TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples | The Daily Show

TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples | The Daily Show

TikTok. ADHD in app form. Kids these days use it
for everything, from making jokes
to sharing stories, and now even political activism. But now a new viral TikTok
has some people wondering if there should be a limit. How much is social media a part
of some kids’ lives? Well, in the case of the
teenagers you’re about to meet, the answer would seem to be,
it’s essential. They were involved
in a car crash, and almost immediately posted
a video on the popular app TikTok. TV REPORTER:
Believe it or not, these teens are recording the aftermath
of a bad car accident that happened
only moments earlier. You can see
the cracked windshield, and then they got camera ready, making a video that they posted
on the popular TikTok app, lip-syncing while waiting
for police. What this shows is where young
people have their priority. -Yes. -That they thought
it was more of a priority to make a video. Okay, I’m just gonna say this
straight up. This is how you know you don’t
have immigrant parents. (laughter) Because if you crash
your parent’s car and your parent is an immigrant, forget making a TikTok,
you’ll be writing your will. Like, immigrant parents are the
only ones who would show up to that crash and be like,
“Did my son survive?” Be like, “Luckily, he’s fine.” “Unluckily, he’s fine, huh?” But, I mean, I guess
this is just what kids in the social media
generation do. Like, there’s no situation that they don’t think of turning
into viral content. Like, if the movie Taken
came out now, Liam Neeson’s daughter
would probably be making a TikTok
under that bed. Yeah. She’d be like,
♪ You had a bad day ♪ ♪ You had a bad day ♪ ♪ It’s going real bad. ♪ (laughter) All right,
speaking of car wrecks, the Trump administration. Every day it feels like
President Trump says something that causes outrage. He’s called countries in Africa
shit holes. He’s declared that he’s in love
with Kim Jong-un. And last week, he said he was
way cuter than Baby Yoda, which is insane. But sometimes
it’s easy to forget that while Trump
is loudly offending people, his administration is quietly
affecting people. Nearly 700,000 Americans
are now in jeopardy of losing
their food stamp benefits under a new Trump
administration regulation. The new regulation makes it
more difficult for states to waive a requirement that able-bodied adults without
children work at least 20 hours
per week. It’s part of the Trump
administration’s efforts to cut the supplemental
nutrition program, otherwise knows as SNAP. The administration says
the new rule aims to encourage those receiving
SNAP to get a job. Okay, this is just horrible,
man. You’re gonna cut food stamps
to people, and you’re saying it’s because you want to
inspire them to get jobs? Like, that’s only going to make
it harder to get a job. How are you supposed to make
a good impression at an interview
if you’re hungry? Huh? The person’s gonna be like, “So, uh, why do you want
this job?” “Uh, because I need to eat,
bitch.” (laughter) And, also, to do this
during the holidays, you know, like, that is
so heartless from Trump. Sometimes I think
Trump’s worldview is twisted to everyone else. Like, I bet when Trump watched
101 Dalmatians, it was a sad movie about a woman
who couldn’t get a coat. And you know what
I also find interesting, honestly,
what I find interesting, is that you always
have politicians who take services away
from poor people because they claim it will
inspire them to become better. But then when it comes
to big corporations, all of a sudden
their attitude changes to, “We have to help out these oil
companies and these farmers. They need our support.” And you’re like,
well, what about poor people? “Yeah, I guess we could
give poor people to the oil companies. Let’s try.
Yeah, we could try it. Right, and finally, if this news has you worried
about losing your food stamps and you just want
to stock up in case, well, there’s a new food
that will keep for a while. A new type of apple is
hitting supermarkets this week, and if you buy some,
they might still be good for next year’s
holiday apple pie. The Cosmic Crisp
reportedly could keep for more than a year
in storage. The apple is a cross
between the Enterprise and Honeycrisp apples, and it apparently gives them
a higher shelf life while still holding
their naturally sweet flavor, and they are resistant
to browning. Okay, what? They invented a new apple that can last for a year? Why do we even need new apples? There are already
too many apples, okay? We got so many apples out there, we need white people
to pick them. That’s too many. (laughter and applause) We don’t need fancy new apples
that don’t go bad. You know what we need?
We need fancy new oranges that know how
to peel themselves. That’s what they need to invent. Yeah, ’cause the ones
we have now, by the time
you’re done peeling them, your fingers look like
you strangled Ernie to death. (laughter) And an orange isn’t even
that great as a fruit. I mean, half of it
is just that white stuff you’re trying not to eat. You know how
I know oranges are shit? They’re named orange.
It’s just a color. Yeah. Someone took a bite,
and they were like, “You don’t deserve an identity.” So we don’t need new apples.
We need new oranges. And, yeah, that’s right. I just
compared apples and oranges. Everybody said
it couldn’t be done, but I just did it.

100 thoughts on “TikTok Recklessness, Team Trump’s Food Stamp Cuts & The Rise of Cosmic Crisp Apples | The Daily Show

  • Trump was born into fcking extreme wealth and has never had to work for anything in his life. I would love to see him live a single day with the anxiety of not being able to afford your next meal. He makes me sick.

  • Trump is just doing the same thing Clinton did. Just like Reagan was only doing what Carter did by cutting regulations.

  • public service announcement: hack your orange!Tragically, I only learned this relatively late in life. Trevor, the secret to peeling an orange, and being able to eat it without "all that white gunk" (the pith) is to roll it around on a hard surface, or at least between your hands, in every direction, before peeling. That way the pith connection, especially for those stringy bits, is broken and the pith doesn't come with when you take the orange segments out.

  • Trump is the devil that Bible speaks of and may the lord destroys him soon. Yahawashi the black messiah, the real messiah according to the holy Bible is coming soon to put this criminal devil and his followers in chains.

  • 1- teens are fucking stupid and I'm ashamed I ever was one.
    2- Trump and his cronies are straight evil.
    3- oranges are the greatest fruit to ever fall off a tree, apples are boring.

  • I don’t really get that huge fuss about that tik tok. They weren’t driving when it happened. They made a funny video about it while waiting for the police, which can take over an hour and after awhile I’m sure somebody was like I’m incredibly bored, let’s use this. Trever Noah made a comedy special about being beaten as a kid, which while not the exact same thing, does have a similar ring to it.

  • The average American pays $37 per year to feed 40 million Americans with food stamps. They pay $907 per year for corporate welfare. Flip that, and you’ve ended homeless and hunger in America and taken power from the mega-rich. End corporate welfare today!

  • Waa waa waa. The foodstamps aren't going away for the holidays. It won't take effect until nest year. You will know when because people will be recording Tik Tok videos on their $1500 iPhone 11 Pro Max complaining how they couldn't get their sushi (yes you can buy sushi with EBT) this month.

  • Yeah.
    Addicts who doesn't do any work and get foods are good.
    Asking them to get a job and ask them to work atleast 5 hrs a day work plus 2 leave days – Dictatorship

  • Im not saying YMH had anything to do with bringing attention to TikTards. But its kinda hard not to, right? High and tight never low and loose.

  • So now we have apples that last a year but we are taking food away from people. We have young kids dying while in custody at are borders. Now your taking food away from people who may really need it. Does are government not see how wrong all this is. What does America even stand for anymore.

  • Totally Agree
    If you are able bodied and able to physically work, you should work.
    But if you have extenuating circumstances, other programs should be offered to those persons.
    There is already child care assistance.
    There is alot of people who literally sell drugs and get food stamps.
    This rule about holding a real job could actually have a very positive impact.
    Less taxes being used, less drug dealers, less drugs being sold to children. Yet Democrats and Liberals
    Want to just complain that the free hand out is being taken away.
    Food Stamps are for the elderly, disabled, emergency situations, and the mentally challenged. Not for: I DONT WANT TO WORK FEED ME.
    Damn Liberals And Democrats are ruining America but noone sees it. Free Stuff Free Stuff
    Nothing is free, us who work 80 hours a week and miss out on time with our families pay for that free crap.
    Get A Job or Get Out !

  • The gospel of go spel Government equal Negro M Evnt of Governor equal Negro Ovr land called Earth of the Bible Generation equal Negro Nati E equal Negro Nation E of Old King James Bible of four Gospel of Elijah Elias Eli Ely must Restore all things

  • i assume "able bodied" means not on Disability benefits. There are thousands if not millions of people who ARE disabled and cannot work but get rejected by the bureaucracy because…..bureaucracy.

  • ehem… BECAUSE THOSE COUNTRIES ARE SHITHOLES! Speaking of shithols, Trevor Noah had been speaking lies and talking shit about our president to brainwash the masses because, he'll do anything to be on tv! GET THE FUCK OUT OUT OF MY COUNTRY THEN! AND TAKE ALL YOUR SHEEP WITH YOU!

  • Sorry, the fruit inspired the name of the color, not the other way around.
    Now you need to say that the color orange doesn't have its own name.

  • I wouldn't have survived my failed attempt to move to LA without food stamps. Battling my depression and homelessness to get the few jobs I got was challenging enough but without foodstamps it would have been impossible. Oh and before someone think me lazy, know I'm a veteran.

  • I don’t post much on social media but guess what even though I appreciate my privacy my family doesn’t. When I don’t post, they do that for me. I started telling my family not to post anything about me if I’m dead. Like people you should be grieving not posting and replying to comments right after knowing your loved ones are dead. Why is it instinctual to post? A girl dies the whole country knows about it because everyone is posting her pictures on social media. I have my accounts private for a reason. If a person didn’t want their pictures public when they were alive, why do you have the right to post them while their dead. This just makes me angry. No respect at all

  • Not the immigrant's I know. A Friend of my son totaled her car hitting a BMW and her parents replaced her fusion with a BMW.

  • The German word for oranges is Apfelsine which is an old construct from the words apple and sina – means "Apple from China". 😛

  • All those peoples kids and family is going to go hungry because dump let some fool talk him into cutting peoples food stamp, fool you just lost the election

  • Why is everybody hating on these girls so much? It was said that they made the video while waiting for the police… Implying that it actually had not been their priority to make the video , but to call the police. Now then, instead of being scared, panicked and/or crying, they seem to make the best of the situation and try to see benefits and use the experience to create something positive (humor)…

    I don't think girls like these are the cause of all the problems in the world….

  • "This is how you know you don't have immigrant parents." That is a FACT!!! I would be begging the police to take me to prison for crimes I didn't commit just not to face my father and mother. These girls are busy smiling and doing videos? They probably won't even get grounded and will be bought a car next week.

  • New Orangezzzzz🤣🤣🤣🤣is now alil hands in on it place in Floriduh 🤪it’s right by moron-LEGO across the road from treasonous scumbag way and swamp street. After all it is Floriduh!!!! A place for retreating treasonous swamp scum
    Da deer 🦌 Doyh!!!!!

  • They have no problem taking food out of the poor's mouths but have no problem giving billions a year towards corporate subsidies!!! SMFH

  • It's funny, I havent seen food stamp monopoly coupons in 30 years.

    Trevor, please have your team truely fact check. We use a system called EBT, look into it.

  • The trickle down effect… Don’t become so desensitized, that you treat others mercilessly.

    Don’t follow for they might not lead.
    Lead but for humanitarian reasons.
    Be by my side, so we can conquer injustice.

    Fear, drives them.

  • Jesus how hard is it to understand that just because some privileged teens do dumb stuff, that doesn't apply to an entire generation.

  • Teenagers and Tik Tok are so goddamn toxic on the Internet that there are so many videos circulating of them mocking the rapper Juice WRLD’s death by seizure

  • All the Republicans do is hurt poor people.
    I know someone getting 35 bucks a month in good stamps. Enough for one or two meals in America.

  • Trump Is pushing this Food Stamp cut… while giving welfare checks to farmers … because HE'S TRYNNA AFFECT THE UPCOMING 2020 ELECTION!!! 😏😎 simple as that
    He thinks the people kicked off will be to distracted to vote his fat azz out!!! And thinks the people getting farmers welfare checks will be so grateful and vote for him coming up 🤯🤯
    Either way ..
    Its NOT a Real thought out policy change … it's just another DISTRACTION 🤣🤣🤣

  • Watch the IG report findings today to see how the Democrats faked you out on Russian collusion and made it all up,,,sorry ass lunatics.

  • This proves that the young people in America are on their way to becoming the stupidest generation yet.Geez I thought mine was the dumbest but they have us beat by a mile!

  • "Why don't we just start executing poor people?! It's faster and kinder than letting them slowly starve."
    I can actually see that being proposed at some stage in this horrible world. 😱

  • That joke was offensive to non-immigrant parents. I'm going to whine and cry about it on Twitter until a sizeable mob shows up during recording of a show and makes your life miserable!

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