she just took coconut oil from – that spilled onto the stove and she just rubbed it into her skin [laughs] don’t you do that? oh there’s a piece of coconut oil whats going on its lauren – and john from the one and only hot for food, exactly welcome, eeeeh hopefully you’re loving the […]

6 MUST TRY Healthy Sweet Food Swaps for Summer

(upbeat music) – hey health nuts, welcomeback to my channel. My name is Nikole Goncalves. I never say my last name, so I feel like people don'tknow how to pronounce it. The C is pronounced like an S. Anyways, very excited about today's video because we are talkingabout healthy sweet swaps. And this video was […]

3 EASY VEGAN DESSERTS | Collab w/HealthNut Nutrition

hi guys it's Alda today I have a special treat for you not only because today we're making dessert but because I have my friend here Niki with me today hi guys we decided to share with each other and also with you guys healthy versions of our favorite desserts because we figured Valentine's Day […]

EASY VEGAN NO BAKE DESSERTS | 3 healthy recipes

Blueberry Cheesecake Recipe (Vegan + Gluten Free)

[Applause] hi guys cm CVS welcome to my channel allergy food and love DN today I'm gonna show you one of the most requested video cakes ever oh you do buddy it's a roll vegan blueberry bliss cheesecake it has no dairy no butter no flowers gluten-free is so delicious guys it's one of my […]

4 Vegan 3-Ingredient Desserts