My Monash with Professor Di Cook

I’m Di Cook and I’m a Professor in Business Analytics in the Econometrics and Business Statistics Department at Monash University. My role is to provide leadership in building a research program and also in educational offerings that tackle the new area of research in business analytics. I grew up in a small town in northern […]

Interdisciplinary team cooks 4000-year old Babylonian stews at NYU event

This is a 3D print of the culinary tablets the three recipes that we’re cooking today are derived from. They come from the Babylonian culinary recipes that are in the Yale Babylonian collection. Almost 4000 years old, these are the oldest recipes ever found. They asked me if I have the recipes, but I should […]

Faculty Focus: Janice Baker

I am an employee of Iowa State University. I teach dance but more than that I teach people rhythmic activities, how to interface with their families in creative and fun ways, how to find new friends through movement games and dance. I’m best known I think for being fun and creative and thinking out of […]

Rita Gilbert – VenU Restaurant

The operation of the VenU restaurant is a large focus of our course. We get to design the menus, we prepare and create the meals. It’s a big focus of the course, because it gives us some major practical experience in operating and marketing a restaurant. The trainers are always telling us about new openings, […]

32 Questions with George Baker

Aren’t you Josh Parrish? No, that’s just one of my best friends. What are you doing today? Ah I think I’m graduating. What is your degree going be in? My degree is gonna be in Actuarial Science. How are you feeling? A little nervous, a little sad, but a lot of happy. Who came to […]

Wren Baker appointed UNT Vice President and Director of Athletics

We found someone who brought it all together for us, someone who has built athletic programs from scratch someone who has been the chief cook and bottle washer. I’m sure someone who has a great experience from the operations level all the way through external development and someone who we believe can really lead us […]

Innovation – Students of Product Design Episode1

>>PRODUCT TANK: Hey product tank here. In this series, I’m going to take you through the product design process, sharing with you some of the things I’ve learnt over the last 15 years to help you become a better designer and improve your projects. In this episode, I’m looking at innovation. Innovation in product design […]

Baker College: BeMore

Who are you? Think about it. Is who you are now who you were meant to be? At Baker College we want to help you be more. More curious, more productive, more effective, and be more successful at it all. We can help you be more prepared for the future and more inspiring to future […]

Student Stories: Baker Channels Passion Into Food Science Major

I was like I don’t know probably around six or eight for Christmas I got this Barnhouse waffle iron so all them were different animals and like that really just like started my love for baking it was like making waffle batter with my parents and stuff like that and like working up to pancakes […]

Meet Brad Lukas – Hospital Administrator and Baker Graduate

Beaumont Troy is a magnet facility that’s one of the highest recognition that a hospital can have. Our O.R. is really busy we have a very busy emergency room hundred thousand visits one of the busiest in this area. Emergency room, the best E.R. in the state. I think it’s perfecting my craft as a […]