Cooking In A Wheelchair!!! How I Do Stuff Series. Episode 8. [CC]

Hey guys. Caitriona here, the Zebra Wheelie. Welcome back to my channel. Well, it’s been a while since i started filming for my How I Do Stuff Series. And i’m finally going to finish it today. I had intended to finish it a lot earlier. But with what happened in our house, (As you know […]

Cooking With Marshmello: How To Make The PLANTA Burger (Vegan Edition)

Well well Mello, here we are at episode 25 of your very own cooking show! 🙂 Now now Marshmello, let’s not forget our humble beginnings. Remember your days as sous chef at PLANTA over in Miami? (funny music) (funny music) *HEHE XD* (funny music) *LOL XD* A simpler time eh Mello? To commemorate your early […]


Hello everybody! For today’s video I thought it would be fun to talk about dating. The do’s and the don’ts. I have so many single guy friends and girlfriends in the city who are constantly just telling me stories about difficult dating situations they’ve been in and I just feel like there might be some […]

Unlimited sushi at QooQoo ~ Myeongdong 🍣 + new Sephora ✨

hey guys it’s Susan and welcome to my channel right now I’m in Myeongdon with my good friend Heejin, she helped me and Laziz a lot with getting her house so I thought I’m gonna get that girl some food! so we’re going to eat unlimited sushi is gonna be super nice. this store is […]

Pride Month, the Flag, and Gilbert Baker | Queer History

Hello, I’m Rogan and welcome back to my channel! Okay, it wasn’t a week, but I’m sure you’re all happy I’m back sooner! I’ve been wanting to increase the number of queer videos on my channel, and what better time to do that than Pride month? To kick off this month, I’m going to talk […]

Cozy Easy Vegan Meals for One // What I Ate Vegan | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hello friends and not yet friends! Welcome back to another What I Ate Wednesday where we’re staying cozy with vegan meals so easy, you could probably make them with your eyes closed. Only…on second thought, please don’t. Please do grab yourself a snack or drink because as always, these video will make you hungry! As […]

Ep.1: Traveling Home | A Brazil Inspired Kitchen

– [Female] We’re the bucket list family. – [Male] Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy, Manila and Callahan. – [Female] A few years ago, we sold everything to travel the world. – [Male] And now we’re setting out on our biggest adventure yet. – [Female] Home. – [Male] While we’re out gathering inspiration in amazing countries each week… […]

Top 10 Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

Let’s face it. When we are on vacation, one of our favorite things to do is eat. And in Amsterdam, there are so many delicious foods to try So today, we are going to eat our way around the city and show you the top 10 foods that you must try when you’re in Amsterdam […]

Cooking in the Dark 04 – Chocolate Swiss Roll – Alexander Banks

Hello, I’m Alexander Banks and today I’m Cooking in the Dark. Now, the rules are simple; I must prepare or cook a dish or dessert blindfolded, while a guest reads the recipe to me, all within a set time limit. The catch is that I have to eat what I make at the end, no […]