Thin noodles, Taiwanese snacks, smooth and delicious│Taiwanese Food│Chunghua cuisine│Lukang│

In the early agricultural society, when the man was working in the field, the housewife cooked the dim sum to the farmer. In order to facilitate the acceptance of many people, the noodle line was usually cooked into a large pot, without adding any ingredients, commonly known as line “paste”, and joined in modern times. […]

Surigao Traditional Alimango or Mud Crab Trap Called “Panggal” [Catch & Cook]

Good day AniMalupet viewers! Crabbing together with my brother and our neighbor “Dimdim”. Today we will catch mud crabs using this trap. This trap is made up of rattan and stone put at the side of trap that serves as for weighty. By 4 pm we will start dropping our trap. We will go now […]

Sweet Saffron Rice by Manjula, Indian Vegetarian Cuisine

Today I will be making sweet saffron rice. Saffron rice smells and looks very delicious and very tempting. The recipe I am giving will serve 6-8 people. So here I have 1 cup of basmati rice you can use the long grain rice. 1.75 cups of water 1/2 cup of sugar 1/4 cup of milk […]

Chicken Seekh Kabab – Secret Commercial Recipe with English Subtitles – Kun Foods

Bismillah Rahman Raheem. Aslam Alaikum My name is Afzal Arshad. And we here with you with a new recipe we had a lot of requests for this recipe This is very delicious recipe RESHMI KEBAB, a lot of people asked to teach this recipe we are here today with this recipe we always share only […]

Cooked Chicken Quarters

So, hello, everyone, and welcome to MO’s kitchen. On this episode we will do… Cook chicken quarters. Yes. What will we need for it? Chicken. Yes, some chicken. Then some spices. Paprika, right? Here? Yes. Paprika. Chicken spices. Chicken spices. What’s here I forgot? Herbes de Provence. Mhm. Vegeta spice mix, tumeric, salt, pepper, garlic. […]

Mr Damiano Francovigh | Consul General, Italian Consulate | World Week of Italian Cuisine

So, first of all I would like to say that I am so glad that we will be again… …partners with the IIHM, for carrying out some initiative on Italian food, here in Kolkata. We have done this in the past, we are conducting this workshop again this time. I know, in the past iihm […]

Mutton Nihari Masala recipe ll Nihari Recipe ll Cooking with Benazir ll with English Subtitles.

Lets first prepare the nihari masala We will make the masala at home here. This masala is for one kg mutton if you take more or less mutton pls adjust the quantity according to mutton taken. We do get ready made masalas for nihari but homemade masala gives a better taste. You try making nihari […]

Polish Cabbage Patties

Granny’s hear is all messed up. Let me close the door. Don’t film window sills They are disgusting. Mh. I don’t have place to put everything. So, hello everyone and welcome to MO’s kitchen and on this episode we will make Polish cabbage patties. We will need several products to make them. Pork meat. Pork […]

Cours de cuisine kirghize : Le Laghman

Cooking class in Kyrgyzstan, the laghamn, iconic dish from the country. Find the recipe on Welcome to my home My name is Chynara We are going to cook the laghman together today We are preparing a traditional dish from Kyrgyzstan called the laghman And now we are preparing the dough to make the noodles […]


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