47 Kitchen Sink Ideas

Hello! Welcome to the channel RunmanReCords Design! In this video you will see kitchen sink ideas. White kitchen with a small island. White countertop and modern taps. Classic kitchen with a beautiful island. Large white sink. Stunning white kitchen. Copper sink and open shelves – it is very popular! Beautiful cuisine somewhere in Spain. Thank […]


if you’re from Australia, you might know a chocolate chain called Max Brenner. Max Brenner is a coffee shop – Max Brenner himself is a chocolatier they call him. When you go order a hot chocolate from Max Brenner, there’s a whole bunch of different options, and one of them is called an Italian Thick. […]

Заливка Акрилом, Рисуем цветы Веревочкой и Цепью. Painting the flowers with chain and string

Hello everyone, this is Tania Baker. Today I’m going to show you how to create flowers, using a pouring technique And to create these effects during the pouring stage itself, rather than after everything is dry There’s so many interesting techniques, using strings, chains So let’s try to make one flower with a string, and […]

Green Chicken Chili – Food Wishes – Chili Recipe

hello this is chef john from food wishes comm with green chicken chili that’s right don’t let that drab green color or questionable plating fool you this chicken and white bean chili was incredibly delicious and surprisingly easy to make and that this came out so good is no surprise since it’s based on one […]

Рисуем Абстрактные цветы веревкой и цепью. Акрил. Painting the flowers with chain and string

Hello everyone, it’s Tania Baker here Since a lot of you loved this technique, on how to create a flower (in the acrylic pouring video), We’re going to use a similar technique here, except it won’t be pouring, but just acrylic I’m going to use a string for this one, but a chain might do, […]

Best Bean Soup Recipe …easy and delicious

chef buck here and today we’re going to make a super simple bean soup doesn’t that sound awesome bean soup it’s just just we dreamed about when you a child so the first thing we’re going to do boom get us a pot soup sized pot and we’re going to put it on a medium-high […]

Elmo Visits the White House Kitchen

Elmo: Oh, Mr. Kass, Mr. Kass! Sam: Call me Sam, Elmo. Elmo: Mr. Sam, Mr. Sam! Sam: What is it, Elmo? Elmo: Well, well, Elmo’s mommy told him that he’s going to be going to school soon. Sam: Oh, that’s great! Elmo: Yeah, well, it is. Elmo can’t wait to go to school. Elmo loves […]

Painting My Kitchen Cabinets – What I wish I had done differently

Nine months ago, I used this kit to paint my kitchen cabinets. This is a story about what I would have done differently, had I known any better. I’m gonna try to show you the reality of painting your cabinets yourself. This entire project cost me $227.16! (Maniacal laugh) What you see over here is […]

How To Cook Boiled Rice | One Pot Chef

hi guys and welcome to a new semi-regular series here on the one podshare show channel now when you’re first starting out cooking when you just moved out of home starting out as a student and done much cooking before it’s really hard to try and get into some of those major dishes you see […]