Science Doesn’t Make Food Taste Better

(upbeat music) – [Blynn] All food starts as science. (whooshing) delicious. I experienced the world through math, logic, and problem solving. – Morning Chef. – Oh! I don’t know why but I don’t seem to relate to some of my colleagues. – Blynn was raised by a wired monkey covered with cloth. She was part […]

Mince Pie Challenge | Hot Right Now

Right, it’s time for some festive fun in the form of a game! Ladies if you could take the stage please, a round of applause for the ladies! We’ve got some festive delights for you Bring in the trolley please! This is the mince pie game! These pies in front of you are delicious looking, […]

I Couldn’t Get Job Even At Fast Food So I Opened My Company Instead

Hi guys! I bet all of you have been rejected, maybe you’ve heard something like, “Sorry, but you’re not good enough.” I know that this can be really discouraging. And I know that a lot of people have felt miserable when hearing “no” as an answer. But I don’t want you to be like them. […]

Did the Food Pyramid Make Us Fat? | Freethink Wrong

– In 1988 Oprah pulled out a red wagon full of greasy animal fat to show her audience how much weight she had lost. It was pretty gross. But it became her highest rated episode ever. Back then fat was the enemy. It was increasingly being seen as the root cause behind America’s steady rise […]

Barbarian Beef – Cooking on Coals – Food Wishes

hello this is chef john from food wishes calm with barbarian beef that’s right i’ve always wanted to try to cook a large hunk of meat right on the coals with no grill or any other modern conveniences or equipment except maybe a sheet pan and some tongs and possibly a meat thermometer but anyway […]

Great British Bake Off star admits she helped rival baker after being branded a ‘mean cow’

 In an exclusive interview with, Great British Bake Off 2018 star Karen Wright, 61, said she decided to help fellow baker Kim-Joy with a task in week two, after viewers accused her of being smug and a “game player” in week one  She was the first contestant to finish the initial biscuit challenge and […]

A Hellish Extra: She’s Finally Gone! | Season 15 Ep. 12 | HELL’S KITCHEN

I really [bleep] did. As a team, I– you know, we came to this agreement. And, uh, she’s the only one, because if Kristen would have went up, I would’ve been gone. I was silent. I have never seen myself so quiet today, Jared. What happened? Did you just stop talking? That’s not like you. […]

Manda Opens Up | Season 15 Ep. 8 | HELL’S KITCHEN

When I was dancing, I’ve never been in as good of shape in my life. Being on a pole, think about it. you’re using all of your core. How long did you do that For Many Mandas ago, I used to be a dancer at a go-go bar. just for doing this one trick. And […]

Philip Earlam’s Story | Food Poisoning

Hi, I’m Philip Earlam and this is my wife Emma. I have a son, William Earlam who’s 12. I work for Vodafone, I’m a service desk manager. I’m a real keen amateur athlete. I used to train like twice a day, six days a week. I’ve done ultra marathons and run coast to coast across […]