Fruit Cream Recipe | Dessert Recipes | Fruit Cream Salad

Hi friends I am Reshu Drolia and welcome to my channel mints recipes Today I am going to make fruit cream which I have made using too many fruits so let’s start. I have used Amul fresh cream you can also use whipping cream but we are using fresh Amul cream. We will not shake […]

Cooking WILD GOOSE Burger In The FOREST (Start-to-Finish) | ASMR (Silent)

This is late season goose opener. Setting up goose decoys. Making sure they face into the wind. Warming up the goose call, it’s cold. The geese will start to fly at day break. The geese come in for corn left here by the farmer. We are hiding just inside the edge of the trees where […]

Apple Salad Recipe | Apple Salad with Walnuts, Dates, Yogurt and Honey

Hello Friends! Welcome to 5-Minute Kitchen with Shraddha Let’s make one more healthy recipe Apple Yogurt Salad You will enjoy it the most in summers You will feel refreshing after having this Here are the ingredients I have taken two different flavors of Apples One bowl Yogurt Chopped Cilantro 6-7 Dates 2 table spoon Honey […]


-Hello – Hi -What is your name? – My name is Demmy Blaze – How you doing, Demmy Blaze? – Super – Mmm – Why you wear so beautiful dress? – Sonn we will celebrate New Year! – New Year… And what we will do?) – We will cooking a salad – I have something […]

Carrot and Moong Dal Salad Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making carrot moong dal salad. This is very nutritious and healthy salad with beautiful colors. This is a easy recipe to make, but very tempting. Carrot moong dal salad also makes a great afternoon snack. This recipe will serve 4. To make this salad we will need: 2 cups of shredded […]

Papad ki Subji (Rajasthani Dish) Recipe by Manjula

Today I will be making Papad ki Subji. This is a traditional Rajasthani dish. Papad ki subji is delicious and flavorful. And easy to make. Rajasthani dish has to be spicy and hot. Serve this with roti or plain rice. This recipe will serve 3. To make papad ki subji we will need: 4 plain […]

Brinjal Gravy side dish for Briyani with English subtitle

Welcome to Bavi’s kitchen This episode will see a interesting recipe Brinjal gravy for biriyani This is good side dish for biriyani and goes well with the veg and non veg biriyani Will look into the ingredients and cooking process Brinjal – 1/2 kg will cut while starting the cooking in order to avoid the […]

Bad Salad – Pain that Binds Us [Official Music Video]

I’m puzzled everyday to see the world is upside down Punished honesty, while crooks rejoice in wealth Meeting ends has become a living nightmare Stripped of dignity, survival’s all that matters (In silence) The system will devour you (Your stillness) Is destined to desert you (We’re losing) Our minds but not our souls On the […]

Zeppelins! The King of All Lithuanian Dishes!

Hello, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode one of the most important dishes in Lithuania – zeppelins. I would like to say that each chef prepare it a little differently, but we will show our recepe. What will we need for it? Grated potatoes are ready. Mh. Here we have boiled.Over there we are […]

Rajasthani Laapsi | Authentic Rajasthani Sweet Dish | Laapsi Recipe

Hello friends namaste(khamma gani) i am pramila singh and i welcome you all on my channel pramila’s cook book friends today we are making laapsi and it is made from broken wheat and it is mostly prepared on special occasions and on rituals or pooja in our rajasthan so let’s get started let me show […]