Weight-Loss Transformation | Fat Burning Circuit + Low Carb Meal

sup you guys pitbull Torres with the homie Mookie is week two day one Monday man we did weigh-ins this morning right yup we didn't get the number we wanted we don't really know what Mookie's at we know he definitely dropped some weight he feels better yep right you said even in the car […]

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How To Meal Prep | Protein Rich for Weight Loss + Muscle Gain | What I Eat in a Day

– Hey beautiful, welcomeback to my channel for another fitness Friday video. For today I'm gonna be sharing a meal prepping video withyou guys that is quite old. So this footage I had actually filmed a long time ago beforeI actually became vegan but at that time I was goingto the gym really hardcore, I […]

KETO: Taco Bell Meal Plan! (I've Got a Complicated Order)

so what can you get at Taco Bell when you're on keto okay folks I just spent $25 and 74 cents we tried to come twice to get breakfast but it's not happening the first time it was like it's you like this so I said that they didn't even do breakfast after the fourth […]

Keto Meal Prep Episode 1

there you go you guys this is my lunch and this is my breakfast right here you think you're really funny yes welcome back to KC's kitchen oh you guys this is my lunch and this is my breakfast right here you think you're really funny country yes welcome back to KC's kitchen we are […]

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What to EAT! Basic Nutrition, Weight Loss, Healthy Diet, Best Foods Tips | Virtual Health Coach

new videos everyday life wisdom what is your favorite healthy food is there food that you think is healthy but maybe you're not sure leave me a comment letting me know your favorite healthy food in a previous video I explained why nutrition information can be so confusing and so overwhelming and I basically ruled […]

KETO: McDonald's Meal Plan for Weight Loss!

so sometimes your Kido and you're in a pinch Lala okay folks I mentioned this idea in my last video that I did last week about how you can be keto and lose weight eating at McDonald's so if you've ever seen that movie supersize me they really kind of demonize McDonald's but in my […]

3 Tasty Muscle Building Meals

guys there is more to life than chicken and broccoli okay doesn't matter if you're a cook you're bulking or just generally trying to improve your nutrition intake to optimize your health and well-being it doesn't mean you have to restrict yourself seeing the same thing day in and day out okay you're going to […]