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-Shaun. Ah! These eggs are not working. Slice that lettuce. Quickly, baby. Quick. -OK, OK, OK, OK. [breathing heavily] Nathan, start figuring out what else we’re short on, brother. What else do we need? I can’t lose you right now, brother. I need you. Nathan, [inaudible], come on. Nathan. Nathan. Talk to me. Talk to […]

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Our search for America’s 10th MasterChef started off with a bang. Welcome to the 10th anniversary season of “MasterChef.” Wow, it’s the kind of dish that I’ve seen top 10. Absolutely stunning. This is the best auditions we’ve ever seen over a decade of this competition. Go, baby! This truly was a season of celebration. […]

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Now, tonight, you’ll be making homemade sausages. Sweet. Now, quick show of hands. Who’s ever made homemade, delicious sausages? I made– not in a casing. Not in a casing, that’s not properly a sausage, is it, right? Wow, Micah, what kind did you make? Venison sausage. Venison. Nobody else has ever made sausages. Wow. Incredible. […]

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Guys, we are in season 10, a season full of surprises. But you have a surprise today that’s the most, shall we say, personal. It’s the ultimate cure for homesickness. SARAH: No way. No way. Sarah, is your husband, Michael. [music playing] [applause] SARAH: Michael, he’s the person who has always pushed me, and been […]