How To Cook Spinach Pesto Pasta: Cooking For Kids

Hi, I’m Fionna, author of 25 Foods Kids Hate and How To Get Them Eating 24, and welcome back to my Videojug Cooking For Kids series. Ok, I think this recipe is foolproof. It’s my spinach pesto, or Popeye’s Pesto. So, a great tip is, if your kids don’t like a certain vegetable, like spinach […]

Homemade Beauty Treatments From Your Kitchen: Celebeauty S01E5/8

Hi guys and welcome back to my series of celeb beauty on Videojug. Today I’m going to be showing you how to make beauty products from things that you could find around the kitchen. So, I have my amazing model Annabelle with us today. She is kindly going to be our model. So I’m going […]