How to Create Delicious Oil Free Raw Salad Dressing Recipes

This is John Kohler with OKRAW.COM. This will probably be one of my best episodes that I have given you so far. Now, I don’t necessarily like to give like recipe demos, you’ll notice that I do have a whole lot of recipe demos because I want to teach you guys much more than recipes, […]

Chicken Vegetable Khichdi Recipe | Chicken Khichdi with Vegetable | Kitchen for Hungers

Hello friends ! Welcome to our channel. Today we are cooking… chicken vegetable khichdi for orphan childrens. please stay… with us. Let’s start. Frying lentil. Soaked 20 minutes. Oil Onions. Turmeric powder Red chilli powder Ginger-Garlic paste. Water Green chilli. Chicken. Salt. Spices. Tomato sauce. cleaning vegetable Vegetable. Water. Salt. Mixed lentil and rice. add […]

Quiches aux Légumes Pâte Brisée Sans Beurre 😋& Jus Inratable 🍹 cuisine marocaine

Hello Vegetable Quiche Recipe 250 g of wheat flour 4g baking powder Whole egg sugar salt 70ml vegetable oil Cold water as needed about 25ml chopped parsley baking powder sugar salt parsley oil egg water In the fridge 20/30 minutes Oven 180 degrees Cooking 20/30 minutes 1 onion 1 turnip 1 zucchini 1 carrot 1 […]

Delicious NO FAT Raw Vegan Salad & Dressing Recipe using only 3 ingredients

This is John Kohler with Today I have another exciting episode for you. I’m going to do a recipe demo! I don’t often do recipe demos for you guys, but I’m going to do one today because this of my favorite recipes. So, this recipe demo is a salad and it’s an 811 approved […]

how to make fruit salad | “Fruit Salad” “Yogurt with Fruit Mix” “Strawberries Mango Melon”

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Recette Tarte Cuite à la poêle – Cuisine Marocaine

Hello Pan Tart Recipe 3 whole eggs Vanilla 12g baking powder 200g wheat flour 80ml vegetable oil 120g sugar 150ml milk Vanilla 120g sugar salt 80ml vegetable oil 150ml milk flour 12g baking powder 20cm/6cm butter Divide the mixture by 3 5min A packet of Vanilla Mousse 100g 160ml cold milk 3 jars of plain […]

Rougaille with Red Kidney Beans and Mushrooms – Mauritian Creole dish (vegan/vegetarian recipe)

hi everyone, it’s Teenuja from the Veganlovlie channel So, today’s recipe is the Mauritian Rougaille which is a very common dish in Mauritius. It’s a tomato-based sauce, it’s actually a Creole-style kind of dish and it’s very versatile, we add different things to it. So, one of the most popular rougaille in Mauritius is the […]

Stop Motion Cooking – Make Vegetable Salad From Utensils On Your Boss’ Desk ASMR

A dish made from things on the boss’s table, after enjoying this dish, the guy in the video will encounter? Definitely very interesting. Don’t forget to wear headphones to experience our wonderful sound!

LE COUSCOUS ROYAL/🇩🇿الكسكس علا طريقتي

Hello everybody in this video i’m going explain step by step my way to make the royal couscous i hope you will like it so so without further ado let’s make the preparation First of all I paint my chicken drumsticks with a marinade make with 1/2 teaspoon of salt and pepper, curcumin paprika and […]

Si vous en avez ces légumes voici ce que vous devriez faire avec ! 👌

Hello vegetable soup recipe onion Olive oil Half cabbage pumpkin 250g potato Salt pepper Hot water 20min cheese mixed it up + hot milk Thanks for watching, sharing and commenting