Howdy folks how is it going welcome to my virgin kitchen today I am showing you how to make a delicious homemade French onion soup with a gooey cheesy tear and share bread alongside that will just rock your socks and you can customise it any way you want now the other day my neighbour […]

McRib – Easy Cooking

Hey Cookaholics, Chef Kendra here today we are making a Mcdonald’s seasonal classic we’re making a version of the McRib so let’s do we do and make it happen we have sought hey guys subscribe and while you’re at it hit that notification bell so you don’t miss a thing here we have our meat […]


Howdy folks how’s it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it’s Barry here and I am here with my little Daughter Chloe you alright mate? yeah she’s alright it’s food revolution day on the 16th May and we’ve been asked to show you how to make eggy bread which is so simple even a two […]

Cooking chicken like in KFC at home. Video Recipe (HD)

Cooking chicken like in KFC at home. ingredients: chicken wings cut into 2 parts – 9 pieces. chicken fillet- 2 pieces. Cornflakes without sugar – 150 gr. breading mixture – 4 tbsp. chicken eggs – 2 pieces. wheat flour – 150 gr. paprika – to taste. black pepper – to taste. seasoning for chicken – […]

Black Forest gâteau recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN collab with GentlemanBunny

Hi folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen todays recipe is my delicious black forest gateau looks amazing right and there’s an even special twist to today’s video this is a collaboration with my friend Shiri AKA Gentleman Bunny on Youtube Tube check out her channel she makes all this funky stuff out […]

Cooking With Kade | Cajun Chicken, Sausage and Smoked Turkey Neck Gumbo on Cajun TV Network

Welcome back to Cooking With Kade. Today we’re going to make a Cajun Gumbo for Mr. Keith Bettag’s favorite soup challenge. This is going to be a chicken, sausage and smoked turkey neck gumbo. I know most of y’all make a good roux but today we’re going to use a store bought roux that work […]


Howdy folks how’s it going welcome to my virgin kitchen it’s Barry here and today i’m showing you how to make churros I want to thank Molly Goddard for introducing me to the World of churros they’re amazing good times. They look amazing right and I promise you if you make these they will rock […]

Super Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe

In a small bowl combine butter, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and 1 tablespoon each of minced rosemary thyme and sage. Blend with a spatula and set aside. Take the turkey out of the refrigerator 1 hour before you’re ready to roast it. Season the cavity of the turkey with 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 […]

Chicken dumplings (momo) live at Mementos – Cooking with Sudhan

all right so ready when you are welcome back to cooking with Sudhan can you do that again okay all right welcome to cooking with sudhan and this is our second and last video at mementos today we are going to make dumplings it’s a very easy and instant way of making chicken dumplings and […]