UKRAINE FOOD GUIDE | Introduction to Ukrainian Cuisine (WE TRY 35 THINGS!)

One of our surprise favorite countries on a recent trip to Europe with Ukraine while travelling around Ukraine we marveled at fascinating architecture and were welcomed by friendly locals in both Kiev and l’viv, however The ultimate surprise was just how good the food is in Ukraine my goodness Ukrainian cuisine may be the most […]

The Carbonaro Effect – Crab Chopped Salad (Extended Reveal) | truTV

This is what we’re gonna do today, all right? Okay. We’re gonna do crab chopped salad. And we want to make it as quick and easy as possible. So, you get yourself a big bowl. Okay. You know what your drawer looks like, you pull it out, you have all this stuff in there? Yeah. […]

Croatian Food Review – Trying Dishes with Truffles in Zagreb, Croatia

Haha. He’s like get away. Get away. Anyways what are we doing right now? We are going for lunch. Hello there. Hello. So yeah, our first restaurant meal here. Let’s make it happen in Zagreb. So you were sold by a couple of items. What were they? Everything with truffles. Haha. Everything with truffles. Polenta […]

Ukrainian Food Review – 5 traditional dishes to eat in Lviv, Ukraine

Alright guys, it is lunchtime here in Lviv (Львів) and we tried to find the most traditional Ukrainian restaurant that we could and that is how we ended up at Seven Piggies (Сім поросят) and yeah I can tell you taxidermy is really popular. Lots of stuffed animals. There is like beavers and squirrels and […]

Do You Need a $700 Portable Pizza Oven? – The Kitchen Gadget Test Show

What makes the best pizza oven? I’m here in Williamsburg on a rooftop with Chef Mike Fadem of Ops Pizzeria. Chef, welcome. Thank you. We’re here to test two of the best portable pizza ovens on the market. We have the Roccbox, and the Ooni. So the Ooni Pizza Oven goes for about $275, and […]

Fry Bread Tacos from a Native American Food Truck — Cooking in America

– So this next spot we’re checking out is Off the Rez. It’s a food truck that’s serving up Native American cuisine. The only one in Seattle. We’ll be talking to Mark who is celebrating a dish called fry bread, which is a recipe that he learned from his Native American grandmother. What’s up, guys? […]

Food Battle 2009

– Mmm. Oh yeah, that’s good. (High pitched) That’s a very good helium. – Shut up! – Aah! – I want a rematch. – But I saw you die last year. – Well, I’m here, so I’m obviously a– – A zombie? – Could a zombie do this? – Oh! Yeah. – How about this? […]

When Mom Cooks Favorite Food (We Get Lit!) | Ranz and Niana

[Applause] [Music] what what blogging okay I don’t know why he’s calling us what this team is what mom anybody what we’re vlogging Anna maybe we could use that for different I’m gonna go to the grocery yeah we could go to the grocery store none okay so mom’s gonna cassini gun and we’re gonna […]