Foie Gras & the Ethics of Force-Feeding: The Politics of Food

We’re here to po, protest foie gras. And we stand in solidarity with activists all over the world. And we’re here to speak up for the animals because violence is violence. And it is always- . >>These people threatened my family. They used acid on my windows. All of them are completely destroyed.>>Animal Liberation Front […]

That Girl Lay Lay Leaves DC Young Fly Speechless 😮 ft. Perez Hilton | Wild ‘N Out | #Wildstyle

– [Narrator] DJ D-Wrek drop the beat. (hip-hop music) ♪ Uh, clap your hands y’all ♪ ♪ Clap your hands y’all ♪ ♪ Yeah, you came on the show ♪ ♪ I’d like to say thanks ♪ ♪ Perez you did well ♪ ♪ Better than Azealia Banks ♪ ♪ And I know you like […]

Cooking With Kade, Catching and Cooking Louisiana Wild Catfish on Cajun TV Network

Welcome back to Cooking With Kade. Today we’re going to fry some fish on a fishing trip that I went to yesterday with my friends Mr. Pat and Mr. Ed. Enjoy. We’re going to go out on the boat and check the trout lines. This is what I’m talking about. Here’s some of the fish […]

Catch n’ Cook Aquarium Fish!

guys I have a turtle I literally have a churro right now if maybe this is a Brazil way of fishing where you just throw lines up and then you come back and check up look at this we got a turtle guys what is cookin guys check out this pier behind me I want […]

Munchies Presents: Old-School Italian Cooking With Danny Smiles

What’s up kids? I’m Danny Smiles. I’m out here in the East End, Montreal. I’m a second generation Italian. Though I feel like I’m a first generation, just watering my driveway right now. We’re out here at the Toronni residence. I love these humans, they’re beautiful. They’re very special and it’s the reason why I’m […]

How to Butcher and Cook Wild Rabbit

Things we have [SOUND] that chefs don’t have in the kitchen is we have guns in the kitchen. We get hungry we can just go out pop off a few bunnies. Done. [MUSIC] My name’s Nick Weston. I am Founder and Director of Hunter Gather Cook, which is a Foraging and Cookery school I set […]

Ali Boulala: The Original Baker Boy – Epicly Later’d (Part 1/4)

I remember my first thought automatically was like and I wish it was me I wish but I was dead I used that for a long time as an excuse to keep using did like just numb thoughts the guilt pain away and I know now from being sober and not used drugs for 723 […]

Jamaican Cuisine at the NyamJam with Action Bronson

oh thank you sir oh I love Jamaican phone check this out just look the platform this was a little too high we’re at in the Home Depot parking lot just landed from Jamaica went straight to Jamaica AB but Jamaican food I didn’t want to come back to this weather but we have to […]

MUNCHIES Presents Nikkei: Peruvian-Japanese Cuisine

Le terme « Nikkei » renvoie aux immigrants japonais dans le monde. Quand on applique ce mot au monde de la cuisine cela revient à parler de « fusion ». Et en l’occurence, de « cuisine fusion japonaise ». Même si le Pérou et le Japon sont deux pays très éloignés l’un de l’autre leurs […]


Today we gonna make goat bone soop Goat testicles It would be a great receipe And will give your best to make a wonderful dish today Water Add bay leaf Have some oil Add mutton bone pieces To get the soop out of it Ponna :Turmeric powder,bro how many spoons should we add ? Alok:One […]