Tandoori Chicken Part 2 – Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery – BBC Food

Tandoori Chicken Part 2 - Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery - BBC Food

and as you can see this is very very finely ground gonna masala I need only two teaspoons of it for the recipe the rest you can put in a jar and a tightly little jar and put it away you can use it for a lot of Indian food so once all this is done I'm going to blend this second marinate once this second marinate has been blended I will strain it because there are lots of little pieces of onion and garlic and ginger which I don't want you want a fairly smooth sauce here I'm going to push it through with a wooden spoon as you can see there are large chunks which I don't want so but you want the juices from the onion and the garlic and the ginger though you don't want any chunks of any of those so you push it through make sure you get all the good juices out and then the chicken will eventually go into this second marinade but before I put the chicken in I'm going to paint it now you've seen tandoori chicken it has this red look I'd like to tell you that the red look comes from some wonderful Asian spice but it doesn't it comes from food coloring it's vegetable coloring so it's not really harmful but if you don't want to use it you don't have to I have here three tablespoons of yellow liquid food coloring and one and a half tablespoons of red and I'm going to mix the two together and then with this blend I'm going to paint the same chicken that has been sitting for 20 minutes in its first marinade and don't worry about the brush you can wash it off later paint both sides just as I'm doing the first don't leave any bits that are still white now here I have some chicken two and a half pounds actually that has been painted already you will find that you have some color left in in your bowl so pour it into the marinade and stir it in this chicken now can go into this marinade it it's a good idea to handle it with tongs at this stage because it the color can come off in your fingers so goes in and then stir it about in this second marinade because you want all this good marinade to get right down to the bone and then once you've done this the chicken can be covered with cling film or something like that and left in the refrigerator for 24 hours if you can't do it for 24 hours 6 will do but it's really a good idea to marinate for 24 hours after 24 hours you take the chicken out and you spread it in a baking dish like this make sure that there's room between the pieces and if their juices there'll be a lot of marinade and juices left in the bowl just leave them there you don't need them for this stage of the cooking now it has to go in the oven and you heat your oven to the highest temperature this is to approximate a tandoor thunderous ferocious the heat inside is really very very fiery

5 thoughts on “Tandoori Chicken Part 2 – Madhur Jaffrey's Indian Cookery – BBC Food

  • I've heard a lot of controversy about whether these dishes (like Tandoori chicken or chicken tikka [masala]) are really Indian or British dishes.

    I tend to lean Indian, because of the spices used (like curry powder, or garam masala, for example).

  • Her recipes are mainly directed at the british folks. so I wouldn't really bother analysing her recipes as they are what so ever not Indian.

  • She is a joker! This early video shows that Madhur Jaffrey is first and foremost an actress. "I'd like to tell you that the red look comes from some wonderful Asian spice, but it doesn't…" Really?!
    We all know that there are many, many "Asian" spices that are originally used in such recipes to enhance the colour: saffron, Kashmiri chilli powder, even turmeric or paprika.
    However, I'm sure back in those days saffron was too expensive and chilli powder deemed too dangerous for English pallettes

  • i can understand this is archive video but this is so not tandoori chicken.UK guys follow some indian channel u will get it.

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