Top 10 Best Dutch Foods in Amsterdam

Let’s face it. When we are on vacation, one of our favorite things to do is eat. And in Amsterdam, there are so many delicious foods to try So today, we are going to eat our way around the city and show you the top 10 foods that you must try when you’re in Amsterdam […]

Cooking in the Dark 04 – Chocolate Swiss Roll – Alexander Banks

Hello, I’m Alexander Banks and today I’m Cooking in the Dark. Now, the rules are simple; I must prepare or cook a dish or dessert blindfolded, while a guest reads the recipe to me, all within a set time limit. The catch is that I have to eat what I make at the end, no […]

VLOG – Grocery Shopping, Cook With Me & New Fav Smoothie!

good morning babes we’re grabbing a Starbucks right now and it is a gym morning I actually slept in today it’s like 10:25 so I definitely slept in but I don’t have any like kind of breakfast food at home so we’re just gonna grab something from Starbucks right now good how are you right […]

Ep. 6: College Cuisine | Day in the Life at SDState

Hi, my name’s Larry. Okay, so I’m kind of disappointed because I was supposed to have a package in the mail earlier today but it’s not processed yet, so yeah, don’t have anything to do because my box isn’t here yet. But I have class again, so uh, I’m gonna put this bad boy away […]


Being in the kitchen is all about having fun whether it’s taking leftover food making a fantastic meal icing a birthday cake or just experimenting with your taste buds. Sharing what we eat really brings people together and sharing our passion builds a strong bond between friends and family. Now YouTube knows no borders and […]

(ON Caption for Eng Subtitle) About Us (Cuisine Vino Combo team) in Tamil

Hello Friends…Welcome to Cuisine Vino Channel What this video is about To get familiarity about the members of the channel that is me and my wife(owner of this channel),we created this video A Very Small Intro about our Achievements and how we got the idea of creating this Channel I am Muthu and postgraduate in […]

Philippines STRANGEST food! ETAG in Sagada | Travel Philippines Vlog

(child talking) (speaking in foreign language) (dramatic music) – Ugh. Okay, we’ve survived the Muma? Muma? – The Muma. And I feel good, I feel good now. I feel awake, ready for adventure. Hello. (speaks in foreign language) (metal banging) No wait, come back. It says blood donation but it’s for circumcision? It says, for […]


I’m not sure if you guys can tell, but I’m feeling so much more like myself! This is my brother. Isn’t he so handsome? Maybe I should go to Zara and check out that coat that I’ve been eyeing. So the beef is done. Gabriel is working on the potatoes. Do you want to repeat […]

Derby Uni Vlogger – Jill Baker – Placement

Hi, I’m Jill and I’m talking to you from the University of Derby in the atrium. I’m doing the education studies degree with the TESOL pathway and I had to do a compulsory placement along with my degree. So I put a lot of thought into what I wanted, and I decided to make this […]


Hi guys, it’s healthy and Kendra and for today’s first time Friday Kelsey and I are going to be making dairy-free alfredo sauce I thought this is our first technically official cooking video cuz I feel like our movie evening days are very like kind of like fast and Cut straight to the point where […]