Full Red Modular kitchen in Vidyanagar, By eurostarkitchen

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Design tips for your small kitchen – Design Lesson 19

Today we’re going to talk about maximizing your small kitchen! Hi everyone welcome to another design lesson video. In each video I’m going to review some key design principles that you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about renovating or decorating your space so if you have a design dilemma and need some answers […]

The One Step You Shouldn’t Skip When Prepping A Turkey

If you’re like many, prepping a Thanksgiving turkey comes with a lot of anxiety, right from the beginning. What’s the most essential step you should not skip while prepping your bird? Let’s start at the beginning. Before you even think about stuffing or no stuffing, how long it’s going to have to be in the […]

How to Properly Eat Korean BBQ | Cuisine Code | NowThis

In Korea, the barbecue restaurants won’t be the same as what you might find in Texas or Missouri. There will be no baby back ribs. No barbecue pork sandwiches topped with coleslaw. Instead you are the pitmaster at a Korean barbecue restaurant and cook thin strips of meat yourself, right at the table. Which is […]

Can Dogs Eat Kale?

Hey everyone this is Chris from Pethority.com and today we’re going to be answering the question can dogs eat kale now in short the answer is yes dogs can eat kale however you should make sure to feed your dog kale in moderation, as too much make your dog sick for more information read description […]

Bat Man Pancakes: use your metal cookie cutters to make fun Bat Man Pancakes

Hi, thanks for stopping by Today I’m making Batman Pancakes The first thing you’ll need to do is make a batch of your favorite pancake mix Let that sit for half an hour Pour this into a jug, and check its consistency for pouring. This was definitely too thick so I thinned it out with […]

The Truth About Tryptophan

Hey everyone. It’s that time of year when most of us are headed home for a little family time and a lot of turkey, so we’ve rustled up some greatest hits for you to enjoy while you gobble down your turkey dinner. First up here’s how chemistry makes deep-fried turkeys super tasty. Just remember to […]

Food Song | Learn 15 Food and Drinks | Learn English Kids

Dream English Kids Hello, Friends. I’m hungry. Me too. How about you? Let’s go get something to eat. Good idea. Let’s read the menu… hamburger chicken sandwich pizza egg onion ice cream cup of soup hot dog salad bowl of rice broccoli cake juice milk water lemonade fish juice Can I take your order? Can […]

Dirty Dishes, Clean Sink: Tips on Cleaning the Kitchen Sink

I hate two things about a sink full of dirty dishes. One, dirty dishes. Two, dirty sink. Are you kidding me? (cheerful music) There’s nothing worse than a sink full of dirty dishes. Especially When they’re not yours. Have you ever come home to discover your angelic children have piled dirty dishes a mile high […]

How to Grill Steaks

A juicy, perfectly grilled steak makes any meal memorable. And, it’s easy and fast to prepare. The secret for steak house quality at home is sear, then slow cook. You’ll get steaks with a flavorful crust, and a tender, juicy inside, every time. Step One: Pick your steak. Rib eye, T-bone, and New York strip […]