Meat Eaters Guess The Vegan Food: Mac & Cheese

VEGANS vs MEAT EATERS – Who Will Live Longer? Food / Diet Comparison

We’ve all experienced it. We invite a friend to dinner, only to learn that she is the dreaded V-word. We have a vague sense of what it means, but we’re left with so many questions? Is it healthier? Will you sit on my leather couch? Can we still go to Taco Bell? In a world […]

Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes (Recipes Ep7)

Hey everyone, Josh here. Sorry, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been taking care of a lot of personal things and sort of lost the motivation for making new videos. But don’t worry, I’m back. Earlier I found a recipe for vegan pancakes and spiced it up a bit. Added my own twist […]

This ONE Ingredient Will Change VEGAN Cooking Forever

Fiction Kitchen is Veganizing Southern Food Favorites

Growing up in the south and when I became vegetarian when I was 22, there were some textures that I missed when I went vegetarian and I started to recreate some of those food memories. So we created some very Southern-based comforting dishes like the chicken and waffles. I’m Carolyn Morrison, the chef/owner at Fiction […]

Apple Crisp Overnight Oats

I have to say, who doesn’t love a good dessert where apples are the star? Apple pie, apple crisp, you name it? If there’s apples in it, I am there. So good. So of course when it comes to making a fun recipe for breakfast, it’s only natural that sometimes I look at some of […]


she just took coconut oil from – that spilled onto the stove and she just rubbed it into her skin [laughs] don’t you do that? oh there’s a piece of coconut oil whats going on its lauren – and john from the one and only hot for food, exactly welcome, eeeeh hopefully you’re loving the […]

HOW TO BUILD AN EPIC VEGAN PANTRY | My Kitchen Tour & Storage Hacks & Vegan Staples | The Edgy Veg

– Hey guys, it’s Candace, The Edgy Veg. Welcome to my channel if you’re new here, welcome back if you’ve been subscribed for a while. Today I wanted to show you guys how I built my perfect vegan pantry. I know it can be a kind of daunting, difficult thing to build so I wanted […]

Low Cost Vegan | Red Lentil Soup | Plant-Based Nutrition Diet Series

Welcome to Low Cost Vegan – the video series dedicated to a wholesome, affordable plant-based diet. In following this series, you’ll come to understand how a complete and diverse plant-based diet is optimal for human health and rich with culinary diversity at the same time. Today’s featured ingredient is the red lentil – a legume […]