What Is The Best Way to Deep-Fry a Steak? — Prime Time

♪ We’re talking top round every way ♪ ♪ Talking top round ♪ ♪ Hear me say ♪ ♪ Choo choo talking top round ♪ ♪ Choo choo talking top round ♪ – Today we are going to fry some steaks to see whether we can make a London broil any better. It’s not a […]

Adirondack Coast Adventures – Carriage House Cooking School

>Hi guys it’s Kristy and Alyssa from the Adirondack Coast. So you’ve been following all my adventures and I appreciate that, but today we’re at the Carriage House Cooking School for an adventure together. We’re about to take on a cooking class here using local ingredients from some of our microbreweries.>Yep, tonight we are cooking […]

Chef Giovanni Novella cooking Salt Crusted Branzino – Fresco Madison

We’re at Fresco in Madison. I’m Giovanni Novella, Executive Chef. Today we’re going to make a branzino mediterranean sea bass. We’re going to bake a crust of salt, so salt crusted. We’re going to show you guys how we do this technique. Now first step, we have a large bowl. We’re going to make the […]

Mexico City’s Best Late Night Food – Drunk Eats

-[ Laughs ] ♪♪ -Night life in Mexico City starts super early and ends very late. That’s why we have to eat something before we start drinking. Right now we’re in the south of Mexico City, and we’re gonna have a giant torta, which is a huge sandwich. These are called Muertortas. ♪♪ [ Laughter […]

Buttermilk syrup cooking with kids

hi I’m Jade from Jonesin For taste and this is Torrance Jones my daughter and we’re going to show you today how to make buttermilk syrup I have a pan here heating up and we’re going to put in 1/2 cup of butter so torrance put in 1/2 cup of butter yeah that’s a whole […]

YouTube Studio Build: the Coffee Break Languages Kitchen Studio BTS

Welcome to another video from Coffee Break Languages. Today it’s a little bit different, because this is a video we’re starting today, but it’s going to take a few weeks to complete because what we’re doing is we’re setting out a new room in our offices, and this room is going to be our video […]

How to Make a Protein-Heavy Meal Plan || Henry’s Kitchen: Masterclass

(soothing piano music) – Hey guys. Summertime’s over and it’s time to start bulking up for autumn, and what better way to do that than with my protein workout meal plan. It’s basically a protein workout meal plan and what you’re gonna be doing is, you’re gonna be eating the same thing for every meal, […]

How to Make The Best Omelette || Henry’s Kitchen: Masterclass

(soft piano music) – You know, most of us think we’re pretty good cooks, but if you were out in the woods and somebody put a gun to your head and said, “Make a Greek omelette,” a lot of us would be (beep). Well, I’m gonna show you how you can not only make that […]

Thomas Cook passengers raise £5k as final flight whip rounds leave crew in tears – The News

 Kind-hearted Thomas Cook passengers raised £5,000 for stricken airline staff during their final journey home  Stephanie Kaye, 25, described how weeping staff were overwhelmed when Brits presented them with two carrier bags stuffed with cash  Fellow passenger Tommy Laing posted on Facebook: “I’ve Just landed in Manchester from Vegas, was flying with Thomas cook, the […]

How To Make Zucchini Bread with Essential Oils

hi I’m Rebecca Totilo with the Aroma Hut Institute and today I’m going to show you how to make spiced loose zucchini bread with vanilla and cinnamon essential oil. Doesn’t that sounds delicious? Now you will only want to use essential oils that have been steam distilled, otherwise if you find one that’s absolute this […]