Turmeric Tonic | Praveen Nair | Maahek Nair

hi guys a very warm welcome to bodyprocoach Nutrition. I am maahek nair and today I’m going to be sharing you my secret detox drink so whenever I go on a detox I usually make this drink and it is excellent healing drink extremely tasty and highly nutritious let’s quickly go and see the recipe […]

Are Abs Made in the Kitchen? – Muscle Myth #4

You want that shredded six pack or those washboard abs? Well, better start tinkering your diet, ’cause as we all know, “abs are made in the kitchen!” Do we have to start eating healthier and eating less in order to get the six pack we’ve always dreamt about? Well, hate to break it to you, […]

How to do a backflip ft. Chen Yile | Olympians’ Tips

My name is Chen Yile, 2018 Asian Games gymnastics champion. I am going to explain how to do a backflip. It’s one of the easiest moves in gymnastics, and it’s a move we have to learn when we start training. Let me explain it. First, stand with your feet close together, then lift up your […]

Egg KickMuffins | Whitney’s Kitchen Gymnastics

Hi! And welcome to another episode of Kitchen Gymnastics! Today, we are going to be making egg kickmuffins and be working on our kicks. Sometimes you need a quick breakfast, and who’s got time for a gourmet one? And fast food, it’s just fast food. So that’s why today we’re making egg kickmuffins. I’ll show […]

Leslie David Baker answers Life’s BIG Questions!

-[ Singing ] Ba-na-na-na. Ba-na-ba-ba-ba-na. SoulPancake. -My life’s big question. Hmm. That would probably be after we’ve learned everything we’ve learned here in this existence, then what do we do with it? Of course. Absolutely. Men and women can be just friends. It’s the same as you’re not attracted to every person that you see […]

5 Minute Workout at Santa Monica | Baker Twins

Sign Sliding Across The Floor. I’m Shauna. And I’m Shannon. And we’re The Baker Twins! We are here today at Santa Monica Beach. Where we’re going to do our 5 Minute Workout! [Timer Ding] [Timer Ding] [Timer Ding]. [Timer Ding] [Timer Ding] [Timer Ding] [No Sound. Just Music Playing.] Well thanks for working out with […]

The Art of Puppetry & Marionettes | SubCultures

-I’ll be honest with you, growing up, I hated “Pinocchio” and lumped marionettes into the same category as ventriloquist dummies, which means I was completely terrified of them. But I recently met two very special people who replaced my anxieties with a love and admiration for this ancient art. I’m Erin Cantelo, and this is […]

7 Steps to Eat Cheat Meals & Still Lose Weight


this thing live hey miss Connie I'mgetting ready to walk up and down my stairs I'm not really sure what I needshe arranged my camera oh my goodness I really just want y'allto see hold up yeah I might have to in this laband start over I think Adammessed up the tripod banging of didi […]

Meal Prep Sunday – Episode 4

what's going on guys welcome to this week's meal prep Sunday video I wanted to do a little bit differently because pasty videos I didn't show any groceries like you know I'll talk about them somewhere and do that and then we'll get into the actual meal prep video itself so I have mine on […]