2019 Disney's The Lion King set of 10 McDonalds Happy Meal Movie Toys Video Review

what's going on everyone fast-food toy reviews here today we have Walt Disney's The Lion King set of 10 wonderful looking movie toys released by McDonald's here in 2019 it just came out and what's really cool is not only do I have my set to review I got two extra sets with a set […]

Toy Story 4 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Reviews

today we have all 10 toys from Toy Story for the movie premieres tomorrow and I'm really excited to see it so here's the video for you guys to enjoy today as we enjoy Toy Story 4 let me know what you guys think let's get into it you're watching today I grew up hey […]

1993 Ronald McDonald Rock Band set of 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Kids Toys Video Review

welcome back to another fast-food toy reviews video review today we have something kind of cool and kind of rare its Ronald McDonald's rock band released by McDonald's back in 1993 now this was a European release so when you got this you didn't get in the US it was only released in Europe so […]

i ate foods from TOY STORY for 24 hours challenge

oh did Disney and Pixar just come for my brand and make a whole movie about me needless to say this is where I got the idea from this video like for he is me I am 40 we are one for the whole of today I am only going to be eating foods that […]

Toy Story 4 McDonalds Happy Meal Drive Thru Pretend Play

hi welcome to the fast food restaurant how can I help you today granny would love a happy meal okay and I want a cheeseburger french fries some white milk and some apples already what did you get I got the Ryan's mystery treasure chest oh I got the candy laughs and they're here it's […]


okay if I finish this McDonald ice cream cone in ten seconds you got a special eye button deal guys let's do this g21 let's go I'm gonna join my free gift card giveaway subscribe to my channel like the video and turn on filtration sauce and finally tell me on the comment section that […]

Mcdonalds Happy Meal Toy Story 4 Toys Full Set Duke Caboom Forky Gabby Buzz Toys Build RV

[Applause] all right well I guess all this playing with these toy stories gives you a big appetite right are you guys hungry okay well I've got something for you are you ready okay how would you like some McDonald's Happy Meals what these are toy story for Happy Meals you guys want to see […]

2005 Universal Family Favorites set of 5 Wendys Kids Meal Toy Video Review

what's going on everyone fast-food toy reviews here today we have Universal family favorites and a 5 waterful look at toys released by wendy's back in 2005 let's get them opened up and take a closer look the first one is an american tail it reads right here steven spielberg presents an american tail and […]

2014 McDonalds Ronald and Friends Back to School Happy Meal set of 8 toys Video Review

Toy Story 4 Woody y Jessie Comen Happy Meal de Mcdonalds con Hamburgesa y Papas Fritas

sanz libre con nadie y el oso springs es hora de comer amigos o miren tengo tres happy meals uno con woody y también tenemos a bob pib bani y de aquí elegí leche para woody y para comer nuestro happy meal tenemos auguri de toy story 4 y un peluche de toy story 4 […]