THE ULTIMATE German Food Tour – Schnitzel and Sausage in Munich, Germany!

THE ULTIMATE German Food Tour - Schnitzel and Sausage in Munich, Germany!

hope you're having an amazing day it's mark Wiens I'm in Munich Germany and today I am taking you on the ultimate German food tour we're going to eat some incredible local Bavarian food so stay tuned we are walking to the first restaurant right now I'm on my way to the first restaurant but before I get started I just want to say a big thank you to 23andme for making this trip possible I took a DNA test I figured out my ancestry and then I travelled to Germany and I'm here to eat lots of German foods and one more thing to tell you 23andme is hosting a golden 23 sweepstakes where you can win a trip to any destination of your ancestry link is in the description box below with all the details hello made it to the first location this morning this place is called Andes and you got here at a perfect time before they're too packed they have an indoor section which is like a pub style and then they have a nice outdoor garden here where you can get a seat and relax under the trees this is the place in Munich where you need to come to eat schnitzel and here we have right here on the menu our famous little special piece ohoho okay now I just need to decide which one to go for by the way these Gardens these food and beer gardens in Germany and Munich are just the perfect place for kids can hang out you can walk around the garden wait for the food until a the good air and the breeze I'm loving it already yes thank you thank you oh yeah you're done too busy thank you the wait is over the schnitzels are here and it takes it took at least 30 minutes for them to arrive so they take their time to make it and they make it fresh every single time with it how huge sniffles are oh and two different kinds oh it smells incredible this one here is the Homburg schnitzel and it is two giant pieces of it's pork and then pounded flat and then breaded and deep-fried to adjust that golden crispy beautiful and then this one is topped with two eggs you can even see that the edge is just perfectly jiggly and and not all the way cooked and then this one is with french fries and then the other one here is a munich specialty schnitzel again it's pork which is pounded thin battered and deep-fried but there's horseradish within this recipe and then on the bottom is a salad of potato and cucumber and then served with a a wedge of lemon to squeeze on top I'm going to grab some silverware nice for combination oh and I got to begin with that egg right now while it's hot and still still still busy you can choose from anywhere to take your first bite but you know seeing that boozy yolk I have to I have to break that yolk first okay I'm going I'm going to let that yolk run oh ho perfect oh yes oh it's so easy this is the type of dish you want to make your first bite count and I'll get a good nugget of that with all that egg yolk coating well that's quite a quite a large bite but all but it's very thin and then there is lemon as well to go with it but I think I'll I think I'll go first which is the natural taste of that oh that's fantastic oh yeah that is awesomely good oh the the meat in there is very thin and then it's a it's a crunchy almost like grainy because I think it's fine breadcrumbs which are coating it but it's that's just a whole like it's like a crust of crunchiness and then with that like egg you Susie yolk all over it I'll take a bite of only but let's take a bite of only the the meat here and check out the check out the cross-section on the inside there you can see that it's yeah it's very thin and yeah it's absolutely delicious oh yeah that is everything you want in a breaded deep-fried piece of meat next up for the other one and this one there's horseradish which I think is in the batter and the batter with the breadcrumbs let me I'm going to slice this one in half so we can get that cross-section look oh yeah looking fantastic and I'll just taste this on its own first oh look at that now it's quite media on the inside there immediately I can date that horseradish flavor kind of build kind of builds it's not strong enough to go up your nose but you definitely can taste that a tourist radish and I love horseradish oh that has a an extra twist of liver oh I love it it's excellent and I also spectrally like that they serve a really high at the restaurant is it you've got to eat something deep-fried like this one pot and wrap let me revolve to plate over here so you can get good look at that potato salad it said potato salad with cucumbers so oh yeah that's exactly what it is oh it's like pickled cucumbers oh I love the sourness of it and then of course also on the table they have ketchup and mayonnaise probably some ketchup with knife with the fries nice and crispy oh yeah notice a really good fries after you eat a meal in Germany you absolutely have to lean back in your chair finished with the schnitzel and heading out the back entrance in the park but that was incredibly good if you're a food lover this is a must eat when you are in Munich and I thought the prices were pretty decent and also the staff is really really friendly as well the next restaurant that we're coming to on this munich food tour is called UNMIK sir and it's right here in this Plaza Plaza square it's a really nice environment they have an indoor section but then they also have this patio area which is really really Pleasant underneath the tree again shaded and it's right at the base of one of the most important landmarks of Munich Olympic is that again the bell today that all another great place and on its a big thank you to my friend Tom as well as all of you who recommended this place thank you all of the food has arrived got a plate of sausages mixed brats and sausages over sauerkraut with mashed potatoes and then there is some kind of a kind of like a like a meatloaf shape I'm excited I'm excited to try this I've never tried this German dish before and then it's topped with a fried egg a fried egg just makes everything better and then for mashed potatoes and then we've got another salad over here with some veal patties which look like they have been pan-fried before I take my first bite you just got to check out this knife I will of talent this is a beautiful knife Sherman Wagyu so this restaurant specializes in German Wagyu which is pretty awesome as well chop a piece of this Oh F feels very tender it's very tender almost feels like a loaf until the loaf Oh kind of looks like a look and then I'll get some of that egg all right awesomely good it's very very soft a very smooth sausage almost hotdog texture to it it's salty it's a little bit peppery oh that's delicious that's like a really really tender to you next up for the six sausages there are a couple of bratwurst on here there's some spicy bratwurst and then on the menu that said there were some Wagyu sausages so I'm not sure which ones these might be that the spicy ones and then these might be the Wagyu I'm going to try the spicy sausage on a beautiful bed of sauerkraut and then with mashed potatoes on the side oh and you can see that sauerkraut you can see how some of the juices from that sausage have have soaked into the sauerkraut I love that combination of the sausage which is a little bit spicy and then it's the media saltiness of that meat combined with the sour briny salty and nice and sour cabbage actually you know what I could use this of ever oh this is nice rough pepper I like it oh I could I could just spoon on the pepper that'll do for now okay the next step is these are the I think these are the bratwurst and take a look at them on the inside they're scoop up some of that sauerkraut crowler's is gonna do really good as more of that herb flavor and you can almost taste a little bit of English some cardamom in there to the Wagyu sausage is all awesome okay and then again sauerkraut and I'll follow this with some mashed potatoes that one as soon as you bite down you break into that outer sausage casing and it's sort of like pops in your mouth and then it's a very firm sausage again and it's a little smoother and texture from the bratwurst mash potatoes are good too but it's all about those sausages and that sour drop what a combination finally some veal patties with a salad you know those are like little little tender hamburger patties and the the veal fatties have maybe I think they have some egg in it because it has more of a soft and creamy texture all of the food at this restaurant tastes very high-quality but nothing compares to that spicy bratwurst for me that's the that is the absolute bite of this entire table with that sauerkraut that's my favorite thing on this table for sure another meal I just got to sit back and just like recline raw food touring in Germany is is pretty challenging even eating back-to-back meals like we just say right now it is pretty tough because the food portions are soaked the portions are big and German food is just so hearty and so filling so I think we're going to just walk around try to work up an appetite before our next meal I gotta admit though I'm starting to get to that point where I just want to kind of sit here and relax for a while without moving oh man that is some party food now we're off to walk around we're just quickly taking a step inside really huge and this is one of the main landmarks that you can see in Munich you can see the steeples rising to the sky absolutely huge really beautiful that is amazing to see and it is a must visit when you're in Munich and especially in between meals around this area there is a lot of there are a lot of nights cafes and restaurants art around here the ladies wanted some ice cream so we stopped at this ice cream shop it's a very popular place to lots and lots of people and everyone around here you can see them walking around with ice cream so Yang and I decided to split one the bottom one is the one I'm most interested in trying which is mango chili oh it's starting to melt the better taste that fat mango chili definitely mango I don't all OH on after but I can taste the chili oh it's wonderful the chili doesn't come through until the end but then you can feel it it's not like a real spicy flavor there's a little bit spicy oh it's wonderful and then the top one tastes like raspberry oh but that mango chili that's my kind of ice cream we're taking a walk down the street trying to go to a restaurant that is well-known they're serving a very popular German street food dish and luckily I have Micah here so I'm trying to burn off as many calories as possible before the next Street got the currywurst I am telling you even if you don't have a baby you've got to get a baby carrier with the little feet on it it doubles as a table which how awesome this is in systems of fear oh you've got to get yourself one of these it's a it's a portable table anywhere you go unwrap the currywurst all immediately I can smell a little bit of curry powder in that sauce oh and then it's just packed full of french fries there's ketchup and mayo there's sausage over here too the worst first the sausage with that sauce grab some chips on this bite too or I may as well go all in may as well go all in with the oh no I lost it okay oh yeah mmm-hmm well the sausage is awesome and that's like a the sauce is kind of sour and kind of kind of tangy and a little bit a little bit spicy kind of like vinegary tangy but there's just a little flavor of chili how those are pretty tasty they're really crunchy on the outside definitely not the healthiest German food or or snack you could eat but it definitely tastes good that this is definitely a dish that you would want to be eating at 3:00 a.m. that curry Wurst sauce is extremely addictive actually if I would have known how good that sausage I would have had no ketchup Vermillion but just the sauce all over the fries as well it's really addictive like the more you eat it you just cannot stop you do that look some extremely tasty German fast food now I'm on the soda water we're on our way walking to one more final German giant big German restaurant beer hall which is going to complete this food tour today and it's a little walk away but I need to walk this is another giant all style German food restaurant they have an upstairs balcony area where you can stay in the garden but that areas poles that we sat down here in the main the main hall area has a kind of cafeteria but a beer beer hall feel to it and being put up in the kitchen over there and then giant signs of beer back there I you they have the full list of German Bavarian food on the menu but I decided to I saw the half of Bavarian gross duck on the menu that's what I had to go for and then also the Dutch came with just doused in gravy and then it came with a potato dumpling on the side and then I also got up a variant sausage salad which comes with bread and then this time I tried out a dark beer here oh yeah that's really good I immediately have to start with this duck and I love how they just serve the entire the entire half a duck here oh that's beautiful look at that roasted skin that golden skin I'm going to I'm going to take off the the drum right there the drumstick all pulao whole that is wonderful juice oh you can smell that aroma I smell like some some rosemary like aroma is coming out of there oh man all that look since you see down there I think a bite of this got some skin in this bite got some good dark meat and then just kind of submerge it in that gravy oh yes I just got dented like up straight up near roast duck the meat itself is nice and lean but then you've got a really crispy skin you've got some fat on the edges if it wasn't for that gravy it would be a little dry but with that gravy that makes it wonderful and then for our classic Bavarian potato ball we've got that very very bouncy texture to it and that is you just feel how dense that it and it just sticks so just stick to the knife okay that's going to need some gravy so incredibly dense and I also got a poveri unsoftened skeleton I'm going to grab a piece of bread and I love how this salad it's just I think it's just an entire pile of sausage just sliced up and then there's onions on here there's some green onions there pickles reinstall it sausage justice solid sausage but I love all those onions I think I think I might put some of this on to the bread lay this on there it's some more of those onions be pickles all right I really like those onions and that tastes like a like a feared lunch in me kind of has a baloney taste to it and I think there's some kind of a sour I think lemon juice all over it as well now that just finished with that meal I'm completely maxed out I can say with certainty that that is the most German food Bavarian food specifically that I've ever had in one single day I'm stuffed I could just fall asleep on a moment's notice but that was an awesome day of food eating in Munich and that was an amazing Munich Bavarian food tour I want to say a huge thank you to 23andme for bringing me here and it's been an amazing trip in Germany I'll leave their link in the description box I've included all of the information about all of the food I ate today in the description box of the video so you can check it out for the restaurant name also the prices check out all the information below and I want to say a big thank you to you for watching this video thank you for watching this Munich German ultimate food tour in a single day I hope you enjoyed it please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it I'd love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you're not already subscribed click subscribe now for lots more food in travel videos goodbye from Munich and I'll see you on the next video thanks again for watching

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