The Dish | What is Precision Medicine?

What is precision medicine? Like, everybody asks me this. My parents are like, “What is precision medicine that you’re working on?” And the easiest way for me to describe it is, today with good intentions, our doctors and care providers basically do one-size-fits-all medicine. And this is what we’re trying to get rid of by […]

Cooking With Marshmello: How To Make The PLANTA Burger (Vegan Edition)

Well well Mello, here we are at episode 25 of your very own cooking show! 🙂 Now now Marshmello, let’s not forget our humble beginnings. Remember your days as sous chef at PLANTA over in Miami? (funny music) (funny music) *HEHE XD* (funny music) *LOL XD* A simpler time eh Mello? To commemorate your early […]

Introducing the DISH Voice Remote

DISH’s Hopper 3 is the most powerful and advanced DVR on the planet, so it only makes sense that our Voice Remote would be just as remarkable. With far fewer buttons, but far more features, it’s never been easier to find your show change your channel or set your DVR. Just say the word.

Kitchen Safety: Preventing Cuts from Knives

Kitchen Safety: Preventing Cuts from Knives Knife usage, cuts — that’s probably one of the most common accidents we see in a kitchen. It’s making sure that you’re trained properly with a knife. Using a knife is a skill. You can learn, but, you know, someone has to show you. Before working with a knife, […]

Explaining Your DISH Bill

Hi, I’m Nadine. If you need help reading your DISH bill, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s take a look at your bill together, so you can find the information you need. The first page is where you’ll find important account information. On the right, you can see how much is due and when. […]

Memory Kitchen – Filming Family Food Memories

What if you could pause time your soul, your story, on film. create moments that last forever give an unforgettable gift to future generations learn to make a family treasure film it edit it cherish it the people you love the stories you tell the food you eat turn your memories into a precious time […]

Culinary Depot | Commercial Kitchen Design and Restaurant Equipment

So you’ve signed a lease on the perfect space, and you’re ready to start your new cafe. Your menu deserves a state-of-the-art kitchen, but you don’t know where to start. Culinary Depot can help. You’ll meet with our sales and design professionals as they guide you through the equipment selection and kitchen layout process. You […]

Kitchen Safety: Preventing Lifting Injuries

Kitchen Safety: Preventing Lifting Injuries For a cook, besides your knife, your back is probably the most important tool that you’re gonna have. That one moment where you pick up that 80-pound whatever, and you pull something in your back, that could be the rest of your career. A healthy back is critical for a […]

Why Food Tastes Different On Planes

Ever look at the beverage cart on a plane and see it piled high with tomato juice? It’s not a common juice, like orange or apple. So why are so many people drinking it in flight? Put simply? Your taste changes while you’re in the air. And there’s a biological reason for that. If you […]