CATCH and COOK🔥 – BEST FISH and CHIPS – Ψαροντούφεκο Ψαροκροκέτες με πατάτες |Spearfishing 🇬🇷 ✅

It’s 2p.m Let’s go for a quick dive at the East coast of Athens Correction…im not going to East Attica but at Anavyssos bay Let’s see if after the South winds we”ll find a sea bass or a good mullet I don’t care about the mullets for now… A boat passes by.. But he won’t […]

White Fish with Orange Sauce

You picked a lot of oranges! Time to load these up in the truck! Thank you! No problem! Wow, I got a whole bunch of oranges. Yay! Hey guys. This time I’m making one of my favorite fish recipes with oranges. You can use any type of mildly flavored white fish like cod or tilapia […]

Why Isn’t White Castle A Fast-Food Giant?

If you’ve ever eaten a hamburger at a fast-food restaurant, White Castle deserves at least some of the credit. White Castle is a fast-food chain with a small footprint in the Midwest and Northeast. It’s famous for small, cheap burgers and its appearance in the movie “Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle.” But you […]

Simple Sweet and Sour Chicken

Hi, everyone, hello, MO! Hello! On this episode we’re making… A special “Santa Maria” dish… What is it? Sweet and Sour Chicken. Yes. We’re pouring some oil to the frying pan. We’ve have already tried one of “Santa Maria” dish. And it was on Instagram stories. And one more important thing to mention… You can […]


47 Kitchen Sink Ideas

Hello! Welcome to the channel RunmanReCords Design! In this video you will see kitchen sink ideas. White kitchen with a small island. White countertop and modern taps. Classic kitchen with a beautiful island. Large white sink. Stunning white kitchen. Copper sink and open shelves – it is very popular! Beautiful cuisine somewhere in Spain. Thank […]


if you’re from Australia, you might know a chocolate chain called Max Brenner. Max Brenner is a coffee shop – Max Brenner himself is a chocolatier they call him. When you go order a hot chocolate from Max Brenner, there’s a whole bunch of different options, and one of them is called an Italian Thick. […]

Заливка Акрилом, Рисуем цветы Веревочкой и Цепью. Painting the flowers with chain and string

Hello everyone, this is Tania Baker. Today I’m going to show you how to create flowers, using a pouring technique And to create these effects during the pouring stage itself, rather than after everything is dry There’s so many interesting techniques, using strings, chains So let’s try to make one flower with a string, and […]

Green Chicken Chili – Food Wishes – Chili Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with green chicken chili that’s right don’t let that drab green color or questionable plating fool you this chicken and white bean chili was incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy to make and that this came out so good is no surprise since it’s based on one […]