Adults React And Try 2020 Food Trends

– What is it? It’s so good! – Millennials. It tastes like millennials. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ – (FBE) What would you consider to be a food of the future? – (chuckles) “A food of the future.” Anything that they send into space. – Definitely not that weird space ice cream you can get at […]

‘OMKalen’: Kalen Reacts to Microwave Chicken, and Prepares a Cola Salad Cake

Happy SaturKay, everybody. We are back with season two. And we are your new, hot off the press, hot topic digital show. Whoo! Whoo! Let’s get into it. So on today’s lineup, we got Kalen reacts to a nine minute fried chicken. And the countdown, featuring BBHMM, babysitter momma better have my money. Boom! Show […]

DJ Chase B Discovers Chicago’s Unique Food Scene || InstaChef

– Yolk me. Yolk me down. – You know that, Chef Jeff. There you go. – Aw, Baby. Look, I love Chicago. From a young age. I spent my weekends, holidays and almost all my summers here with my grandparents and family on the South Side in Chatham. Because of that, it feels great to […]

Taste Testing the Latest Food Trend Products Vol. 3

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE! (EATING GROSS DIY FOOD)

What’s up guys, I’m hungry really hungry. I haven’t had anything but coffee today So this is how my day went, I woke up filmed today’s video then I’ll try to do a bunch of errands one of my nails broke I had to go get it fixed. I don’t know why it took like […]

8 DIY Superhero Food Recipes

Pancakes for Harley Quinn, French fries for Wonder Woman, a cocktail for Aquaman, and jelly for Captain America! Visit our Super Café and order something special from our amazing superhero menu! Welcome to the Super Café! Peter Parker is our bartender! Harley Quinn is the first one to come visit! This naughty girl hasn’t paid […]

Weird Food Flavors From Around The World

When travelling around the world, people often try to eat traditional food of whatever country or city they’re visiting. What they might miss, however , are the crazy flavors of various snacks, desserts and drinks that exist. To help you find these insane for the next time you travel Here are 20 of the craziest […]

28 Food Combos That Sound Strange But Taste Great

Ever heard of eating a banana with mayo, or dipping pickles into peanut butter? Right, these food combinations do sound pretty wild. But don’t knock them just yet! First, give them a try – and who knows, pizza with Nutella might become your favorite dish! Here are 28 bizarre food ideas you should give a […]

Joe Freshgoods Gets Hooked Up With Detroit Food || InstaChef

– Hold on, – Hey! I ain’t even cut it! – Come on, man. – Look, look, look. First, let’s just, just get – There’s shrimp in that right there, man? – Just, just smell it real quick. – Look at that. – Welcome to “InstaChef,” where we profile chefs that are creating a new […]