UC Davis Student Chefs Compete to Put Dish on Dining Hall Menu

My name is Ryan Abusaa, and I am a viticulture and enology major. My name is Cameron Vinoskey. I am a neurobiology, physiology and behavior major. We had students actually bring in their own recipes that they loved at home, make them and have a panel of peers do the judging for those, so we […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 9 WORST DISHES

Oh master chefs back on all quickly master chef is the Holy Grail for all home cooks imagine being in this gigantic la warehouse where all the magic and drama take place now if you fancied yourself donning an apron at a professional cooking station with a well-stocked pantry and freezer this show tops Pat […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 5 WORST DISHES

It’s blood, sweat, and literal tears IN THE KITCHEN! Ready to find out which ones made it to season 5’s top 10 Masterchef worst dishes? Blueberry Pie with Pecan Episode 3 of season 5 begins in the Mojave desert. The task was to prep a meal in two hours for 500 army soldiers. The Blue […]

10 Biggest Fast Food FAILURES Of All Time!!!

Fast food items have the ability to become major hits like the Big Mac or the Baconator however sometimes the choices fast-food restaurants make are more flopper than whopper what did you get that gave it to me here are some of those very epic fails the 10 biggest fast-food failures of all time long […]

Kitchen Design Overview 2 – Staron Solid Surfaces by Sublime Architectural Interiors

Surrounded by a subtropical ancient rainforest, this intriguing home was designed by Kim Duffin of Sublime Architectural Interiors One of the main design objectives for this project was that it was to blend with the beautiful landscape that it was located in the kitchen needed to reflect the style and mood of what was created […]

Salad Thief (Kardashians Spoof)

So me, Khloé and Kourtney were at my mom’s house, when suddenly I got really hungry What I saw completely shocked me Did you end up buying it? No I stole it OWW OMG Kim, what are you doing? – Which one of you did it? – Did what, you crazy bitch? Someone ate my […]

Draw My Life in Chocolate How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Hi welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon and this is my channel you can explore the videos below we’ve got macarons we got cake decorating tutorials we’ve got chocolate, heaps of chocolate and dessert recipes everything sweet you’ll find it here an I just wanted to share with you a little […]

Holland America: Galley (Kitchen) Tour

We sailed on the Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam in the Spring of 2018 and again in late May of 2019. On both sailings, we enjoyed the complimentary galley tour — or kitchen tour — that was offered for all passengers. The tour was listed in the ship’s “When & Where” daily schedule as a “Kitchen […]

Tomothy’s Kitchen- LA’s Hottest New Restaurant

MEGAN This week The BreakWomb is breaking into restaurant reviews. MOLLY We were lucky enough to go to the grand opening of a brand new restaurant: Tomothy’s Kitchen. LAUREL Tomothy’s Kitchen is a mixed bag. We didn’t have to wait long for a table, which was great, but the table was one foot high. And […]

Top 10 MasterChef Season 4 WORST DISHES!

If you’re looking for the same brand of spectacle that all Masterchef fans crave for, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Let’s get started on the Top 10 Masterchef Worst Dishes of Season 4. Sasha’s Langoustine When the judges thin out the herd, only the strongest survive! Episode 4 is the first show right after the […]