Generations React To CRAZY Fast Food (KFC Donut Sandwich, Pizza Hut Cheez It Pizza)

– Ew! Sorry, guys. That is the worst thing I’ve ever had! – I don’t like Cheez-Its or pizza or tomato sauce, but it wasn’t really that bad. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) I hope you’re hungry. – (gasps) I get to eat?! – (FBE) Today, you’ll be trying some trending fast food that […]

8 Disgusting Foods ‘Fear Factor’ Contestants Actually Ate 🤢 | MTV Ranked

– [Madison] I literally can’t do it. – You can do it. There you go, there you go, there you go, there you go, there you go. Keep goin’, keep goin’. – Yeah, good job. (claps) – There we go. – Good job. – You good? (retching) – [Madison] I don’t wanna go home. – […]

Penn & Teller: Fool Us | Magician Profile: Keelan Leyser & Matt Daniel-Baker | The CW

– My name is Matt Daniel-Baker. – And I am Keelan Leyser, and we are the Digital Illusionists. Working with technology can be really stressful. – We kind of combine the technology, mentalism, traditional magic and we just fuse it all together and create miracles. – Now it has been said that we have two […]

Sophia Roe // Savannah, Georgia

– Scuppernong, muscadine. These are actually grapes, look at them. (fun music) Hi angels, I’m Sophia. I am a chef and wellness advocate from New York City. But today, I am in Savannah, Georgia. So exciting. Let’s do it. (fun music) Savannah definitely makes me feel more present. Slowing down, as mindfulness, is an asset […]

Barbie – Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge | Ep.111

Barbie – Gummy Food vs Real Food Challenge (Laughing) Well that’s the end of our try not to laugh challenge Yes, thanks for watching We have lots more challenges coming soon so keep watching! Bye for now! Are you guys thinking what I’m thinking? You thinking about Santa Clause too? Hey! I thinking about Santa […]

Annoying Orange – Kitchen Carnage

-Aw, where is it? Where’s my name? -Hey Orange, whatcha reading? -Stupid varsity lists. I didn’t make either team. -Whoa, can you believe it? I’m a starter! -You’re an apple. -Uh… guys? Those aren’t teams. -Sure they are. There’s gonna be a big game and everything. -Yeah, salads vs. smoothies. -Hey! Ow!! -Whoa! -Strawberry, what […]

Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares – Gordon LIKES the food!

Comfort Food MEAL PREP For Weight Loss! EASY & SIMPLE

I honestly swear by male crab I've been a meal prepping for so long now and it honestly makes life so much easier it makes it so much easier to eat healthy it makes it so easy just to like do other stuff and not have to focus on like and making good food or […]

Best Way to Grill a Whole Chicken | SAM THE COOKING GUY

check this out it's a whole flat grilled chicken there are different names for this flat grilled chicken butterfly chicken spatchcock chicken they all mean the same thing you end up cooking the chicken whole but flat on the grill it cooks a little faster cooks evenly the breasts meet and the thighs all cooked […]

Trump's new attack on health care | Pod Save America recording stream

Erica I'm Jon Favreau I'm Dan Piper later in the pod i chat with congresswoman Rasheeda Talib about all kinds of stuff in the news before that we got a lot of news to get through from the lawsuit that might undo the Affordable Care Act to the latest Trump scandals to some brand new […]