals besides mac and cheese fruit is really good for you watermelons like my favorite it has so much water in it so if you eat too much you'll be really bloated so refreshing to just eat it especially when it's sweet in the summertime I do salt and sugar intake I do know a little bit about this because whenever I was competing for Miss Florida I was really watching what I ate and taking too much sugar and salt can be really bad for your body regularly and controlled portion size we all know that we can pig out on some chips and just watch Netflix for days instead of eating those chips replace it with fruit replace it with carrots I don't know you just have to really watch what you put in your body because what you put in your body is how your body is going to react so if you're putting nasty greasy salty things in it it's gonna be like hey I don't like this our bodies are made to consume healthy things because then it just reacts better drink plenty of fluids I try to drink as much water as possible it says 1.7 1.5 liters a day is the good amount of water intake for an adult so if you're a little bit younger it might be less but realistically who's gonna drink 1.5 liters of water not I probably not you but at least you know so you can kind of work on that goal I definitely drink at least one water bottle a day that also will help with your skin it'll help with your hair your nails maintain healthy body weight healthy body weight is determined by your gender age and height go to the doctor see your percentage of body fat it is okay to be thick it is okay to not be super skinny yes I'm small but I'm not the skinniest okay my sister is slay and her little body is perfect and she's only like 17 years old I'll never understand right so then the last few kind of tips are stay consistent if you do something for two weeks you create a habit you create a routine and your body will just remember how to do it so work out every day work out every other day for two weeks I promise you your body will feel so much better and you'll just get used to it the first two weeks may be hard to set whether it be working out everyday or just eating healthier everyday or eating fruit more you have to start somewhere and so don't think you have to just pile it on now you have to do all of these things right away life is a process getting healthy and getting fit is a process I remember when I was working out from Miss Florida I was just constantly constantly pushing myself to try and lose as much weight as possible and you know pageants can be draining because you're trying to make yourself look the best you can because then you're gonna go you're gonna compare yourself to a hundred other girls and it's like damn I don't look good but you have to remember that no one is lying you are your own person you're gonna stand out in your own way you're gonna start to be healthy by just eating some more fruit every day but that's on you you make your own choices staying consistent and just continuing to change in positive ways it's probably the best thing you can do for yourself moving back to Jacksonville is one of the changes I'm gonna be making soon and I'm excited I'm ready to get back home with my mom and my sister and just be back where I'm comfortable and yes my life here in Valdosta there are some things about it I like but I know that it's not the best decision for me right now so really just do things that are best for you and I know this video was long and I know I was just blabbering and it was sponsored I really want to help you all just start living a better life I've been connecting with you guys on so many different levels and so many different ways especially with the whole breakup thing and I want to just move on from that like yes we talked about it yes we're all going through it but we're at the point to where we're gonna move on to the next part of our life which is loving ourselves and doing things for ourself to make us happy and healthy thank you guys so much for watching be sure to check out the affinity their products are amazing so thank you guys for sending that to me be sure to check out the link in description guys be sure to give this video a big thumbs up turn on my post notifications head over to the blog Channel and if you're new welcome again thank you for staying to the end of this video I do just talk a lot but I talk about some good sets so share my channel with your friends you know if you feel like someone's going through a hard time send them the link literally one share means so much to me just because you think I'm that impactful that you can share another person so then maybe they'll share in the j-bay fam will go I'm really trying to get 200k by the end of the year so fingers crossed that we can do that guys I love you so much thank you for supporting me no matter what no matter what kind of crazy stuff I got going on you all are always there and I appreciate it so much so I love you all and stay fabulous oh wait

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