Protein Chocolate Coconut Oats | Vegan Cycling Fuel

– [Host] This is a recipe of high protein porridge that tastes like chocolate coconut, and it’s quite delicious; oh, and it’s vegan. This is the next in the series of GCN nutrition videos, where we make healthy breakfast taste delicious, and it’s super easy. (whimsical music) The ingredients for this recipe are super simple. […]

Health and Nutrition Live Q & A

Oh what's going on how are you guys today I was just putting on my lip balm from Frankie's Naturals minimal ingredients minimal processed hygiene and cosmetic products so if you guys haven't checked out Frankie's Naturals I strongly encourage you to do so this is by no means lipstick of any sort despite my […]


A Quick and Easy Gluten Free Vegan Meal

hi everyone and welcome to another better mankind video today for the first time ever I'm introducing my partner bet and you all know my co-host Malti yeah and what we wanted to do today for those of you who don't know my partner is vegan and she does prepare some amazing quick meals especially […]

What I eat for DINNER | how I MEAL PREP lose FAT

hi guys today we are going to meal prep so I try to eat mostly plant-based food I try to make it low-carb and when I meal prep I try to make healthy foods Kass is here to you and we're gonna meal prep together yay Ruby whoa chill with this okay so I think […]


hey guys it's live today I am bringing you a week's worth of vegan meals that you can prep in 1 hour for this video I just chose to do a week as in Monday to Friday because I feel like that's when most people have trouble finding time to cook let me know if […]

MEAL PREP FOR BREAKFAST » 3 easy recipes

today we're gonna be doing some meal prepping for breakfast these are some recipes that are super wholesome they're really easy you can make them ahead of time that way it's just gonna take a couple of minutes to whip together breakfast in the morning the full breakdown – all of the recipes we're gonna […]

Easy Vegan Meal | Cooking with Yovanna | Yovanna Ventura

hey guys welcome to cooking with the O Bona so today we're gonna be cooking a completely being meal but I promise it's so easy to make and it tastes so good so let's do it the main thing that I am making is this burger it's from beyond me and it's a plant-based burger […]