THE KITCHEN – Final Trailer

THE KITCHEN - Final Trailer

♪♪♪ Alfonso Coretti. You girls have been very busy. Haven't you Ruby? Mrs. Brennan. I won't bite. Claire you're the one I have
to watch out for aren't you? Our husbands have 24 more months
left on their sentences. You girls are
gonna be just fine. We're gonna take care of you. I can't even make the rent with
what they gave me last night. What are we gonna do? All these men
working these streets and not a solid set
of balls anywhere. Bunch of guys that don't even
remember what family means. So we remind them. I don't want you to do it. I want you to teach me
how to do it. Step off my business. Baby… it's my business now. Any of you need to talk
this shit through? Then get out of our way! I am within rights to wipe you off
the face of the earth. Run! We worked hard for this. Do you wanna go back
to how it was? I'd rather die than go back! You go to war… there's no coming back. Claire… put a bullet in his head! You girls kill me.

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