Chicago’s Best 300th Episode: HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen with Stephanie Izard & Thai Dang

(upbeat music) – Yeah, Graham Elliot might be top notch, but for me there’s only one Top Chef. And when she told me I needed to check out a Vietnamese spot in Pilsen, you bet I followed her, like a little goat. – A lot of people remember you like shooting to prominence from Top […]

Our Kitchen Series: How to Make ASIAN DIPS!!!!! (Sawsawan!!!!!) :) [SUB]

Hi Everyone!!! Welcome to my channel!!! 🙂 :):) Today we’re going to make Asian-inspired dips These are what we need… Vinegar This is red cane vinegar. But you can use whatever kind you have at home. Chilis These are red chilis freshly picked from our mini vegetable garden 🙂 Garlic We need to peel and […]

INSANE Street Food Tour in Saigon, Vietnam | HIDDEN Vietnamese Street Food + Street Breakfast & EGGS

How To Make Hand Ripped Noodles with Xi’an Famous Foods

can you ask your dad how much better is he Hacha neater than you would come in haughty bit about 20 times only yeah yeah of course I I thought it was be like 50 years hi my name is Jason I’m Derry and we’re from Shaam famous foods today we’re gonna show you how […]

Cooking with Marshmello: How To Make Indonesian Sate

Happy Tuesday Mello gang! And Welcome to episode 23 of Cooking with Marshmello! We’ve got a wonderful international dish for you all today Indonesian sate! Let’s get cooking! (music) For our sate, we will require: Sambal oelek Coriander Cumin Lemongrass Red wine An onion, chopped A clove of garlic, minced Sirloin steak and some water […]

GUMMY FOOD vs REAL FOOD w/ Rebecca Zamolo, Matt Slays & Chad Wild Clay

Hi, guys welcome back to my video today. We’re gonna have a very special video for you, because I have a ton of special guests this is when you guys pop up whooooooooooooooooo Just like sweating waiting. They were like actually under my desk the whole entire time We are going to do of gummy […]

The Crawfish Boil Combining Cajun and Vietnamese Cooking Techniques — Cooking in America

(hip-hop music) – Ever watch a Chris Brown video, it takes him like five minutes to walk to like right there. What surprised me the most about Houston is its diversity. It’s just as diverse as New York, but with that southern hospitality. In the late 70’s, Vietnamese refugees made their way over to Houston. […]

Essential Kitchen Tools for Your First Apartment

This video is all about the essential kitchen tools that I recommend when you move into your first apartment, whether it’s during college or after! Starting off the list are pots and pans. And my favorite is the cast iron skillet. These vary in different sizes but I recommend a ten to twelve inch pan. […]

Kids eat Indian food in America

Taste of India chúng tôi đến đây. này là gì vậy? chúng tôi đang ăn thức ăn của ấn độ đây là thịt gà bbq với hành, mùi vị nhẹ nhàng ko cay. Giống cay nhưng ko cay bánh đó là gì? Đó là Naan>.

Vietnamese Cuisine : An Introdution to Vietnamese Food

Today we are biking out to Tra Que which is a little village. We’re going for a special organic meal at a restaurant that grows its own vegetables and herbs. Oh, wow! Can you hear the sound of the water. This is Sam on the Waterwheel. You’re a natural. If this isn’t fun I don’t […]