CAN I TURN A GORDON RAMSAY DISH VEGAN? | VEGAN Mille-Feuille Valentine’s Day edition | The Edgy Veg

Healthy Tikel Gomen (One Pot Potato and Cabbage Dish)

Today on The Stay At Home Chef I’m showing you how to make Tikel Gomen which is a healthy Ethiopian cabbage dish this is actually one of my favorite recipes on my website. Not only is it healthy it’s also made in just one pot in about 30 minutes. You are going to love it! […]

Rougaille with Red Kidney Beans and Mushrooms – Mauritian Creole dish (vegan/vegetarian recipe)

hi everyone, it’s Teenuja from the Veganlovlie channel So, today’s recipe is the Mauritian Rougaille which is a very common dish in Mauritius. It’s a tomato-based sauce, it’s actually a Creole-style kind of dish and it’s very versatile, we add different things to it. So, one of the most popular rougaille in Mauritius is the […]

How To Make Salad Rolls | Mango filling with Spicy Peanut Sauce Recipe

Hello foodies, Today I’m going to show you how to make some super easy and delicious not-so-traditional vietnamese salad rolls. With some awesome peanut sauce as well. The traditional fillings include rice vermicelli and mung bean sprouts, but really you can put whatever fillings your little heart desires. And you’ll need rice papers like these […]

How To Cook Latkes for Hanukkah || Mayim Bialik

– Hey hey hey, it’s Chanukah time! The reason that I’m standing here in this ridiculous apron is that today we’re going to make the traditional Chanukah food, which is called a latke. You might call it a potato pancake, but you’d just be wrong. The recipe for latkes is so simple, so elegant. It […]


Baby spinach, arugula, frisee, Honeycrisp apple, toasted walnuts and a spicy vinaigrette! You and I are making a SPECTACULAR salad today, on the Weekend at the Cottage! I first made this salad a couple of weeks ago. We were in the city celebrating my friend Deborah’s birthday. Happy Birthday Debbie and I served this as […]

Red Lentil Soup Recipe

Hi there, my name is Amrita, I’m also known as a Frugalista and the creator of Pretty Frugal Living.  Please head over to my channel and subscribe if you want to see some high flair and low cost ideas for living pretty.  Now I’m really excited to partner with Kin Community for this eat cheap […]

How To Make Vegan Donuts [Glazed Fried Yeast Doughnuts] | Mary’s Test Kitchen

Hi friends and not-yet-friends, Light and tender, soft and fluffy delectable vegan donuts are surprisingly easy to make. While I will always have a soft spot for cake donuts, I have an even bigger spot for puffy yeast donuts. That spot, of course, is in my belly. These are dipped in a simple sugar glaze […]

Pumpkin Velouté Soup With Chestnut Oil | Cooking In Nature | #DoStathi #Ikaria

Hi friends of Do Stathi channel !!! I hope you doing well !!! for those of you who do not know me I am Stathi and cook in nature for you . As you can see I am holding a yellow pumpkin . What will we do with this yellow pumpkin ? I’ll make soup […]

This ONE Ingredient Will Change VEGAN Cooking Forever