Americans Try Bizarre European Food

– And, what? No, I’m not gonna eat this! (man laughs) – [Man] That turned so fast. – [Woman] No! God, no! (man sighs) – [Woman] Snails! – Nice – [Voiceover] Escargot is an appetizer of land snails traditionally prepared in garlic butter. – Look at this little turd of thing. – Ew! – This […]

31 Days of Learning English – DAY 23 – improve your English – KITCHEN DAY – 23rd October – WEDNESDAY

yes here we are back once again it’s another day it is tying once again to share a few moments of our existence together here we are with day 23 of 31 days of October and learning English in 2019 here we are oh my goodness hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how […]

Insane baked bean falafel burgers recipe! | Nadiya’s Time to Eat – BBC

The one thing I never run out of is baked beans. Perfect for when I want beans on toast, but I’ve found a fun way of taking the humble can of baked beans and turning them into something a little bit more interesting. If you thought you had to use chickpeas to make falafel, think […]

A surprise twist on the classic ice lolly! 🧀 – BBC

We’re trying out two brand-new strawberry-based recipes. First up, an unusual take on the classic strawberries and cream. Pop the strawberries in there? Yeah. To get the most out of our fruit, we’re bathing it in sugar and lemon. And that’s going to release all the juices. Yeah. OK. It actually enhances the flavour. For […]

How To End The Food Waste Fiasco | Rob Greenfield | TEDxTeen

Translator: Elise LECAMP Reviewer: Riaki Poništ My name is Rob Greenfield and I am a dumpster diver. Now, at first, that might sound a little bit crazy, maybe even a little bit gross. But there is actually a very important message at the bottom these dumpsters. You see, I am an adventurer and an activist […]

The Man Who Eats Roadkill

[MUSIC PLAYING] ARTHUR BOYT: Well not all my neighbors know what I am. Yes, I have a bad reputation for eating roadkill. [MUSIC PLAYING] ARTHUR BOYT: Here we are at the gateway to our property. It is Butterwell farm. We had a badger come across here. Ran across here, and over there. Every night he […]

Baking HACKS Tested Hit OR Myth? How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That, I’m Ann Reardon. I’ve been seeing a lot of baking hacks online lately so today we are going to put them to the test and see if they are a hit or a myth. Baking Hack number 1 says if you are baking muffins or anything with fruit or […]

Dinosaur love | Harry Baker | [email protected]

Translator: Mohand Habchi Reviewer: Denise RQ Hi, my name is Harry Backer. I’m a student and a poet, and before to enter poetry, I used to be a rapper as you can probably tell by my swagga. But I was always told, “You should write about what you know.” So instead of writing raps about […]

A poem for pole dancers who can’t say no | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

Translator: Rachael Williams Reviewer: Denise RQ Went to China Town; there were too many bright lights, asked them to dim sum. (Laughter) Thought I’d start with a haiku. (Laughter) Hello, I’m Harry, and it’s nice to be back. I’m about to finish my degree at the University of Bristol, and so I’d like to share […]

Grand Slam Poetry Champion | Harry Baker | TEDxExeter

Translator: Joseph Geni Reviewer: Ivana Korom My name is Harry Baker Harry Baker is my name. If your name was Harry Baker, then our names would be the same. (Laughter) It’s a short introductory part. Yeah, I’m Harry. I study maths. I write poetry. So I thought I’d start with a love poem about prime […]