Resident Evil 7 | Did Eveline Kill Jack Baker? | Examining The RE7 Green Dream

One of the most confusing scenes from Resident Evil 7 comes when main character Ethan has been cocooned in mold and is in some sort of hallucinogenic state. The game transfers you to a green tinted world, the green dream, where one of the main villains Jack Baker, bad guy, and your main helper throughout […]

Resident Evil 7 Ending | Is Zoe Baker Alive? | RE7 Ending Theory

The moment in Resident Evil 7 where the storyline can take 2 slightly different paths comes when you must make a decisoin on who to save. Your wife Mia, or some random you basically talked to on a chat line on the phone, named Zoe. If the player chooses the strange over the wifey, it […]