“Kitchen for Trouble”

Excuse me Dan, but you should be alert when you are cooking and keep anything that can catch fire away from the stove top. *Panicking Sounds* Good job, Dan. TV: It’s second and ten, at the 42nd yard line. Keddlman takes it back and passes it to Kazinsky TV: And it looks like Kazinsky is […]

Karlie Kloss visits the best patisserie in the world, Cédric Grolet | Vogue Kitchen | Vogue Paris

Oh la la Mmh. It’s so delicious. Bonjour, I’m Karlie, I’m in Paris to meet THE best pastry chef in the world: Cédric Grolet. I’m going to learn how to make the delicious ‘La Fraise’. So. So. Are you ready? Yes, I am. The most important thing is to really taste the strawberry. Have you […]

Meal Prepping For the Whole Family | Struggle Meals

here it is the thing you've all been asking for the blueprint for a whole week's meals for a family of four I'm talking breakfast lunch and dinner 21 meals in total 84 servings so the key here is one really big shop a Sunday meal prep a Wednesday mini meal prep and making sure […]

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