Pomelo Sweet Soup With Coconut Milk / Vietnamese Cuisine / ASMR Cooking

300g mung bean Soak in the water for 4 hours Take off all the green flesh Boiling water Soak for 5 minutes 130g tapioca + 150g sugar + 150g water Squeeze the water out Soak for at least 4 hours Coconut milk 3 tbsp tapioca + water 20 – 30g rock sugar 1/2 tsp salt […]

HOW TO CHANGE YOUR KITCHEN TAP – Monobloc Mixer – Plumbing Tips

– Plumberparts.co.uk, honest reviews and advice. Hold tight and welcome to today’s Plumberparts.co.uk video. My name’s James. Today, we’re gonna have a look at or kind of revisit a video on how to change a kitchen tap. The one we’ve got in the background here has basically fallen to pieces. The guy who lives (mumbles) […]

FGCU 360 Now: Water-Energy-Food Nexus System

TSEGAYE: My name is Seneshaw Tsegaye. I’m an assistant professor of the Environmental and Civil Engineering department. We know that the population is increasing and natural resources are depleting. So in order to cope with the future, there is no other way but to look into the waste resources that we have. We call it […]

How To Cook Brown Rice Perfectly | Brown Rice Recipe Indian | How To Cook Brown Rice On The Stove

today we will show you how to make brown rice perfectly everytime ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box these are oil brown rice. this has been soaked in water for 3 hours & the water drained out just now salt lemon for juice and water. we have taken 4 cups of water […]


– Hello, if you’ve been lucky enough to stumble across this plumberparts.co.uk video all about how to change a kitchen sink and tap over from start to finish, then great. We’re going to be looking into that any second now. Before we do, I’d like to ask you to please subscribe to our videos and […]

Inside Training: Action-packed first session for Alisson | Great goals, a world-class save and more

Keep your leg high, push them right off. Same on the way back, please. That’s it. So you’re just coming to the side here, stop in this good position, only four each side, yeah? Acceleration position there. Curtis. Go! Go! Come on! Go! Jump! Go! Jump! LAUGHTER OK, boys, let’s go, bring it in. ANDY: […]

BEST FISH ON STICK! + Chili Oil – Cooking in the Forest

*fire crackling* prepare stick for cooking the fish clean and wash the fish properly. Hooking up the fish on stick Cut one onion in halves and put it in the pan Add 4-5 Cloves of garlic. add 3-4 cloves Fry well Fish is Done!! Strain the oil out Pour the chili oil over the fish […]

Epic McChicken! – Made in the Forest from Scratch!

برغر الدجاج المطبخ بيضة ابتكار الخفاق نخفق صفار البيضة الزيت تابعوا الخفق حتى الاندماج المزيد من الزيت بعد مدة من الخفق و اضافة الزيت ملح عصير الليمون بقدونس كعكة برغر محلية الصنع طحين ملح فلفل ابيض مطحون صدر دجاج ملفوف صيني بياض البيضة زيت نباتي برغر دجاج معد انطلاقا من الصفر في غابة شتوية بالقرب […]

Thin spring rolls recipe

لفائف الربيع الفرن اغلي الماء ثوم بصل احمر ميريميه ملح ارجل الدجاج يترك 2_4 ساعة بالفرن طحين ملح زيت ماء المطبخ 🙂 فلفل حار كرنب ( ملفوف ) بقدونس زيت الدجاج جزر كرنب فلفل حار صلصة الصويا خفيفة عسل زيت السمسم عصير ليمون فلفل حار احمر

Ecolab CEO Doug Baker on Water Scarcity – 1st Tuesday

– You know, the University of Minnesota plays a vital role, and here are the obvious ones. An obvious one, of course, is students and human talent, which is most important in driving economic growth. The University is great. But the other is just the fundamental research that’s been done over the years, and the […]