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Yummy Desserts To Eat at Magic kingdom

and here's the adventures out there go for six dollars here at empty gravity's collected goodies they've got three snacks mickey milkshake and also a chocolate milkshake each one's eight dollars but I chose the adventure because this is Lucas TV that's adapter adventure out there cone for six dollars correction it's the adventure Adventure […]

Star Wars Dessert Party Review – The Stormtroopers took my BB8 Headband!!!

Jenna Dale with resort tv1 and today we are at Hollywood studios before a very special event we are here for the Star Wars desert so excited I've never done this before no we knew oh yeah we are all dressed and ready so check it out I've got my bb-8 that man from galaxy […]

Epcot Flower and Garden Festival + Star Wars Dessert Party | Disney World Day 2 | May 25, 2019

good morning guys it's Saturday now it's the second day of the land it's really echo in here it's the second day of our land portion of our Walt Disney World land and sea trip we're getting on the cruise on Monday morning so we still have all day today all day tomorrow and then […]

Ultimate Epcot Food Challenge: Trying All Of The Iconic Eats

(victorious music) – I read all the comments. I saw everything you had to say about me eating my way through Disneyland. We had a great time we'rehere at Epcot to do it Because what else you do other than eat your way through the park here. We're gonna go through all 11 countries. We're […]