Ali Boulala: The Original Baker Boy – Epicly Later’d (Part 1/4)

I remember my first thought automatically was like and I wish it was me I wish but I was dead I used that for a long time as an excuse to keep using did like just numb thoughts the guilt pain away and I know now from being sober and not used drugs for 723 […]


Osookoo ( Osookoo responds): Abena Ebi my stomach is worrying me my stomach is worrying me my stomach will be my end oo you are here, i am going to treat you you are here, i am going to treat you abena the hopital treatmen and the African treatements do not work together oo (throws […]

Cooking Tips : How to Cut Beef Against Grain

To slice meat against the grain, first start off with your steak. Lie it horizontally on the board and find out which way the grain lies. Usually on meat, you’ll find wherever the muscle fibers are going, that?s where the grain is. On this particular meat, the muscle grains are going this way. I’ve already […]

The Gangs That Inherited Pablo Escobar’s Drug Empire: Cooking with Cocaine

We were being driven through the streets of Medellin known as the world’s cocaine capital our escorts were members of a powerful drug gang Getting access to one of the most feared criminal organizations in the world Meant that we had to give up our phones and agree to be blindfolded We were completely at […]

Cooking Tips : How to Stuff Calamari

To stuff squid, start with one of the squid tubes. You’re gonna open it up and it should be clean. You can usually buy these already clean from the fishmonger. Next, when you open it up you’ll see that there’s a hollow tube in which you can use for stuffing. Take your stuffing, whatever it […]

Chicken Lollipop Recipe – Restaurant Style – Chinese Recipe by (HUMA IN THE KITCHEN)

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It’s currently 34°C My skin might sweat like a slug I have to admit that “grocery shopping” is really a nice and mundane activity it kinda looks like “Noddy” doing a podcast “I don’t know if you noticed… but when you go shopping in toy’s land…” but it’s good to talk about shopping though because […]

Catch n’ Cook SPICY Crawfish and WILD Trout!

What is going on guys I hope you guys having a great day How about we go do some fishing check this out. There’s this beautiful river here. This river is Full of trout the water is clear Crawdads should be out It’s a warm day today, but not too hot which usually means the […]

How to Grill a Rib-Eye

[SOUND]. My name is Jesse Griffiths, I’m the chef and owner at Dai Due Butcher Shop and Supper Club. And today going to talk about grilling a perfect rib-eye steak. [MUSIC] How-To Grill A Rib-Eye. The most important thing is fire. I like to have a really, really ripping hot fire. For something like this […]