How to Quickly Peel, Seed and Cut a Butternut Squash / Cooking Tips & Tricks, Tutorial

How to peel and cut a butternut squash Using a very sharp chef’s knife Slowly cut each end without cutting too much into the flesh (be careful because the flesh is firm) Peel the squash with a vegetable peeler (like the one in the video) Cut just above the base (the round part that contains […]

J.Fla – Vlog #3 ( Cooking ) Eng sub

*claps* Hey guys! If you didn’t get the chance to see the cover… ..i did last week Please, go check it out. I was trying to think of what to do, for todays vlog. And i decided on cooking! 🙂 I really love eating! So i thought cooking would be good. Actually, i eat at […]

Simple Recipe For Amazing Homemade Bread | Museta

HOW TO BAKE HOMEMADE BREAD View the recipe on the blog at Add a half full teaspoon of sugar in 350 milliliters of warm water Then add 5 grams of yeast and mix everything until it dissolves Add one teaspoon of salt into the mixing bowl Add 500 grams of white flour Mix the […]

5 Viral Kitchen Hacks TESTED Hit or Myth?

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon and today we are going to put some kitchen hacks to the test to see if they are a Hit or a Myth. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and press that bell so you get notified of new uploads. Hack Number 1: Says if […]

Cooking in the Dark 04 – Chocolate Swiss Roll – Alexander Banks

Hello, I’m Alexander Banks and today I’m Cooking in the Dark. Now, the rules are simple; I must prepare or cook a dish or dessert blindfolded, while a guest reads the recipe to me, all within a set time limit. The catch is that I have to eat what I make at the end, no […]

تدبيرة في صنع ملون أحمر غذائي // المهم صحي و أحسن من الإصطناعي // colorant rouge fait maison

استعملت 1 شمندر أو بيتراف نغسلها و نقشرها ثم نقوم ببشرها نضيف 2 ملاعق كبار سكر عادي نغطي البلاطو بورق الطهي ثم نوزع الشمندر على جميع المساحة نسخن الفرن على درجة حرارة 180دم ثم نطفئ الفرن بعد ذلك ندخل البلاطو داخل الفرن و نتركه حتى يبرد الفرن إما نكرر التجفيف في الفرن أو نترك البلاطو […]

The Top YouTube Food Reviewers Tribute – Our Favorites!

Hi, my name’s Tom Cote and I am the Food Snot – so today I’m here with my lovely wife Renae and today we are paying homage to our absolute favorite food channels. We watch a lot of channels – a lot of food channels and we like a lot of them but these are […]

GIANT HERSHEY’S KISS Candy Bar How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to HOW TO COOK THAT I’m Ann Reardon And today we are making a giant Hershey’s Kiss We started this Giant Series a couple of years now and I make giant candy bars and give them to people who are doing giant things. We’ve done a Snickers, Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, Mars bar and […]

STAND MIXER CAKE How To Cook That Ann Reardon 3d cake

Welcome To How To Cook That I’m Ann Reardon and today we are making a 3D stand mixer cake! And yes we are giving away some Breville mixers too. Breville actually has some new mixers called the Bakery Boss and I’ll tell you more about how you can enter to win a mixer at the […]