BEST MEXICAN STREET FOOD in Abudhabi – Paddock Cafe & Grills, Abu Dhabi

HI guys, How are you? Hey guys, Whats happening My name is Joel, My name is Pranav and we are from team Lokha So new restaurant, new day new day,new restaurant So today we’ll go to Paddock Cafe and Grills Hmm okay They started this restaurant recently in Abu Dhabi they’re very famous for few […]

Homemade Waffle Recipe

Today we’re making waffles. [ music ] Come on in. Welcome to my home. This is a recipe I could have sworn that I have done, but I didn’t. I don’t know why I haven’t done this. I have done many different kinds of waffles, but these are just plain waffles you know waffles. I […]


*STANDBY FOR HORRIBLE PANCAKES* Hear the responses from my beautiful community the most likes answer with weed brownies But we’ve not even legal here If it doesn’t have alcohol in the recipe you can’t cook it beer can chicken does everybody just assume that I’m an alcoholic I don’t even drink that much art recommends […]

Will Eggs Waffle?

Will it waffle? That is the question. [intro music] Good morning, and welcome to a special breakfast edition of Will It Waffle? On the menu for today’s breakfast we are going to be attempting to waffle eggs. [egg cracking] [egg sizzling] Oh, yeah. Now I’m thinking, let’s make this a full breakfast. I’m gonna throw […]

WEIRD Food Combinations People LOVE | You’re Doing It Wrong

– I mean, hot dog, good. Twinkie, good. Put them together, if you’re over the age of 25, you might die. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Okay, so what are some weird snack combinations that you love? – Stop, I feel like everyone knows that I love hot Cheetos with lemon. I eat them […]

5 Crazy Waffle Iron Experiments | People Vs. Food

– Ooh boy! – Ooh, that cheese pull! – Yes! – Hell yeah! This is what I’ve been waiting for! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we are gonna be showing you five foods that you may not have realized that you can cook in a waffle iron. – (both) Yes! – Oh […]

MASHED POTATO WAFFLES | RECIPE?! EP #15 (hot for food)

[lauren] can we start now please? [lauren] what’s up! it’s lauren from hot for food back with another RECIPE?! [lauren] so today we are going to do a RECIPE?! [lauren] but the only thing i know that i’m going to do is make waffles! [lauren] because i got a new waffle iron. if you watch […]

Bone Marrow Waffles & Pig Head Donuts for Brunch || Fork Yeah

– Personally, I think people make too big a deal out of brunch. Eggs Benedict, bottomless mimosas — they’ve just never done anything for me. But when I heard about this place just outside of New York City offering indulgent brunch items like bone marrow waffles. Let’s just say I’m ready to become a brunch […]

Student Stories: Baker Channels Passion Into Food Science Major

I was like I don’t know probably around six or eight for Christmas I got this Barnhouse waffle iron so all them were different animals and like that really just like started my love for baking it was like making waffle batter with my parents and stuff like that and like working up to pancakes […]