Homewood Heritage – cooking on a cast iron range

Welcome to Homewood! I’m David This is my wife, Penelope and we’d like to show you our stove This is a cast-iron stove all the business parts are cast-iron: the cooking plates, top, the doors, the front, and all the oven panels are cast-iron Cast-iron is very suitable for making stoves out of, it’s the […]

How to make a Wooden Dowel Soap Dish Holder Rack

Hello Youtubers! Today I’m gonna show you how to make a Wooden Soap Dish! Firstly, cut all the pieces in the dimensions you want In this case the length of the soap dish is 43 cm the width 16 cm and the height 5 cm Now cut the dowels, equal to the width of the […]

How to Make a Dog Food Dispenser

thank you to simply safe for sponsoring today’s video I’ll tell you about them later on man it is crazy how fast time flies it was five years ago that I started making YouTube video showing people how I was building things and one of those things was the dog food dispenser it was just […]


Lignum Vitae (wood) Ordinary wood Lignum Vitae is regarded by most to be both the heaviest and hardest wood in the world Ordinary wood Lignum Vitae (wood) Lignum Vitae is hard wood so heavy it won’t even float.(specific gravity 1.28~1.37) I thought about making a kitchen knife with Lignum Vitae

60 Days DRY-AGED BRISKET Experiment | GugaFoods

For today’s cook I’m gonna be dry-aging this beautiful 22 pounds choice grade sterling silver packer brisket. When dry aging it is important to keep everything clean. I am using gloves and I did wash the whole packer brisket with soapy water before starting , now I’m just drying it off. Now I recommend opening […]

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets with Milk Paint

Social media has made the Java one of our best selling products in the market today. So, what we decided to do was introduce an alternative product in our Milk Paint line called Dark Chocolate. This will allow you to create that nice deep, dark, rich color that everybody’s looking for. What we’re gonna do […]

How to Make Kitchen Utensils (free templates)

Hello again. I need some new utensils for my kitchen, and since I’ve still got some olive wood left in my workshop, I might as well make them myself. Olive wood is perfect for kitchenware, but since I haven’t got enough, the skimmer will have to be made with hard maple wood. I’ve drawn the […]

Wood-Fired Sauna Stove and Kitchen Reno

(upbeat guitar music) (snow shovel scraping) – All right, oh you still there? She had started tracking over this before I shoveled it. So yesterday, a lot of places in Ontario, even just south of here, had rain yesterday and freezing rain. Think it was like nine degrees in like the Toronto north area. Toronto […]