My Drunk Kitchen Ep. 3: “Omelette You Finish”

– Hey, internet, let’s get drunk. Boop boop. ♫ Boo doo boo doo boo doo boop ♫ ♫ Boo doodlie boo boo doo boo doo boop ♫ ♫ Boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boop ♫ ♫ Boo boo boo boo doo boo doo doop ♫ ♫ Boo doodlie doop, boo […]

Food: Eating, drinking, and cooking (Earthlings 101, Episode 9)

Greetings, fellow aliens! Today we will talk about one of the earthlings’ favourite things: Food. Like many organisms, earthlings need various chemicals to sustain their metabolism. These chemicals are taken in three ways: Breathing, drinking and eating. Breathing means aspirating oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, which is heavier than oxygen. So, earthlings loose constantly weight […]

10 FAKE Chinese Foods You Need To Avoid Buying

Chinese food is famous worldwide I’m sure you like to eat it yourself in fact it’s America’s favorite takeout but in the food industry China is known for their bad practices many foods coming from China are fake toxic or worse now you may think only Chinese people have to eat this stuff and try […]

Mexico City’s Best Late Night Food – Drunk Eats

-[ Laughs ] ♪♪ -Night life in Mexico City starts super early and ends very late. That’s why we have to eat something before we start drinking. Right now we’re in the south of Mexico City, and we’re gonna have a giant torta, which is a huge sandwich. These are called Muertortas. ♪♪ [ Laughter […]

We Paired Wine With Our Favorite Fast Food • Ladylike

what is your fav favorite is Malbec oh not the name of a car Maybach got it [Laughter] Chantal what are we doing today well fraud today we’re trying our favorite fast foods and we’re pairing them with wine to see if any quiet works with our favorite fast foods for adults okay we’re film […]

Alex Piatt discusses the new cuisine of Cicchetti

In the front, you have a roasted chicken with penne with a tomato and rosemary pomodoro sauce and you have your ricotta cheese. Been baked in those nice little cast iron skillets and they serve it in as well. And then behind it here, we have a it’s a pea puree with shallots and robiolia […]

Steven And Andrew React To The 10 Most Expensive ‘Worth It’ Foods

all right we’re back for another episode of the worth it watches worth it show we don’t have a name yet we’re workshopping some things yes Adams behind the camera he’s gonna tell us what we’re watching today okay number ten now let’s kick this off handy Oh number ten is the custom candy from […]

Keeping it Kosher in LA’s Kosher Corridor: Soul Food

Quand les gens parlent du casher, ils se disent “Oh ! Béni par un rabbin”. Mais c’est bien plus que ça. Si quelqu’un prend une escalope de porc et dit “Rends-la casher, bénis-la”. Ça se fait pas comme ça. Non, c’est pas ça. Salut, je m’appelle Kiran Deol, je suis comédienne et j’essaie constamment de […]

Cook with Chef Thomas Keller at The French Laundry // Omaze

Hello, I’m Chef Thomas Keller, and I want to give you a private cooking lesson and a dinner for two, right here at The French Laundry. That’s right. I’ll fly you and a guest to Napa Valley where I’ll invite you into our kitchen for a cooking lesson. You’ll begin to understand classic preparations, techniques […]

Top 10 Absurdly Expensive Versions of Fast Food — TopTenzNet

10 Absurdly Expensive Versions of Fast Food Fast food is great because by its nature, it is cheap, easy to get, and you can eat it within a matter of minutes. That is, unless you order these gourmet and over-the-top versions of common fast food items. What do you think? Do these look good or […]