Canadians Try Canadian Food in Hong Kong (ft. Joyce Cheng 鄭欣宜)

The other day I was feeling a little homesick because I usually go back to Canada every summer and this year I’m not for several reasons and that got me thinking I’ve never been to or even seeing a Canadian restaurant here in Hong Kong So I looked at my options and there wasn’t that […]


hey loves it's Brianna welcome back to mychannel in today's video I'm going to be doing a grocery shopping haul sharingwhat I buy how I meal plan for my family of four if you're new here I have alittle boy he's three and a half and my daughter is 18 months and my husband isAdam […]

3 Easy Christmas Desserts

welcome back to day 10 of our Christmas videos guys it is the final consecutive day so I hope that you have enjoyed this back-to-back series today we're going to be doing a Christmas treats and I did want to let you know that I will have more Christmas videos coming up throughout the month […]

Calming the Puppy & Coffee Desserts

Paleo Lifestyle Cooking classes in Glasgow

Fried Wontons Recipe สูตรเกี๊ยวทอด | how to cook Fried WANTONS | Cookery school

Nautica today we are going to learn three opportunity teaches in that we are able to bust love fried wontons Gillian is required ha top fried chicken chopped ginger chopped garlic chopped coriander parsley chili dark soya salt into your 5 chopped chicken a little ginger garlic let in Korea enough chopped green chili the […]

VLOGMAS DAY 13|THE A&E COOKING SHOW(Oreo Ornaments)|Somers In Alaska Vlogs

VLOG 8: Cert. IV in Commercial Cookery, Filipino International Student in Australia

ah gotcha hi guys were now in the computer room and we will do them [Laughter] I can't venture today I mean [Applause] is over here at that Rochelle interminable a few inches later so hi guys so we're here so hi guys were here do you even see Sunderman and Jojo and Doris please […]