SOYL: Empowering Youth to Grow Food and Themselves

I was nervous at first because I didn’t know what kind of people I would meet. I was, like, really scared to make new friends. If I could avoid, like, interacting with new people, I would. SOYL is a youth-employment program run by Fresh Roots for high school students. In SOYL, we learn by, like, […]

Melissa’s DIY Kitchen Tips! #MyHollyburn

– Hey guys, so we’re in the kitchen today learning about DIY. I’ve done these rose gold tiles. I am obsessed with everything metallic so I wanted to kind of add that flair into the kitchen. What we had underneath was originally a brown tile. It wasn’t the nicest of colors. All I did was […]

City Lights – Tasting Plates Ultimate Desserts

hey guys i'm melissa dawson and you're watching food finds on Novus TV by now I'm pretty sure you're very well acquainted with tasting plates one little ticket gives you access to trying food from all over Vancouver no need for a reservation or flipping through that novel of a menu just show up ready […]

Canada's Healthcare System Explained!

some of them clear to me why so many people in the United States are so worried about the health care system in Canada sure they have a single-payer system but we sort of do to both their system and ours are called Medicare the biggest difference is that there's covers everyone and ours only […]