Easy Twisted Bread Recipe

250g of plain flour. 5 grams instant dry yeast. 12.5 grams of sugar In a measuring cup: 1 egg + 3 tbsp melted butter + warm milk, all combined to reach 250 ml. Stir Add 62.5g of plain flour for easier to shape later. (Use 312.5g of flour in total). Knead until smooth Rest for […]

Yeast Preferments

You want to learn how to make amazing artisanal style bread and buns with only a few ingredients, because we’re going to learn that right now. Welcome back to the baker’s Journey. If you aspire to learn how to bake and want to truly master the art of baking. Then subscribe and ring the bell […]

Cooking Foods Can Affect Our Gut Bacteria

Dr. Eric Bakker, Naturopath from New Zealand here. Thanks for coming back. Cooking food or raw food, what’s better? Well, interesting studies conducted at Harvard University and the University of San Francisco, a place I’ve always wanted to go to. It sounds like a nice place. So, what they did there is they … Well, […]

How to Make Acorn Bread | Easy Acorn Bread Recipe

hello and welcome back to you in the kitchen with Matt I am your host Matt Taylor today I’m going to show you how to make acorn bread recently I posted a video on how to process acorns and make acorn flour if you want to watch that click the I up here and you’ll […]

7 Gut Friendly Cooking Tips

Hey, Eric Bakker. Thanks for coming back. We’re going to talk about cooking and eating so I’m going to give you a few tips here. Seven cut-friendly cooking tips. Cooking is something I’m really passionate about, and when my kitchen’s finished, they’re working on it downstairs, you’ll get to see it. It’s pretty big. It’s […]

Two Hour Easy Homemade White Bread Recipe

– If you’re nervous about making a homemade bread recipe or even sick of buying the stuff from the store that you can’t pronounce half of the ingredient list that’s in it, I’m gonna show you a really easy two hour homemade recipe for some loaves of white bread and we’re gonna do it in […]

The beneficial bacteria that make delicious food – Erez Garty

Where does bread get its fluffiness? Swiss cheese its holes? And what makes vinegar so sour? These foods may taste completely different, but all of these phenomena come from tiny organisms chowing down on sugar and belching up some culinary byproducts. Let’s start with yeast. Yeast are single-celled fungi used to make bread, beer, and […]

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Cooking with Science

This episode of SciShow is sponsored by Wix. Go to wix.com/go/scishow to learn more. [ ♪ Intro ] It shouldn’t be a secret that your kitchen is a science lab in disguise. I mean, there’s flames and acids and metal tools. Just look at a turkey baster, It’s basically an overgrown pipette. And the similarities […]

How To Test For Food Intolerance

Hello I’m Louise Sheldon and I’m here today with food intolerance expert Deborah Manners .. What type of tests are available for perhaps finding out about your food intolerances. We get that one as well … we get asked this one There are five types of tests … go to the doctor and have blood […]

How to make Kvass – Cooking with Boris

Bereitet euch auf eine slawische high-quality Dual-Kamera Kocherfahrung vor, weil heute, Kameraden, machen wir Kwas! Willkommen in der wunderbaren Welt der Kwas-Herstellung, mit eurem einzig wahren Guide, Boris dem Slawenkönig. Falls ihr nicht wisst, was Kwas ist, bereitet euch auf eine überwältigende Erfahrung vor, Weil dieses historische slawische Getränk, das aus Zucker, Hefe, Brot und… […]