Real Chefs Attempt To Cook Together In Overcooked • Professionals Play

get that in the pant I got in the pan what a huge die hey guys i’m jos asta i’m adam Biermann and we’re chefs we work together we’re in San Francisco lazy bear a restaurant up there you started after I did I think right yeah Jo was actually at my boss oh that’s […]

Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

Hello! My name is… *Green Cyborg Ninja Dude* And you, brother. My wonderings brought me to this place. It was not to my liking! What’s wrong Hanzo? Don’t you recognize me? You may call yourself my brother… But you are not the Genji I knew! I am a different man now. I am Whole. Together […]

Fixing Genre Fusions

Have you ever tried chilli and dark chocolate together. One is spicy, and intense, the other is mellow, bitter and a little bit sweet, you wouldn’t think this weird pairing would taste nice at all ,but amazingly it kind of does, the chilli cuts through the sicklyness of the chocolate, and the chocolate tempers the […]

Troy Baker | Actor de Doblaje en Videojuegos | Entrevistas Press Over

Brent’s over press over say hello to all my friends at press / hi okay are you afraid of God I’m afraid of you in Altamonte cantina Game Show Pissarro muchas cosas que podemos and return elector they wore a vacant Hagen person Rockefeller little eyelashes interpreter so have a I’ve been fortunate enough to […]

Genji VS Hanzo: Cooking Duel [Overwatch Animation]

Hallo! Mein Name ist… Grüner Cyborg-Ninja-Typ. Und du… Bruder Meine Fragen haben mich an diesen Ort geführt. Es war nicht zu meinem Vergnügen. Was stimmt nicht Hanzo? Erkennst du mich nicht? Du nennst dich vielleicht mein Bruder aber du bist nicht der Genji den ich kannte. Ich bin jetzt ein anderer Mensch. Ich bin zu […]

Mando Diao & Lana Del Rey – Chet Baker

Don’t get hangry: feed your brain healthy food | Brad Bushman | TEDxColumbus

hello it's a great honor to give this talk today how many of you would like to be successful in life raise your hand all right well actually the two most important keys to success in life are intelligence and self-control guess which one you can do the most about self control right there pills […]